Kya Ma Manengi ? …… A Devakshi FF (Episode 5)

Hey Guys … Thank U For The Reviews But Guys Mujhe Zyada Review’s Nahi Mil Rahe Please Review And Keep Reading Warna I’ll Stop Writing … Mujhe Confidence Nahi Mil Raha Plz I Request U To Review It ! So Here I Present U The 5th Episode … 🙂

At Sonakshi’s House …

Sonakshi – How Am I Looking ?
Elena – U Are Looking So Pretty!
Saurabh – Ha Sona ! Tum Bohot Sundar Lag Rahi Ho!
She Was Dressed In A Pink Kurta With A Pink Coloured Slacks!
Sonakshi – *Blushes*

At The Ishwari Nivas …
Dev – I’ll Get Ready Today Perfectly! And I’ll Also Gift Something To Her … 🙂
Ishwari Ji – Kya Baat Hai Beta …. Apni Engagement Tutne Ke Baad Bhi Itna Khush Lag Raha Hai …….
Dev – Ma … Tu Aisa Kyu Keh Rahi Hai .. Kya Koi Apni Engagement Tutne Ke Baad Saara Time Dukhi Rahega … Ma … Mujhe Lagta Hai .. Ki Jo Maine Kiya Thheek Kiya …. !! 3 Zindagiya Barbaad Hone Se Bach Gayi ……. 🙂
Ishwari Ji – 3?
Dev – 3 Nahi 2! Mein Bhi Na! (In His Mind – Oh Shit! What Are U Doing Dev !)
Ishwari Ji – (In Her Mind While Smiling To Dev – I Don’t Know … But Why Am I Feeling That Dev Is Behaving Weirdly These Days)
Dev – Am I Looking Handsome Ma?
Ishwari Ji – Beta? Why Are U Asking These Type Of Questions? U Are To My Handsomest Beta In The World!
Dev – Tere Se Hi Toh Yeh Quality Mili Hai Tu Itni Sundar Hai Tabhi Toh Mein Itna Handsome Hu!
Ishwari Ji – Dhat! Haha ! Now Go To The Office U Are Getting Late !
Dev – Ma .. I’ll Go To the Office Late Today …
Ishwari Ji – But Why?
Dev – Because … There Are No Meetings Today From 7:30 To 9:00 a.m. (In His Mind – Because I’ve Postponed All The Meetings 1 And A Half Hour Late Because I Want To Spend Some Time With Her …:-))
Ishwari Ji – Achha 😮 …..
Dev – Achha Ma Is The Breakfast Ready ?
Then Suddenly Sonakshi Comes In The Room With The Breakfast Of Ishwari In Her Hand …
Sonakshi – (In Her Mind – He’s So Handsome ) Yeah Mr Dixit … The Breakfast Is Ready … Please Go And Have Ur Breakfast .. Everybody Is Waiting …
Dev Is Mesmerized After Seeing Sonakshi Because She’s Looking So Pretty …
Sonakshi – Mr Dixit?
Dev – Huh?
Ishwari Ji – Dev Wo Tujhse Niche Jaake Naashta Karne Ko Keh Rahi Hai!
Dev – Achha Ma .. Now I’m Going Downstairs For My Breakfast ….
When He Was Going Out Of The Room He Smiled At Her And She Blushed .. 🙂
In The Dining Room …
After Eating Breakfast …. Nikki And Neha Went To Their Bedroom’s,Riya To The Office … And Ishwari Ji Is Also In Her Bedroom …. Dev Is Working On His Laptop And Sonakshi Is In The Kitchen …
Dev Shuts Down His Laptop And Goes To The Kitchen …
Sonakshi – (In Her Mind – Dev Yaha Kyu Aa Rahe Hai ? Her Heart Starts Beating Faster And Faster )
Dev Comes Closer And Closer To Her Leaving No Place To Move For Her … Her Heart Starts Beating Faster …
Sonakshi – Dev .. Tumi Yeh Ki Karechhe ? (sorry agar yeh galat hai toh i don’t know bengali)
Dev – Sonakshi I Want To Know Everything About Ur Past,About Ur Likes And Dislikes …
Sonakshi – But Why Mr Dixi .. Uh … I Mean Dev … U Know Everything About Me ?
Dev – No I Don’t Know … I Want The Details … 🙂
Suddenly Kichhu Bhaiya Calls Sonakshi To Help Him Prepare For The Lunch …
Sonakshi – Dev …. Kichhu Bhaiya Is Calling Me … I’m Going …
When She was About To Go … He Pulled Her Back …
Sonakshi – Dev … Please Jane Dijiye Na … Mein Yaha Job Bhi Karti Hu …
Dev Chuckles And Lets Her Go ….
After Coming Out Of His Room … She Starts Dancing Like Mad People And The Song Kuchh Toh Hua Hai From Kal Ho Na Ho Plays …
And Same Is With Dev ……..
After Some Mad – People – Like Dancing …. They Both Come Down And Dev Goes To His Office Waving A Bye To Sonakshi And she Also Waves Him A Bye ….

Precap – Everybody Will Play Antakshiri And When Radharani Will create A Scene Their … Dev Will Defend Sonakshi And Ishwari Will Also Defend Her Even Mamaji Will …….

Sorry Guys … Antakshiri Ni Daal Payi .. Chalo See U Tommorow Bye … 🙂 Please Do Comment And Review Because Guys This Time I’m Serious I’m Not Getting Enough Reviews And Without Them I’ll Discontinue It … So Please Review It !! I’m Not Confident That’s Why I’m Asking U Guys To Review It .. Please Review It And Keep Reading !!! 🙂


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  1. Its like watching KRPK again. Try something new and different.

    1. Simplesweety1

      actually .. me kahi ja ri thhi so thats why me jaldi me thhi isliye .. sorry .. will try to write something more different .. 🙂

  2. Partho

    Simplesweety1 very nice keep on writing I read all your ff’s and you are doing great.

  3. Aww..sweety u are so cute because haha okay fine you don’t Bengali but,the phrase ‘Che’ is Gujarati..?It’s okay!!!its so cute!!!okay hahah no need to say sorry!!

    1. Simplesweety1

      hehe ! ? mujhe bhi pehle yahi lag raha thha but i thought .. “ki farak penda hai” sorry will try to improve bengali 🙂

  4. Bhoomi

    Nice one….

  5. Waiting for d antakshari..

    1. Simplesweety1

      yeah .. paka achha likhungi is bar and alag bhi lol !!

  6. Really nice….keep it up?

  7. very good episode .
    plzzzz. continue writting you are writting very good
    and i m eagerly waiting for the antakshari
    plzz write the next epi fast
    why u delayed 1 day for this episode ????
    plzz. don’t delay next time.

    1. Simplesweety1

      actually .. erica i was going somewhere out thats why i didnt update it early … sorry .. will try to update poora – poora ..


    Its nice I have seen but it’s already done in original serials so try to write new story sorry if I hurt you hope u don’t mind as I m a silent reader of ur ff but by seeing ur request I decided to comment

    1. Simplesweety1

      Thank U And Ya I’ll Try To Make It Different As Much As Possible 🙂

  9. its ok no need to say sorry…

  10. Simplesweety1

    Guys …. I’ve Submitted The 6th Episode Bas Abhi Abhi Wo Shaam Tak Upload Ho Jayega Chalo Bye !

  11. its not uploaded till now…

  12. plzz. tell me at what time epi 6 would be uploaded.
    trying since 7 pm

  13. Simplesweety1

    I Don’t Know … Will Update It When They Will Come Across My ff’s Episode 6 Because They Have Thousands Of ff’s To Upload …
    Jitni Wait .. Utna Meethha Fal .. hehe! Bye

  14. Superb episode

    1. Simplesweety1

      hey @lakshmi the 6th episode is updated .. please read and comment ur review! 🙂

  15. Simplesweety1

    hi guys! its updated ! yes! the 6th episode of this ff is updated! please read and comment ur reviews!
    – simplesweety1 🙂

  16. Please don’t stop writing.. .just awesome. But we want something different from the original story….n more DevAkshi scenes

    1. Simplesweety1

      hey … i’ve updated the 6th episode please read it and if u have,and if u have read it please share your reviews in the comment box of the 6th episode .. 🙂

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