Kya Ma Manengi ? …… A Devakshi FF (Episode 5)

Hey Guys … Thank U For The Reviews But Guys Mujhe Zyada Review’s Nahi Mil Rahe Please Review And Keep Reading Warna I’ll Stop Writing … Mujhe Confidence Nahi Mil Raha Plz I Request U To Review It ! So Here I Present U The 5th Episode … 🙂

At Sonakshi’s House …

Sonakshi – How Am I Looking ?
Elena – U Are Looking So Pretty!
Saurabh – Ha Sona ! Tum Bohot Sundar Lag Rahi Ho!
She Was Dressed In A Pink Kurta With A Pink Coloured Slacks!
Sonakshi – *Blushes*

At The Ishwari Nivas …
Dev – I’ll Get Ready Today Perfectly! And I’ll Also Gift Something To Her … 🙂
Ishwari Ji – Kya Baat Hai Beta …. Apni Engagement Tutne Ke Baad Bhi Itna Khush Lag Raha Hai …….
Dev – Ma … Tu Aisa Kyu Keh Rahi Hai .. Kya Koi Apni Engagement Tutne Ke Baad Saara Time Dukhi Rahega … Ma … Mujhe Lagta Hai .. Ki Jo Maine Kiya Thheek Kiya …. !! 3 Zindagiya Barbaad Hone Se Bach Gayi ……. 🙂
Ishwari Ji – 3?
Dev – 3 Nahi 2! Mein Bhi Na! (In His Mind – Oh Shit! What Are U Doing Dev !)
Ishwari Ji – (In Her Mind While Smiling To Dev – I Don’t Know … But Why Am I Feeling That Dev Is Behaving Weirdly These Days)
Dev – Am I Looking Handsome Ma?
Ishwari Ji – Beta? Why Are U Asking These Type Of Questions? U Are To My Handsomest Beta In The World!
Dev – Tere Se Hi Toh Yeh Quality Mili Hai Tu Itni Sundar Hai Tabhi Toh Mein Itna Handsome Hu!
Ishwari Ji – Dhat! Haha ! Now Go To The Office U Are Getting Late !
Dev – Ma .. I’ll Go To the Office Late Today …
Ishwari Ji – But Why?
Dev – Because … There Are No Meetings Today From 7:30 To 9:00 a.m. (In His Mind – Because I’ve Postponed All The Meetings 1 And A Half Hour Late Because I Want To Spend Some Time With Her …:-))
Ishwari Ji – Achha 😮 …..
Dev – Achha Ma Is The Breakfast Ready ?
Then Suddenly Sonakshi Comes In The Room With The Breakfast Of Ishwari In Her Hand …
Sonakshi – (In Her Mind – He’s So Handsome ) Yeah Mr Dixit … The Breakfast Is Ready … Please Go And Have Ur Breakfast .. Everybody Is Waiting …
Dev Is Mesmerized After Seeing Sonakshi Because She’s Looking So Pretty …
Sonakshi – Mr Dixit?
Dev – Huh?
Ishwari Ji – Dev Wo Tujhse Niche Jaake Naashta Karne Ko Keh Rahi Hai!
Dev – Achha Ma .. Now I’m Going Downstairs For My Breakfast ….
When He Was Going Out Of The Room He Smiled At Her And She Blushed .. 🙂
In The Dining Room …
After Eating Breakfast …. Nikki And Neha Went To Their Bedroom’s,Riya To The Office … And Ishwari Ji Is Also In Her Bedroom …. Dev Is Working On His Laptop And Sonakshi Is In The Kitchen …
Dev Shuts Down His Laptop And Goes To The Kitchen …
Sonakshi – (In Her Mind – Dev Yaha Kyu Aa Rahe Hai ? Her Heart Starts Beating Faster And Faster )
Dev Comes Closer And Closer To Her Leaving No Place To Move For Her … Her Heart Starts Beating Faster …
Sonakshi – Dev .. Tumi Yeh Ki Karechhe ? (sorry agar yeh galat hai toh i don’t know bengali)
Dev – Sonakshi I Want To Know Everything About Ur Past,About Ur Likes And Dislikes …
Sonakshi – But Why Mr Dixi .. Uh … I Mean Dev … U Know Everything About Me ?
Dev – No I Don’t Know … I Want The Details … 🙂
Suddenly Kichhu Bhaiya Calls Sonakshi To Help Him Prepare For The Lunch …
Sonakshi – Dev …. Kichhu Bhaiya Is Calling Me … I’m Going …
When She was About To Go … He Pulled Her Back …
Sonakshi – Dev … Please Jane Dijiye Na … Mein Yaha Job Bhi Karti Hu …
Dev Chuckles And Lets Her Go ….
After Coming Out Of His Room … She Starts Dancing Like Mad People And The Song Kuchh Toh Hua Hai From Kal Ho Na Ho Plays …
And Same Is With Dev ……..
After Some Mad – People – Like Dancing …. They Both Come Down And Dev Goes To His Office Waving A Bye To Sonakshi And she Also Waves Him A Bye ….

Precap – Everybody Will Play Antakshiri And When Radharani Will create A Scene Their … Dev Will Defend Sonakshi And Ishwari Will Also Defend Her Even Mamaji Will …….

Sorry Guys … Antakshiri Ni Daal Payi .. Chalo See U Tommorow Bye … 🙂 Please Do Comment And Review Because Guys This Time I’m Serious I’m Not Getting Enough Reviews And Without Them I’ll Discontinue It … So Please Review It !! I’m Not Confident That’s Why I’m Asking U Guys To Review It .. Please Review It And Keep Reading !!! 🙂



  1. Nishi

    Aww..sweety u are so cute because haha okay fine you don’t Bengali but,the phrase ‘Che’ is Gujarati..?It’s okay!!!its so cute!!!okay hahah no need to say sorry!!

  2. erika

    very good episode .
    plzzzz. continue writting you are writting very good
    and i m eagerly waiting for the antakshari
    plzz write the next epi fast
    why u delayed 1 day for this episode ????
    plzz. don’t delay next time.



    |Registered Member

    Its nice I have seen but it’s already done in original serials so try to write new story sorry if I hurt you hope u don’t mind as I m a silent reader of ur ff but by seeing ur request I decided to comment

  4. Simplesweety1



    I Don’t Know … Will Update It When They Will Come Across My ff’s Episode 6 Because They Have Thousands Of ff’s To Upload …
    Jitni Wait .. Utna Meethha Fal .. hehe! Bye

  5. Anu

    Please don’t stop writing.. .just awesome. But we want something different from the original story….n more DevAkshi scenes

    • Simplesweety1



      hey … i’ve updated the 6th episode please read it and if u have,and if u have read it please share your reviews in the comment box of the 6th episode .. 🙂

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