Kya Ma Manengi ? …… A Devakshi FF (Episode 4)


Hi Guys …. Thank U Once Again For All The Reviews And Keep Reading! So Here I Present U The 4th Episode Of This FF !!

Dev Asks Sona To Come With Him …..

In The Car …
Sonakshi – Mr Dixit … Where Are We Going ?
Dev – Firstly, Call Me By My Name, Secondly,If U Trust Me Keep Quiet And Wait …
Sonakshi – Ok … Mr Dix … umm … D….Dev ..
Dev – That’s Like My Good To Be Wife ..
Sonakshi – *Blushes*
Dev – *Smiles*

And Then After 5 Mins .. Dev Stopped The Car ..
Dev – This Is The Chuski Stall … Where I Worked Everyday To Get A Chuski Home For Nikki …
Then Dev Starts The Car Again And Stopped The Car In Front Of a Clinic ..
Dev – In This Clinic I was Born …
Then Dev Turns The Car Back From There And Stops The Car At A Small School …
Dev – Here I Studied Till The 5th Standard ……
Then Dev Suddenly Takes The Car In Front Of A Small House …
Dev – This Is The House …. Where We all …. Nikki,Riya,Neha,Papa,Ma … Lived Happily …. But Suddenly We Lost Everything … Papa Ko Humne Yahi Khoya … Bohot Yaad Aati Hai Unki ….. (He Was Teary-Eyed) ….
Sonakshi – Aap Thheek Hai Na Mr Dixit .. ?

Dev – Ha …..
Then Suddenly He Stops The Car In Front Of A Galli (Road Ke Beech Mein)
Dev – Yahi Wo Galiyan Hai Jaha Se Maa Mujhe Tuition Se Leke Aati Thhi …. Yaha …. Bohot Kuchh Hua …. Ek Din Jab Me Or Meri Ma Roz Ki Tarah Ghar Ja Rahe Thhe .. Tab .. Kuchh Gunde Milke Humpe Hamla Karne Hi Waale Thhe Ki Tab Maa Ne Apne Haath Mein Chuka Pakda Or Unsabko Dara Ke Waha Se Hum Bhaag Gaye … Aise Hum Apne Aapko Bacha Paate Thhe Gundo Se …. Maa Roz Raat Ko Ghar Mein Bohot Roti Thhi Sonakshi …. Mujhe Bhi Bohot Rona Aata Thha … Kyuki Mein Apni Maa Se Pyar Karta Hu ….
Sonakshi – Wo Toh Dikhta Hai Dev ..
Dev – Ha ….
He Wiped His Tears Away And Drove The Car To Another Side … It Was A House ….
Dev – Ma Worked In As A Maid In A Lady’s House … One Day She Saw Me Playing Outside With Other Boys At the School Time Instead Of Going To School … To Grab My Attention She Breaked A Vase And The Lady Slapped Her Because Of This … This Grabbed My Attention And I Went Inside The House And Told My Mother To Leave This House … And She Told Me That If You Will Not Study Hard And Become A Succesful Man How Will We Come Out Of All These Circumstances … If You’ll Not Study This Will Only Happen … If U Want This To Happen Apna Nam School Se katwaalo And Play Outside …. That Day I Realised That I Have To Study To Come Out Of These Problems And let Ma Feel Proud At Me … Agar Us Din Mujhe Realise Na Hua Hota Toh Hum Aaj Bhi Ussi Situation Mein Hote ….
Sonakshi – U And Aunty Ji Have Really Worked Hard Right … I Am Proud Of U And Aunty ji
Dev – U Should Be … If Ma Wouldn’t Have Explained all That To Me … Toh Pata nahi Kya Hota ..
Sonakshi – Leave The Past Dev …. Focus On Your Future ..
Dev – I Can’t Forget .. How Hard My Ma Has Worked To Feed Us And For My School Fees …
Sonakshi – Yeah U are Right …
They Hold Each Others Hand Tightly And Promise To Never Leave It ..
Dev – Chalo Mein Tumhe Ghar Chod deta Hu ..
Sonakshi – Ok …
They Reach Sonakshi’s House …
Dev – Bye Sonakshi .. Dhyan Se Jao Mein Abhi Yahi Hu Jabtak Tum Ghar Ke Andar Nahi Chali Jaati mujhe Phone Kardena Jaane Ke Baad ..
Sonakshi – U Are So Protective … Thank u ..
Dev – Thank U Kyu Bol Rahi Ho Are U Mad Or What … I Am Ur To Be Husband And I Should Ensure That U Have Reached Ur Home Safely .. I Love u Sonakshi ….
Sonakshi – I Love U Too Dev ..
They Hug Each Other Tightly .. And Are Sad That They Have To Go To Their Respictive Houses ..
Sonakshi – Bye …
Dev – Bye …

The Next Day At The Ishwari Mansion …

In Dev’s Room ..
Dev – Achhi Tarah Se Tayaair Ho Jaata Hu …. Aaj Shaam Ko Sonakshi ko Ek Achha Sa Gift Dunga ..

At The Bose House
Elena – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Sonakshi – Shut Up .. !
Elena – Mr Dixit Proposed u & He Called Of His Engagement !!! Yesss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sonakshi – *Blushes*

Elena – Oho! U Are To Blushing Mrs Dixit! Hehe!
Sonakshi – Mrs Dixit ! Elena Ki Bachi ! Rukja Tu ! Aaj Toh Tu Gayi !
Saurav – (Acting In Sonakshi’s Voice) Dev I Love U !! Mein Bhi Tumse Pyaar Karti Hu !! Huh
Sonakshi – Dada!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll Ban U From Eating Junk Even On Sunday…Motu Dada!
Elena And Saurav – Mrs Dixit!!!!
Sonakshi – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !
Elena – Hehe ! Achha Nahi Chidhhate Or !! Mein Batati Hu Ki What Will U Where Today!
Sonakshi – Ok ! Chalo Shukar Hai
Elena – U Will Wear A Pink Long Kurta With The Same Pink Coloured Slacks!

Precap – Dev Is Mesmerized By Sona And They’ll Share Some Romantic Moments …. The Whole Family Will Play Antakshiri !

Hehe !! Betaab Na Guys !! See U tommorow !!! Do review and keep reading !!

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