Kya Ma Manengi ? …… A Devakshi FF (Episode 3)

Hi Guys !! Thank u For All The Reviews U Gave Me …. Please Keep Reviewing Each Episode Because Without Reviews I Can’t Write Further …. Thank u …. Ok .. Now Enough Of My Blabbering !! So Here I Present U The 3rd Episode … !!

27 Saal Mein Peheli Baar,Dev Ko Hua Pyaar Ka Ehsaas!
Abh Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahi,Kya Karein?Kaise Kahe?Kuch Jaanta Nahi!
Suraj Nikalna Chahta Hai,Par Chand Chhupne Ko Tayaar Nahi!
Vakt Jaise Ruk Gaya Ho,Par Abh Dev Rukne Ko Tayaar Nahi!
Dekhiye Dev Ke Proposal Ka Anokha Andaaz Aaj is Fan Fiction Mein Abhi,Or Sony TV Pe Aaj Raat 9:30 Baje!

After Dev Had Called Off The Engagement With Natasha,He Went Back Home ….

In The Drawing Room,
Dev – Maa I Told Natasha That I Can’t Marry Her ….. I Also Apologized For What I Did …. And That Also On Her Birthday ..
Ishwari Ji – Its Ok Beta,She Will Understand That Sometimes,What We Want From Our Life We Can’t Get ….
Dev – Yeah …
Then Suddenly Nikki,Riya & Neha Arrive At The Drawing Room And …
Nikki – Yeah Bhai! Maa Is Right And U Can Get Any Other Better Girl Rather Than NG!
Riya And Neha Agree With Nikki …..
And They All Hug Dev Tightly!
Neha – We Really Love U Bhai!!
Riya – Yeah Bhai ! We Love U Alot !!
Nikki – Never Leave Us Alone !!
Ishwari Ji – Yes Dev! If U Aren’t Ready For Marriage Its ok! We Will Always Support U Whatever Ur Decision Will Be!
The Three Sisters Say – Yes !
They All Hug Including Ishwari Ji!

At Night …
Dev – Samajh Hi Nahi Aa Raha That How Will I Propose Her !
Then He Starts Roaming Around His Room Here And There But Uske Dimaag Me Idea Nahi Aa Raha!
Dev – Kya Karu! Kaise Kahu? Kuchh Samajh He Nahi Aa Raha!
Then Suddenly,He Gets A Wonderful Idea !
Dev – Yes ! Shukar Hai That I Got An Idea! Warna Mein Hamesha ke Liye Aise Hi Sochta Rehta!
Then He Takes His Orange Shirt Out And Starts Getting Ready Because He Can’t Wait For The Morning!
Dev – I Don’t Know Why Always When We Have To Do Something Important … Tab Time Itna Dheere Chalta Hai !
He Becomes Restless & Starts To Watch The Clock In His Room After The Interval Of Every Two Minutes!
Dev – I Can’t Wait Anymore,Now I’m Going At Sonakshi’s House!

At Sonakshi’s House ..
Sonakshi Was Crying Hopelessly While Holding A Pillow In Her Room And She Had Strictly Told Everybody To Not To Disturb Her ….
Sonakshi – Kyu …. Kyu Hua Aisa Mr Dixit … Kyu! Why Did U Got Engaged To Natasha … Now How Will I Live Without U !! I’m In Love With U Deeply,Madly And I’m Falling In Love With U More Day By Day!!

Outside Sonakshi’s Residence ..
Dev – Bas Abh Subha Hone Ke Deri Hai … Then I’ll Propose Her And Tell Her That I’m In Love With Her Madly,Deeply. I’ll Tell Her That How I’m Falling For Her More And More Day By Day !!

At 6:00 A.m. In The Morning … At The Bose Residence ..
Sonakshi Slept While Crying And Saw Some Beautiful Dreams Of Her And Dev ….
Sonakshi – (Neend Mein) Mr Dixit I Love U Too … mmmmmmmm …
Then Suddenly The Bell Rings And Sona Gets Up Aadhi Neend Mein And Goes To The Kitchen To Get The Patila Because She Thought That The Milkman Had Come …
When Sona Opens The Door ..
(Neend Mein) Sonakshi – Bhaiya Milk mmmmm ……..
And Then Suddenly She Sees That Dev Is Standing At The Door ..
Sonakshi – Sona … U Are Again Daydreaming …
And Then Suddenly She’s Snapped Back To Reality By None Other Than Dev!!
Sonakshi (Shocked) – Mr Dixit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dev – Yes Me Sonakshi ….
Sonakshi – Sonakshi !!!!
Dev – (Smiles) Please Close Your Eyes ..
Sonakshi – But Why ?
Dev – Just Do As I Say !
Then Sonakshi Closes Her Eyes ..
Dev – Now Open Ur Eyes …
Sonakshi Is Shocked Seeing That Dev Is On His Knees And He Has A Rose In His Hand .. !!
Dev – I Love U Sonakshi …. Will U Marry Me?
She Can’t Express Her Happiness .. But Suddenly She’s Reminded That He’s Engaged ..
Sonakshi – Mr Dixit ….. But U Are Engaged
Dev – I Called Off The Engagement Only For U …
Sonakshi – What !!
Her Happiness Has No Bounds !!
Sonakshi – I Love U Too Mr Dixit !!
And Dev Is Teary Eyed And Happy Also !! They Both Hug Each other Tightly … Promising That They’ll Never Leave Each other … !!
Sonakshi – Do U Know Why Didn’t Come These 2 Days …. Because I Couldn’t See U Getting Engaged To Natasha ….. !!
Dev – I Am Really Sorry That I Realised That I Love U So Late … !!! Sorry !!
Sonakshi – Its Ok !! But U Realised That U Love me Thats Enough For me ..!!
Dev Hugged Her Again Tightly !!
Dev – I Want U To Come With Me Because I Want To Take U Somewhere …
Sonakshi – But Where ?
Dev – U’ll Get To Know … Lets Go ..
Sonakshi – Ok … I Trust U .. Lets Go
Dev And Sonakshi’s Happiness Has No Bounds ….

Precap – Dev Will Tell Sonakshi Everything About His And His Mother’s Past … He’ll Take Her To All The Places From Where His Past Is Connected To … When Sonakshi Will Come To The Ishwari Mansion As Usual For Work … Dev And Sonakshi Will Share Some Romantic Moments Sabse Chhup Chhup Ke …. !

Hey Guys .. Hehe So Now Again U All Will Be Eager For The Next Episode Right … Lol … See U Tommorow … Bye … Enjoy Reading The FF .. Sorry If There Are Any Grammatical Errors Or Mistakes … Keep Reviewing And Reading 🙂 …


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  1. <3 Lovely episode.. simplesweety1 ..
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    N please don't stop writing!!!
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      thank u so much …. !! 🙂

  2. Is this the original episode or is this your ff?

    1. Simplesweety1

      No No .. This Is My FF Only …. Actually Mene Promo Se Thhoda Idea Le Liya And FF To Serial Pe Thhoda Based Hoga Hi 😉 And Nishi Ye FF Mene Aaj Ke Episode Ke Telecast Hone Se Pehle Publish Ki Hai … I’ve Worked Hard On It !!

      1. That You have di!!!its amazing!!!great job!!

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      thx 🙂 will update it today …. 🙂

  3. Madhuri

    It is nice. I hope if it is will come in original serial it will be nice.????

    1. Simplesweety1

      Thanks 🙂 ! Hehe ! Yeah ! I Also Wish Kaash Aisa Ho Paata But Serial Ka Episode Meri FF Se Better Hai .. Or Obviously Hoga ! I Loved The Today’s Episode … !!

  4. Ohh it semms lije the orignal episode . …u r doing a g8 job simplesweety1

    1. Simplesweety1

      thx 🙂 will update it today . ..

    2. Simplesweety1

      thx 🙂 will update it today . .. 🙂

  5. Darakshan alam

    Plzz don’t stop writing. I like dis serial alot but not getting tym to watch now a days 7

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    @Simplesweety1 very nice episode

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    2. Simplesweety1

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  7. U r doing gr8 job… keep writing nd if possible plzzzz add screen shots of episode’s special scenes

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