Kya Ma Manengi ? …… A Devakshi FF (Episode 19)


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Recap: Dev Aur Sonakshi Ek Dusre Se Milenge Aakhri Baar,Kya Jee Paayenge Yeh Dono, Ek Dusre Ke Bina?

Precap : A Leap Of 2 Months … How Are There Lives Going On?

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Link For The Previous Episode: Episode 18

Inbetween These 2 Months ….

Now After A Lot Of Crying That Night … Sonakshi Decided That She Would Not Cry Anymore ! She Is Strong And Can Face Everything! She Joined Back Her Office And Started Working …. And Spending Quality Time With Her Family … She Also Went For A Trip To Kolkata With Her Family! She Relived Her Childhood Memories There And Also Met Her Cousins. Whereas Dev,He Came Back To The Robot Mode And Started Working Continously And Tried To Not To Think ‘Bout Her … But They Couldn’t Stop Themselves From Thinking ‘Bout Each Other … They Were In The Same Situation …. Yeh Dooriyaan Thhi Zaruri,Zaruri Thhi Yeh Dooriyan .. (This Is An Awsm Song Of My Fav Film Break Ke Baad Starring Deepika Padukone And Imran Khan .. And Fits Devakshi Perfectly!)

Thodi Thodi Guzre Pakad Kabhi Taaza Si Hawayein
Saate Saate Se Yeh Rishte Apni Baah Ko Filayein
Mera Mann, Toh Bas Gungunana Chahe
Uska Mann, Khul Ke Geet Gaana Chahe
Muskurayo, Main Woh Khilkhilana Chahe
Hai Ziddi Yeh Badi Majbooriyan Bhi
Dooriyan Bhi Hai Zaroori, Bhi Hai Zaroori

She At Night Was Standing By The Window Staring The Moon … The Cool Breeze Fanned Her Face …. She Was In Deep Thinking .. She Was Thinking About Her And Dev That How This Breakup Was Important Because Everybody’s Family Is Their First Priority And They Can Do Anything For Them.Anything.Like Dev Did For Her Mother.She Knew How Much He Loved Her Mother And How Many Hardship’s Her Mother Went Through,Only For Him.

Zaroori Hai Yeh Dooriyan

Dooriyan Bhi Hai Zaroori, Bhi Hai Zaroori
Zaroori Hai Yeh Dooriyan

Zyada Nasdeekyon Mein Dooriyon Ke Hote Hain Ishaare
Hum Toh Leheron Ko Chakhna Na Meethay Nahi Paani Hai Yeh Khaare
Love Kahe, Mere Paas Tum Na Aana
Door Se, Accha Hai Timtamana
Varna Adh Mein Hoga Dard-E-Jaana
Hai Ziddi Yeh Badi Majbooriyan Bhi
Dooriyan Bhi Hai Zaroori, Bhi Hai Zaroori
Zaroori Hai Yeh Dooriyan

Dev Was Sitting In His Cabin On His Chair Thinking About Her … He Thought That He Now Will Have To Maintain Some Distance From Sonakshi .. Because He Can’t Hurt Her By Reminding Her Of Him And Reliving All Those Memories .. He Thought That He Could Never Be Sonakshi’s Now. Never .. He Could Only See Her From Distance If He Wanted To .. Only For Her .. And Its Better That He Also Now Focused On His Buisness Rather Than Anything Else … He’ll Try To Erase All Those Memories From His Mind.

Dooriyan Bhi Hai Zaroori, Bhi Hai Zaroori
Zaroori Hai Yeh Dooriyan

Main Toh Aisi Baarish Hoon
Jo Teen Ki Chhat Pe Kud Ke Barse
Woh Kuyar Dheemi Rut Ki Baras Na Paaye
Chhod Ke Tarse, Dono Barse
Par Sang Sang Kahan Hai, Thodi Doori Se
Zindagi Aasan Hai, Meri Duniya Aur Uska Bhi Jahan Hai
Hai Ziddi Yeh Badi Majbooriyan Bhi

Sonakshi Was Watching T.V. When It Suddenly Started Raining And She Relived The Day When Dev And She Was Dancing And Playing Like Kids In The Rain At Night .. Lost In Each Other .. Her Baba Called Her Continously But She Was Lost In Him … Her Father Jerked Her Away And She Mumbled A Sorry .. She Was Smiling Like An Idiot .. Until She Realised That Bejoy Was Watching Her.

Dooriyan Bhi Hai Zaroori, Bhi Hai Zaroori
Zaroori Hai Yeh Dooriyan, Yeh Dooriyan
Dooriyan Bhi Hai Zaroori, Bhi Hai Zaroori
Zaroori Hai Yeh Dooriyan.

Days Passed And Passed And Passed And They Started Living Their Old Boring Lives … She Became The Old Hitler Bose And He The Sattu And Khadoos Mr Dixit .. Their Families Missed Their Old Happy Selves …

After 2 Months ….

She Was Getting Ready In Her Room Because …… The Sen’s Were Coming Over At There Place With A Marriage Proposal … Her Ma And Baba Told Her Everything About Ritwick And After A Lot, A Lot, Seriously! A Lot Of Convincing She Only Agreed To Meet Him Not Marry Him Or Anything Like That. She Wore The Saari Which She Wore When Kushal And Her Were Going For A Dinner … Ugh. That Day Was Disaster.A Disaster. But If Kushal Himself Hadn’t Said No How Would She Fall In Love With Hi .. Oops… Lets Come Back To The Topic,Now She Was Totally Ready. She Was Looking Very Pretty! She Looked Like The Day She Was Looking For The Dinner.She Chuckled At The Memory In Which She Stumbled Upon Her Saree And Dev Saved Her …. Kushal’s Expression’s Were Pretty Much Funny! Hehehehe!

In The Drawing Room …
Mr Sen: Hi Mr Bose! How Are You We Are Absolutely Fine ! Long Time No See Huh!?
Bijoy: Haha! We Are Fine! Sorry Didn’t Got Time To Meet You!
Mr Sen: Haha! Its Ok Was Just Joking!
Asha: Arre Supriya Ji! Please Eat Something! Yeh Sabh Aapke Liye Hi Bana Hai! Lijiye Lijiye!
Mrs Sen: Arre Asha Ji! I’m Becoming Fat Day By Day! No No!
Asha: *Controls Her Laughter Seeing Her Fat Tommy* Achha Ji .. (She Was Fatter Than Sourav! Lol 😛 Voh Aapko Pata Hi Hoga Kyu! Badla! Hahaha Ritwick Sen .. I Added Wick Instead Of Wik .. Yeh Sabh Aapko To Pata Hoga Kyu! 😛 Wicked! Hehehehe! )

Now Bijoy Was Inquiring Ritwick As If It Was A Murder Case Interrogation …! (LoL!) Meanwhile Asha Went To Bring Sona Down .. Ritwick Saw Sona Coming And His Mouth Was Wide Open … He Smirked .. It Was An Evil Smirk .. But Why! (You’ll Get Know If You’ll Read The Episode Ahead Properly! 😀 😛 )

Their Parents Asked Them To Talk To Each Other Alone …

After 10 Minutes Sonakshi Came Out Holding Ritwik’s Ear And Usne Use Zameen Pe Gira Diya!
Sonakshi To His Parents: Have You Ever Taught Ritwik Anything?! How To Respect Women!? Manners!? Yeh Mere Saath Badtameezi Karne Waala Thha But I Slapped Him And Iske Kaan Ko Bhi BOHOT Zor Se Matota (Twisted) ! Agar Dobara Isse Yaha Lekar Rishta Pakka Karne Aaye Ya Phir Yeh Mujhe Kisi Or Latki Ke Saath Aisi Badtameezi Karte Huye Dikha Toh I’ll Kill Him Right There! Get Out Ritwik! Namaste Aunty And Uncle.

They Were Highly Embarassed And His Mother Slapped Him And Asha And Bijoy Even Elena And Sourav And Daadi Hit Him. They Said Sorry And Left From There.

Sonakshi Was Teary – Eyed Now .. And Her Family Consoled Her …
Asha: Jerk! *Makes A Disgusted And Angry Expression*
Sourav: Sonakshi! You Did Right! Every Women Will Remain Safe In The Country If They Behave Like This ..!
Elena: *Said This To Lighten Everybody’s Mood A Bit Especially Sonakshi’s* Aapse Thhotena Bach Paayegi Baba!
Sourav: Elli Teri To! Āmi āpanākē hatyā karaba! (I Will Kill You)
Asha And Bijoy And Daadi And Sonakshi: Ēṭā āpani bandha ubhaẏa! (Stop It You Both)

They All Laughed And There Was A Group Hug …
Suddenly Sonakshi’s Phone Rang .. Nikki’s Name Was Flashing .. She Thought Is Everything Alright!? She Had A Horrifying Expression On Her Face,Everybody Asked Her What Happened ….
Sonakshi: Hello! Nikki! What Happened Itni Raat Ko Phone Kia!?
Nikki: Sona Di Aap Jaldi City Hospital Aa Jao *Cries Miserably*
Sonakshi: Thheeke ! Calm Down,Calm Down! I’m Coming!

She And Sourav Left For The Hospital Leaving A Worried Bose Family !

Screen Splits Into Two Halves Showcasing Sonakshi’s Horrified Expression And Nikki’s Crying Face ….

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