Kya Ma Manengi ? …… A Devakshi FF (Episode 18)


A/N: Hi Everybodyyyyy! How Are Ya’ll! Welcome,Welcome.No Need To Say Thank You To Me To Publish The Episode Early!!!! So I”ll Not Blabber Todayyy! Here You Go The 18th Episode Of This FF! 2 To Go For A 20! Thank You So Much Guys! Love Ya’ll! Happy Reading! 🙂

Recap: ‘Kya Hoga Jab Dil Ke Faisle Dimaag Se Kiye Jaaenge’ … ? Kya Sonakshi Aur Dev Ke Pyar Ka Safar Yahi Tak Thha .. ? Kya Hoga Jab Ishwari Ko Pata Chalega Dev – Sonakshi Ke Baare Mein ? Jaane Ke Liye Dekhte Rahiye Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Or Padhte Rahiye .. Kya Ma Manengi? …… A Devakshi FF … (This Was The Maha Episode)

In This Episode: Precap : Dev Aur Sonakshi Ek Dusre Se Milenge Aakhri Baar,Kya Jee Paayenge Yeh Dono, Ek Dusre Ke Bina?

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What All Happened Before The Leap Of Two Months ….
At The Bose House ….

Sonakshi Woke Up Fresh And Bright The Next Morning Because She Cried Alot And Cried Her Heart Out … She Was A Bit Relieved …

Sonakshi : (In Her Mind) Sona … Bohot Ho Gaya …. Abh Tu Or Nahi Royegi … Jo Hona Thha Hogaya … Unhone Yeh Sabh Apni Ma Ke Liye Kiya Hai .. Unki Ma Ne Unke Liye Bohot Kuchh Kiya Hai … Tu Kabhi Bhi Abh Unki Zindagi Mein Vaapas Nahi Jayegi … Tujhe Yeh Dikhana Hoga Ki Tu Unse Nafrat Karti Hai … Nafrat! Tu Bohot Strong Hai Na … You Can Do It! (Enough Is Enough Now Sona,You’ll Not Cry Anymore Now,What Had To Happen Happened,He Did It All For His Mother,His Mother Has Done A Lot For Him.You’ll Never Ever Meet Him Or Go Back In His Life … You’ll Have To Show That You Hate Him,You Hate Him! You Are A Strong Girl Sona … You Can Do It!

After Her Yoga Session To Relax Herself A Bit … She Got Up And Went For A Shower … And Wore A Peach Colored Kurta With White Palazzo Pants,Left Her Hair Open,With A Little Bit Of Make Up,Put On Her Rose Perfume That He Gifted … (Oh Shit! 🙁 ) And Wore A Pair Of Pearl Studs … ! Now She Was Perfectly Ready To Go To Dr.Basu .. (Sorry If Its Wrong I Don’t Remember The Name Of The Doctor In Whose Hospital She Worked) She Went Back To Her Old Work Place … De .. Mr Dixit Cleared All The Allegations From Her That He Had Put On Her When He Wanted Her For His As A Nutrionist MOTHER. She Went On The Dining Table To Eat The Breakfast .. Everybody Was Surprised To See Her … Because They Had Forgotten That How Strong She Is … She’ll Never Act Like Those Heart Broken Girls Who Sat In A Room For Hours Thinking About The Person Who Ditched Them. She Needed Fresh Air,Actually She Needed To Keep Herself Busy In Something So That She Could Avoid Thinking About Him.

At The Breakfast Table …
Asha: Shona! Where Are You Going? No Need To Start Going To Work From Today Itself You Can Rest For Someti-
Sonakshi: Ma .. I’m Fine ! Don’t Worry (Smiles) I’m Joining Back To Work From Today Itself Because What Will I Do At Home!? And The Responsibility Of The House Is On Me And Dada .. How Can I Not Go To Work!
Bijoy: Asha .. Shona’s Right! She Should Go To Work Because By This She’ll Get Fresh Also *Looks At Asha And Tries To Make Her Understand Through Signs .. She Understood*
Asha: Yeah! Waise (BTW) You’re Right! You Should Go!
Elena: Ha Maashi! (Yes Aunty) After The Office Pick Me Up .. We’ll Go Shopping! Ok!
Sonakshi: Yeah! Why Not!
Saurav: Somebody Talk To Me Also! Sabh Apni Baaton Mein Lage Hai! (All Are Busy In Their Talks!)
Elena: *Giggles* Ha Dada! (Bhaiya) We’ll Take You Also Fine !
Sonakshi : Yes Dada! *Smiles*
Saurav: Yayyyyy!
Daadi: Gande! Everybody Forgot Me!
Asha And Bejoy Laugh At Her Childish Antics And Their’s A Group Hug!

At The Ishwari Nivas ….

Dev Was On The Breakfast Table Eating His Breakfast,There Was Pin Drop Silence On The Breakfast Table.Everybody Were Watching Dev’s Puffy And Red Eyes … He Cried All The Night .. Why Would He Not … He Was Missing Her … How Couldn’t He ? He Loves Her Unconditionally … He Was Very Difficultly Trying To Act Normal In Front Of Everybody .. But No One Could Be Fooled By Him … Especially His MOTHER. She Was Watching Him And She Felt Like Crying … Was This Her Dev? He Was Looking Weak. The Dev Who Was Strong Even In The Difficultest Of His Times Was Weak. Only Because Sonakshi Left, No No .. Correction … She Made Him Leave Sonakshi. Was It Her Right Decision? What Was The Point To Think Now? Everything Was Finished. …. She Thought To Give Him The Halwa That She Had Specially Made To Cheer Him Up.

Nikki: Bhai … Please Don’t Be So Quiet…. Please! I’m Missing My Old Bhai! He Used To Scold Me Every Time,But After That Made Up For That By Making Me Happy,Used To Fulfill All My Wishes And Used To Play Video Games With Me! Please Bhai,Don’t Be So Sad … Everybody Goes Through This Phase In Life…. Everything Will Be Fine…. Trust Me …

She Stood Up And Hugged Him …. Dev Also Hugged Her Tightly And Started Crying Miserably … Riya Also Got Up And Hugged Him .. Even Mamaji Did…. Ishwari Saw This And There Were Tears In Her Eyes … She Thought … Had She Taken The Right Decision ..? Dev Interrupted Her Thoughts And Signaled Her To Join In! She Smiled And Hugged Patting His Head And NR’s …

At Sonakshi’s Office …
Sonakshi Was Working Continuously Attending Patients And Apologizing To Them Because She Went To His House For Her As A Nutritionist And Couldn’t Attend Them For A Long Time ..
Mrs Bhalla: Hi Dr. Bose! Long Time No See, Why?
Sonakshi: Mrs Bhalla Actually Somebody Appointed Me As A Private Nutritionist Because The Patient Was Very Weak …
Mrs Bhalla: Oh … Actually I Came Here To Take The New Chart Which You Told Me You’ll Be Setting Up A New Diet For Me As I’m Pregnant.
Sonakshi: Yeah! Its Ready! Here You Go…
Mrs Bhalla: Thank You So Much Dr Bose,You’re So Responsible ! Even After 3 Months You Remembered That You Have To Make A New Diet Plan For Me! Your Husband Will Be Lucky!

At The Mention Of ‘Husband’ Sonakshi Got Teary Eyed ..

Mrs Bhalla: Are You Ok Dr Bose?
Sonakshi: Yeah .. I’m Totally F – Fine … (Turns Her Face Away And Wipes Her Tears)
Mrs Bhalla: I Think I Should Leave Now … Bye .. Thank You .. Take Care ..
Sonakshi: Yeah I W- Will .. *Sniffs* And Please Follow Your Diet Plan For 2 Months .. If You’ll Not Loose 8 Kg’s To Mera Naam Badal Dena! (Then Change My Name!)
Mrs Bhalla: Yeah .. Again Take Care Bye!!
Sonakshi: Bye … *Sniffs*

After Some Time Sona Got A Message On Her Phone And It Was From …. HIM! Why Has He Messaged Me? What Is With Him Now? What Is He Upto? Idiot Duffer Sonakshi! Look At The Message Na!

Message From Aubhodro:
Meet Me At 5 In The Cafe Where We Always Met .. For The Last Time ..

Messaged To Aubhodro:
Ok.Agar Mene Ha Boldiya (If I Have Said Yes) That Doesn’t Mean That I’m Not Angry …

After Some Time She Recalled That She Had To Go Shopping With Elena At 5 .. She Thought To Tell Her To Come At 6 P.M.

Messaged To Puchki:
Elli .. I’ll Come To Pick You Up At 6 .. Sorry! Got Stuck Up With Some Patients!

Message From Puchki:
Ok! Its Ok! I’ll See You When We Meet! 😀

Messaged To Puchki:
Ma!! Bachaoo! Hehe! TTYL! Muahh! 🙂

Message From Puchki:
Ok! See You Later! 🙂

Sonakshi : Phew ! Shukar Hai Elena Gussa Nahi Hui … (Thank God She Isn’t Angry With Me) Now I’ll Go .. To Meet Him …

At The Ishwari Group Of Industries .. (Dev’s Office)
Dev: Tina! Finalise The Meeting With Mr Shukla .. This Deal Will Be Profitable For Our Company! I Liked His Presentation Also! He’s A Good And Hard – Working Man!
Tina: Ok Sir! (Here Tina Will Not Be Replaced! I Don’t Like The New Tina! 😀 )
Dev: We’ll Meet For The Last Time Sonak .. Dr Bose … Last Time .. I Miss You And I Love You .. *He Was Teary – Eyed But Controlled Himself .. Same As Sonakshi .. 🙁 )

After Sometime ..
Dev Was Waiting In The Cafe For Sona And (I Forgot To Tell What He Wore! He Wore The Same Clothes Worn by Him In The Promo!)

Sonakshi Came There .. He Was As Usual Mesmerized Seeing Her … She Was Looking So Beautiful … She Came There And Sat There And Started Scolding Him But He Didn’t Pay Heed To To That .. He Was Only Seeing Her Face Until She Snapped Him Back To Reality By Shouting ..

Sonakshi: Dev!
Dev: Ha .. Ha!
Sonakshi: I’m Talking To You From At Least 10 Mins And You’re Not Even Paying Heed To Me ..! I’m Going! Jo Kehna Hai Jaldi Kahiye ( Say Whatever You Want To But Fast!) (She Was Teary – Eyed) Time Nahi Hai Mere Paas! Muje Elena Ke Saath Shopping Jaana Hai 6 Baje! Please! (I Don’t Have Time For This! I And Elena Are Going For Shopping At 6! Please!)

Dev: (Teary-Eyed) You Don’t Have Time For Me!?
Sonakshi: Yes! I Don’t Have Time For You So Please! (Trying To Stop Herself From Crying)
Dev – Kaha Se Shuru Karu Samajh Nahi Aa Raha …
Sonakshi – (Teary – Eyed) Jabh Yeh Kissa Hi Khatm Ho Gaya Hai,Toh Kya Farak Padhta Hai?
Dev – Sonakshi 8 Saal Ka Thha Mein Jabh, Papa Nahi Rahe … Or Aaj Bhi Jabh Ma Mere Sar Par Haathh Pherti Hai Na,Toh Unke Haathon Ka Khurdurapan Dekh Ke, Mere Ronte Khare Ho Jaate Hai …. Meri Ma Ne Bohot Takleefein Sahi Hai Mere Liye …
Sonakshi – Jaanti Hu … Mein Bhi Aapke Liye Saari Takleefein Seh Lungi Par Kya Aapse Door Rehna Seh Paaungi …. (Tears Start Falling From Her Eyes,She Gets Up,Wipes Them And Says …
Dev – Sonakshi ……

Sonakshi – Nahi Dev .. Bas Abh Or Nahi … Kehdiya Na Bas …. Mujhe Ek Baat Ka Jawaab Dijiye … Kya M .. Aunty Ji Ne Aapse Kaha Ki Unhe Humara Rishta Manzoor Nahi ….?
Dev – Sonakshi … Woh Kuchh Kehti Nahi Hai, Par Mein Samjeh Jaata Hu …
Sonakshi – (Gives A Sarcastic Smile And) Toh Thheek, Mein Bhi Kuchh Nahi Kehti,Tum Samjh Jaana … (Goes From There)
Dev – Sona! … (Teary Eyed) Goes From There …. (He Shouts Loudly) Sonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Starts Crying Miserably .. People Sitting There Look At Him As If He Was An Alien .. Then He Left From There.

Sonakshi Sits On Her Scooty And Goes From There And Cries .. Everybody On The Road Were Looking At Her The Same Way The People In The Cafe Looked At Dev …

Sonakshi Tells Elena That She’s Coming In 10 Mins And Goes In Her Room!

Sonakshi Closes The Door Of Her Room And Cries Silently Sitting By The Door …..

Sonakshi: Dev! Why! Why You Always Spoil Everything! She Cries, Now I Can’t Even Hate You! I Love You! I Love You! (Both Cry In Their Rooms .. The Screen Splits In Two Halves ……. Reliving Their Memories ….

A/N: Phew! That Was A Long One! Its A Treat For You All Guys! Enjoy And Please Silent Readers And Regular Readers! Please! Vote .. I’m Typing Continuosly From Almost 1 And A Half Hour! Please Thhoda Taras Khaalo ! Please Give Me The Comment Box Full Of Reviews When I Open It The Next Time Please!! I’ll Cry If I’ll Not Get The Amount Of Reviews Desired! 16 – 17 .. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And The Leap Wala Part Will Start From The Next Epi! I’ll Post The Next Epi After 2 – 3 Days And If I Get The Amounts Of Reviews Desired!

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