Kya Ma Manengi ? …… A Devakshi FF (Episode 17) (MahaEpisode)

Hi Guys! Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry! I’m Late Again Na! Really Sorry Na! Arre Sorry Na Baba! Hehe! So Guys This Is The Last Time I’m Updating This FF …! Now You’ll Get An Update On 26th September Or After 26th September! And I’m Really Sorry Guys If I Would Not Be Able To Read Your FF’s! I’ll Try To Read Them …. So … Here You Go The 17th Episode Of This FF! MAHAEPISODE! 3 To Go For A 20! :-* Thank You For All The Love And Appreciation! Keep Showering Love And Reviewing This FF!

Its Morning, Devakshi Are Getting Ready And Are Also Getting Ready For The Revelation Of Their Relationship To Ishwari Ji … Yes! They Are Going To Tell Ishwari About Their Relationship! They Are Thinking That Ishwari Will Happily Accept Them .. But Who Knows That What Is Coming Their Way ….

In The Ishwari Niwas …..
Dev Is Getting Ready And Also Practicing How To Tell Ishwari About Their Relationship .. He Freshens Up And Gets Ready .. Then …
Dev : Ma …. M .. Mein .. Mein … Mein Ku … Kuchh .. Aapse … Ku .. Kuchh .. Dev! What Are You Doing! You Are Going To Tell Ishwari About Your Relationship With Sonakshi! You Are Not Going To Bargain The Rate Of A Vegetable In The Market! Idiot! Breath In,Out,In,Out! Now Start! Ahem Ahem .. Ma … Mein Aapko A .. Apne .. Or ..
Then Suddenly His Phone Beeps And Its A Message From Sonakshi …
Dev – Sonakshi Se Message! Sona! Tum Bhi Na Kahi Baar Mujhe Dara Hi Deti Hu! (He Thought That Ishwari Is Standing At The Door .. Lol!)

Message From @Khargosh
Hi Dev … Taiyaar Ho gaye … Breakfast Kar Liya! Are U Ready To Tell Ma About Our Relationship?!

Messaged To @Khargosh
Arre! Hamesha Sawaalon Ki Bochhaar Kartin Hai Aap! Mujhe Abhi Breakfast Karna Hai,Taiyaar Ho Gaya Hu,And Yeah Uske Liye Taiyaar Ho Raha Hu!

Message From @Khargosh
Hmm To Mr Aubhodro Nervous Hai .. Hehe!

Messaged To @Khargosh
Achha! Toh Aap Mera Mazaak Udaa Rahin Hai Na! Aapko Iski Bharpaayi Karni Padhegi!

Message From @Khargosh
Rehne Dijiye! Hehe! Bye!

Messaged To @Khargosh
Dekhenge! Bye! 😉

Message From @Khargosh
Bye .. :-*

They Ended Their Conversation … Maybe .. This Is Their Last Conversation On Phone .. Dev Went To Do His Breakfast And Sonakshi Also ..

At The Bose House ….
On The Breakfast Table ….
Sonakshi’s Family Already Knows About Her And Dev .. They Tease Her Alot .. Especially Our Elena And Sourav Dada!
Asha: Sona Beta .. You Are Going To Tell Ishwari Ji About Your And Dev’s Relationship .. Right?

She Was Drinking Water And Suddenly Started Coughing ..
Asha : Beta! Are U Alright Now?

Sonakshi After Drinking The Water ..
Sonakshi : Yes Mom! I’m Absolutely F .. Fine! Yes I’m Going T .. To T … Tell Ma .. I Mean Auntyji About Our Relationship ….
Asha : Achha … All The Best Beta! Mera,Baba Or Daadi Ka Aashirvaad Tumhare Saath Hai … 🙂
Bejoy : Asha! Tum Bhi Na! Aisi Filmy Baatein Kar Rahi Ho! Woh Toh Zindagibhar Rahega Na Baba! All The Best Beta! May God Bless You!
Elena : Hmm ..! Don’t Start Romancing In Front Of Auntyji Ok!? Be Patient! And Abhi Se Ma .. Wow! *Giggles*
Sonakshi – Shut Up Puchki! Elena! Toh Kya Hua! Can’t I Call Her Ma!
Sourav: Oye Elena! Khabardaar Tune Sona Ko Pareshaan Kiya! Saath Mein Karenge Na! *Laughs*
Sonakshi : Dada! *Pouts*
They All Laugh And Their Is A Group Hug! …..

At The Dixit Mansion ..
Nikki Was Gone To The College,Riya To The Office And Neha .. At Her House … They Missed Her … Luckily Radha Rani,Vicky Were Gone At Radha Rani’s Mother’s House And Mamaji Was With Them … Perfect. Nobody Was At Home … The Plan Was Going Perfectly .. Now They Could Tell Ishwari Everything … About Their Relationship …

In Ishwari’s Room
Here Ishwari Was Pacing Here And There In Her Room .. Because She Was Feeling Uneasy And Was Panicking … Even She Didn’t Knew Why? She Thought That Something Big Is Going To Happen … She Was A Little Bit Tensed …
Ishwari: Yeh .. Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai Mujhe … K .. Kyu Mein Itna Ghabra Rahi Hu .. Itni Zyada Ghabrahat .. Aisa Lag Raha Hai Jaise Kuchh Bada Hone Waala Hai … Bas Bhagwaan Karein Sabhkuchh Thheek Ho ..

Sonakshi Entered The Dixit House … Her Eyes Were Searching For Him …
Sonakshi – Where Is Dev? We Have To Tell Ma Everything !
Dev – Boo!
Sonakshi Was Frightened And Was Horrified .. She Felt Like Hitting Dev With A Hockey!
Sonakshi – Dev! Tumi Ki Pagal!
Dev – Sona! Again Tumi Tumi! Sorry Na Baba! *Makes A Puppy Face*
This Melts Sonakshi And She Says ..
Sonakshi – Ok Aubhodro *Laughs*
Dev Comes Closer To Sonakshi And Then Whispers In Her Ears ..
Dev – Now Also I’m Aubhodro …
Sonakshi – Yes …
Dev Comes More Closer And Now Their Noses Are Touching ..
Dev : Now Also ….
Sonakshi : Y.. Yes ..
Dev Kisses Her On The Lips And Gently And Says ….
Dev – Now Also …
Sonakshi’s Cheeks Were Crimson Red And She Was’nt Able To Look Into Dev’s Eyes But He Cupped Her Face In His Hands And Said ..
Dev : I Love You …
Sonakshi : *Blushes* I Love You Too … *Kisses Him On The Lips Gently* *Again Blushes Hardly*
Dev Got Shocked But Was Happy!
Dev Kissed Her On Her Forehead And Said : Go And Give The Breakfast To Ma … We’ll Tell Her Everything In The Evening … *Smiles*
Sonakshi : Ok *Blushes And Smiles*

Their Time Passed Fastly …. Today Was The Last Day When Sonakshi Would Be Treating Ishwari Because Dev Hadn’t Realised That 3 Months Are Finished And The Contract Will Be Finished ….. And Also Their Relationship ……

It Was Evening .. Sonakshi Was Reading A Magazine .. Suddenly Dev Entered And Signalled Her To Wait Here And He Would Call Ishwari Ji …
Sonakshi Was Very Nervous … She Was Never This Much Nervous Before … Even In Her Exams …. But Today She Felt Like She Was Going To Give An Exam … Because Devakshi Were Going To Take Their Relationship To The Next Level .. But Who Knew That ….

Ishwari Was Coming Down And Dev Was Coming After Her ….. (Abhi Se Hi … 🙁 )
Ishwari : Haa Toh Beta .. Tu Mujhse Kuchh Kehna Chahta Thha Na .. (Looks At Sonakshi) Bol …
Sonakshi Came By Dev’s Side And Ishwari Looked At Her A Little Bit Shocked ..
Dev And Sonakshi Intertwined Their Fingers Which Made Ishwari Ji Even More Shocked ..
Dev : Ma .. Mein Tujhse Kehna Chahta Ki … Ki Main Or Sonakshi … Ki Mein Or Sonakshi Ek Dusre Se .. Se Pyaar Karte .. Karte Hain .. *Breathes A Sigh Of Relief*
Sonakshi : Ji Auntyji .. Mein Or Dev Ek Dusre Se Pyaar Karte Hai … Hum Shaadi Karna Chahte Hai …
Ishwari Was Shocked …But Not That Much .. Coz She Already Knew That They Love Each Other ….. Coz She Heard Their Convo On Dev’s Dad’s Barsi …
(Remember? For Those Who Don’t Know They Can View The Previous Episode ..)
Ishwari : Mein J .. Jaanti Hun .. Ki T .. Tum Dono Ek D .. Dusre Se Pyaar Karte Ho ….
Devakshi In Unison : Kya!
Ishwari Ji : Haa .. Mene Tum Dono Ki Baatein Sun Li Thhi Dev Ke Papa Ki Barsi Pe … Par Dev .. Ye .. Ye Baat Tumne .. M .. Mujhse Chhupake Achha Nahi Kiya …
Dev : Ma Mujhe Maaf Kardijiye …. Please … I Am Really Sorry ….
Ishwari : Dev .. Tu Toh Apni Ma Ko Sabhkuchh Batata Thha Na .. Tu Bohot Badal Gaya Hai … (Looks At Sonakshi)
Sonakshi : Humein Maaf Kardijiye Auntyji .. Please … Humse Galti Ho Gayi … Hum Nahi Jaante Thhe Ki Aapko Itna Bura Lagega …
Ishwari Goes From Their …. Devakshi Were Teary – Eyed They Were Crying … Sonakshi Hugged Dev Tightly .. Dev Also Hugged Her Tightly ….
Ishwari Went In Her Room And Shut The Door … She Was Teary – Eyed …
Ishwari : Kyu .. Kyu Mujhe Achha Nahi Lag Raha Ki Dev Or Sonakshi Ek Dusre Se Pyaar Karte Hai .. Kyu! She Panicks And Was Going To Take Neend Ki Goliyaan When Dev Came .. He Came On Time! She Was Going To Take The Overdose Of The Sleeping Pills! He Snatched Them Away From Her And Throwed Them In The Dustbin And Hugged Her …
Dev: Ma! Kya Tu Pagal Ho Gayi Hai! Tu Hi Toh Hai Meri Ek Apni Is Duniya Mein! Yeh Tu Kya Karne Ja Rahi Thhi! Tune Ek Baar Bhi Mere Baare Mein NRN Ki Baare Mein Nahi Socha! Tu .. Tu Khush Nahi Hai Na Mere Or Sonakshi Ke Is .. Is Rishtey Se … Toh Thheeke! *Wipes His Tears* Mein Yeh Rishta Tod Dunga! Abhi Issi Vakt ….
Ishwari : Dev .. Dev Tu ..
Dev : Ma Tu Chinta Mat Kar .. Mein Abhi Aata Hun ..
Ishwari : Dev Par ..
Before She Could Say Anything .. He Left ….

Ishwari Was Confused … What Should She Do Now …?

Dev Went Downstairs… There He Saw His Princess Crying Miserably Sitting At The Sofa … His Tears Were Not Stopping From Coming Out … But He Will Not Go Against His Mother’s Wishes …
Sonakshi Saw Dev And Went Running To Him Again With A Bochhaar Of Questions .. Dev Smiled Like An Idiot …For The Last Time He Could Hear Her Chattering And Her Voice …
Sonakshi : Dev! (She Shouted) Bolo! Kya Kaha Ma Ne Bolo Na!
Dev : Sonakshi … Humein Yeh Rishta Todna Hoga ….
She Was Shocked To Hell … How Could He Break All His Relations With Her Like This .. No! He Can’t!
Sonakshi : (She Held Him By His Collar) Dev! Aap … Aap Aisa Nahi Kar Sakte! Nahi! Noo Never …! Aap Aise Yeh Rishta Nahi Tod Sakte! Nahi ! She Hit Him By Her Hands And Then Hugged Him Tightly … Dev … Please (Inbetween Her Sobs) Aisa Mat Kijiye …. Please ..! ( :'( )
Dev : He Hugged Her Tightly For A Moment … After Sometime He Wiped His Tears And Breaked The Hug And Told Sonakshi …
Dev : Meri Ma Ne Mere Liye Bohot Kuchh Kiya Hai Sonakshi .. Mein Unhe Dard Nahi Dena Chahta .. Agar Woh Yeh Rishta Nahi Chahti Toh Thheek Hai .. Is Rishtey Ko Yahi Khatm Kar Dete Hai .. I’m Sorry Sonakshi … I’m Sorry .. He Cried ….
Sonakshi Also Cried And Then Hugged Him For The Last Time ….. They Cherished All The Moments They Have Had Together Till Now .. The Proposal,The Surprises,Everything …. ( 🙁 ) Some Time She Breaked The Hug,Wiped Her Tears And Said ..
Sonakshi : Goodbye Mr Dixit … Live Your Life Happily And Keep Your Family Happy … NRN .. Sabhko Mera Bye Bye Boldena .. Aaj Yaha Mera Aakhiri Din Hai … Aaj Mera Contract Expire Ho Gaya Hai .. 3 Mahine Khatam .. I’ll Be Back To The Hospital … Bye … I’ll Always Love You .. I’ll Miss You … She Ran Out From The House Crying ….
Dev Realised That He’ll Never Get To See Her Regularly … From Now Onwards … He Cried Sitting On The Floor ….

When Sonakshi Came In The Home Crying …. Everybody Was Surprised .. When They Asked Her .. She Said Nothing .. But When Bijoy Told Her To Tell Them Because They Are Getting Tensed Now Or Else They’ll Call Dev ..
Sonakshi : Me And Dev Have Broken Up …
Everybody : What!?
Sonakshi Narrated Everything To The Family And Told Them To Not To Say Anything To Dev Or To Contact Him … Bijoy Told Everybody To Go Outside And Bijoy Sat With Her Head In His Lap Caressing Her Hair …
Bijoy : Beta … Tu Meri Strong Hitler Sona Haina .. Kabhi Bhi Kisi Ke Saamne Kamzor Nahi Padhna … Hamesha Ek Baat Yaad Rakhna .. ‘Beet Gayi So Baat Gayi’ Ok! Jo Hona Thha Ho Gaya … Tu Toh Meri Strong Waali Bose Hai Na! Tujhe Hi Toh Sabhkuchh Sambhalna Hai Or Tujhe Hi Toh Hume Himmat Deni Hai … Agar Tu Aise Kamzor Padhegi Toh Hume Kaun Sabhalega … Right? .. Chalo .. Abh Aaram Se So Jao … Ok ?
Sonakshi : Ok Baba … I Love You ..
She Hugs Him …
Bijoy Also Hugs Her And Caresses Her Hair … He Goes From Their … Sonakshi Changes Into Nightsuit And Tries To Sleep But … She Again Starts Crying And Same Is With Dev! He Is Also Crying .. Sitting In His Room ….

Lusty lonely cause you’re the only
One that knows me and I can’t be without you
Lusty lonely cause you’re the only
One that knows me and I can’t be without you

Hai kya yeh jo tere mere darmiyaan hai
Andekhi ansuni koi dastaan hai
Hai kya yeh jo tere mere darmiyaan hai
Andekhi ansuni koi dastaan hai

Dev Cries Miserably Remembering The Moment When Sonakshi Hugged Him When He Was Sad And Now There Is Nobody To Hug Him .. To Relieve Him …

Lagne lagi, ab zindagi khaali
Hai meri lagne lagi har saans bhi khaali (lusty lonely)

Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere

Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere

Sonakshi Is Also Crying Remembering The Moment When Dev Kissed Her ..

Ajnabi se huye kyun pal saare
Yeh nazar se nazar yeh milaate hi nahin
Ik gani dehaayi cha gayi hai
Manzilein raaston mein hi gum hone lagi
She Cries Remembering The Surprise He Gave To Her ….
Ho gayi ansuni har dua ab meri
Reh gayi ankahi bin tere
Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere
Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere

Dev Cries Alot Remembering The Moment When He Helped Sonakshi In Wearing The Gajra ( 🙁 )

Raah mein roshni ni hai kyun haath choda
Iss taraf shaam ne kyun hai apna muh moda
Yun ke har subah ik bereham si baat ban gayi
Hai kya yeh jo tere mere darmiyaan hai
Andekhi ansuni koi dastaan hai
Lagne lagi, ab zindagi khaali khaali
Lagne lagi har saans bhi khaali
Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere
Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere

Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere .. Lusty lonely

They Both Sleep While Crying Dreaming About Each Other ….

Precap : A Leap Of 2 Months … How Is Devakshi’s Life Going On? After Their Heartbreak ….

A/N: Phew! That Was The Longest One I’ve Ever Written! Seriously! That Was The Longest One! I’ve Seriously Put In A Lot Of Effort In This One Coz I’ll Post The Next Episode On Or After 26th Sept! Please Don’t Be Kanjoos Makhi Choos Silent Readers .. Please! I’ll Feel Like Crying If I’ll Not Get The Amount Of Reviews Desired …! I’m Feeling Like Totally Pissed Of Because Of You! Coz Now The Time Is 1:51 A.m. And I’m Really Sleepy! Please Thhota Taras Khaake Reviews De Dena! Mami Se Daant Khaane Ke Baawajood Or Unke Liye Disturbance Create Karne Ke Baawajood I Wrote This Episode! Warna Yeh Aaj Post Na Ho Pata! I Wish I Get 15 – 16 Reviews ! Please Guys! Don’t Disspaoint Me! I’ll Feel Like Crying If I’ll Not Get The Amount Of Reviews Desired! Please! Regular Readers Palti Mat Maar Lena! Kahi Tum Bhi Silent Readers Na Ban Jaana Please! Please! I Wish I Get 8 – 9 Reviews When I Open This Website And After Some Time! My Reviews Get 15 – 16! Please!


SIMPLESWEETY1 – The Writer Who Has Put In A Lot Of Effort ,Seriously A Lot Of Effort In This One! Goodnight!

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