Kya Ma Manengi ? …… A Devakshi FF (Episode 16)

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Recap – Everybody Come Back To Their House … Days Pass And Ishwari Starts Feeling More And More Insecure …
Every night She Gets Flashbacks Of Dev And Sonakshi’s Moments ….
Precap – A Leap Of 3 Weeks .. Ishwari’s More And More Of Suspiciousness … And Of Course Devakshi’s Romance!

Those Who’ll Be New To My FF Or By Any Chance You Missed The Previous Episode(s) .. Here You Go For The Link Of Previous Episodes!
Previous Episodes

Its A Leap Of 3 Weeks …
Many Things Have Happened In These 3 Weeks … Ranveer And Neha’s Wedding Is Finalised,NRN Came To Know About Devakshi’s Relationship But After A Little Bit Of Teasing .. They Agreed To Not To Tell Anybody About Them,Kichhu Bhaiya Came Back From His Village (Lol),Dev’s Dad’s Barsi .. Every Year Mamaji Sat In The Havan Instead Of Dev Because You All Know,He Doesn’t Believe In All These Things,But This Time,After A Lot Of Fighting And Convincing From Our Hitler A.K.A Sonakshi,He Agreed .. Only For His Mom And Dad … Ishwari Was Very Happy … Until She Came To Know That Sonakshi Convinced Dev For Sitting In The Havan And Heard Them Saying I Love You To Each Other … She Was Shocked To Death! She Thought That How Can Dev Hide A Thing Like This From Her … She Started Behaving Weirdly And Rudely With Devakshi And They Became Suspicious …. But Because Neha’s Wedding Preparations Were Going To Start … She Let Go Of Her Anger And Made Herself Busy In The Preparations Of Her Beloved Daughter!
Today, Finally Is The Wedding Day Of Neha … Its Morning And Everybody Are Busy In The Preparations! And Devakshi In Their Romance! πŸ˜‰

At The Ishwari Nivas ….
Ishwari – Arre! Bhaiya ..! Why Have You Decorated The Hall With The Lillies! I Told You Na! That The Hall Would Be Decorated With Red And White Roses!
Bhaiya – Sorry Ma’am! I’ll Change The Flowers Right Away! Sorry Again!
Ishwari – Thheeke! Now Go And Change The Flowers! And You, Light Waale Bhaiya! Please Hurry Up We Don’t Have Much Time For This!
Light Bhaiya – Yeah Ma’am! Only A Little Area Is Left!
Radha Rani – Arre Jiji! Calm Down! Calm Down! Sit And Please Here Take This! Drink This Nimbu Paani Meanwhile I’ll Talk To The Halwaai And The Caterer!
Ishwari – How Can I Calm Down Bhabhi! Its My Daughter’s Wedding! Not A Joke!
Radha Rani – Take It Easy .. Easy! Breathe In,Breathe Out,Breathe In,Breath Out! Everything Is Going To Be Right! Please Take Some Rest! I And Your Brother Will Manage!
Ishwari – (A Bit Calmed Down Now) – Thank You Bhabhi! Sorry For Talking Rudely With You! I Actually Need Some Rest! Warna I’ll Burst Anytime!
Radha Rani – Its Ok! It Happens Sometimes With Me!
Mamaji – Sometimes?!
Radha Rani – Shut Up!
Ishwari – *Laughs* Let Me Go And Look At Riya And Nikki!
Radha Rani And Mamaji – Yes!

In The Evening …

At The Bose House ….
Elena – Sona! Are You Going To The Dixit Mansion Like This!
Sonakshi – Idiot! I’m Going To Get Ready! You Also Get Ready!
Elena – Whatever! Waise Bhi! Mein Toh Isliye Tujhe Taiyyar Hone Ko Keh Rahi Thhi Kyuki Tere Mr Obhodro Bhi Honge Waha!
Sonakshi – Dare You Call Him Aubhodro! Only I Can Do So!
Elena -Possessive Girlfriend Huh?! Lol!
Sonakshi – *Throws A Pillow At Her* – Shut Up! Go And Get Ready And Let Me Do So Also!
Elena – *Horrified* Ok Ok! I’m Going To Get Ready.. Bye Mrs Aubhodro Dixit *Giggles*!
Sonakshi – *Blushes At The Thought Of Her And Dev’s Marriage And Fakes Anger* Shut Up!

In The Night …

At The Ishwari Nivas …..
Dev Was Getting Ready As He Was Late And The Guests Had Started Coming … He Freshens Up And Wears His Sherwaani
(Which He Wore In The Show) And Puts On Some Perfume So That He Smells Good And Wears His Pagdi … Suddenly He Gets A Text Message From Sonakshi …

Message From @Khargosh
Hi … Kya Kar Rahe Hain .. ? Sabkuch Thheek Se Chal Raha Hai? If U Need Any Help Please Let Me Know! I’ll Come There Right Away! I’m Only A Call Away From You!

Messaged To @Khargosh
Hi Khargosh! Arrre Bas Bas Bas! Kitni Tension Lengi Aap Sonakshi! I Know You’re Just A Call Away! Or Mujhe Aapko Apni Problem Batane Ki Zarurat Nahi Coz I Know That You’ll Know About It After Seeing My Face Only!

Message From @Khargosh
Awww! Mr Unromantic Se Itne Romantic! Wow! Not Bad Mr Aubhodro! Achha Aap Taiyyar Ho Gaye Hai? Mein Taiyyar Ho Gayi .. Or Aaj Achhe Se … Especially For You .. πŸ™‚

Messaged To @Khargosh
Thanks For The Compliment ..! Ha .. Main Taiyyar Ho Gaya! Aapko Dekhne Ke Liye Mara Jaa Raha Hu .. ! Come Soon! Send Me A Photo Na!

Message From @Khargosh
*Blushes* Hmm .. Toh Aapko Meri Photo Chahiye .. Ye Lijiye .. Or Ha Mein Itni Aasani Se Nahi Dikhne Waali Aapko .. Wait Till I Come Mr Aubhodro! πŸ˜‰ Or Ha Mein Bhi Aapko Dekhne Ki Liye Mari Ja Ri Hu! *Blushes*

Messaged To @Khargosh
Arre! This Isn’t Fair Khargosh! Tumne Mujhe Apni Aisi Photo Bheji Hai Jisme Sirf Tumhara Aadha Chehra Dikhra Hai! Not Fair! Chalo Koi Baat Nahi! You Would Have To Pay For It! πŸ˜‰

Message From @Khargosh
Challenge Accepted Mr Aubhodro! See U Soon .. Now Don’t Waste Your Time Here And Go Check On The Preparations And Check On Ma If She Has Taken Her Medicine And Yeah! Musambi Ka Juice!

Messaged To @Khargosh
Ok! Hukum Sar Aakhon Pe Madam! Bye I Love You! See U Soon! *Blushes*

Message From @Khargosh
*Blushes Hardly* Love You Too … Mr Aubhodro! Bye

Dev Sees The Message And Smiles … Suddenly He Hears Ishwari Calling Her … He Goes From There ..

Its The Wedding Time … Still Sona Hasn’t Arrived … His Eyes Are Searching Her Everywhere .. There She Is … He Was Speechless .. He Had No Words … She Was Looking So Beautiful In The Maroon Sari And Her Juda … Uff .. Sona Saw Him And Blushed And He Smiled .. Then Suddenly He Went In His Room … Leaving Sona Confused .. She Thought .. That Why Would He Go Into The Room … Shaadii Ko Shuru Hone Mein Time Hai! Let Me Check!

She Then Went To His Room And When She Knocked He Suddenly Pulled Her Inside And There She Landed On His Chest … Both Were Lost In Each Other … And Then Sonakshi Cleared Her Throat … He Came Back To His Senses ..

Sonakshi – Aap Yaha Kyu Aa Gaye?
Dev – Kyuki Mujhe Aapko Kuchh Pehnaana Thha … Close Your Eyes..
Sonakshi – Par Dev ..
Dev – Close Your Eyes! Please Na! For Me .. He Said Smiling!
Sonakshi – *Melted By His Smile Said* .. Ok .. *Smiles*
Dev Said Open Your Eyes And There She Saw Gajra In Her Jooda And Blushed ..
Sonakshi – Its Beautiful … Thank You So Much .. You’re So Sweet …
Dev – I Know That! Now I Want My Prize …
Sonakshi – What?!

Dev Comes Closer To Her Which Makes Her Heart Beat Faster .. And Speaks In Her Ear .. – A Kiss ..

Sonakshi – What! This Is Cheating! No ..
Dev – Jao! Kati!

An Idea Struck Her Mind .. She Kissed Him And Ran Outside Which Made Him Shocked!

Dev – This Is Cheating! Nooo! Not Fair … *Smiles* I Love You .. * Touches His Lips* *Blushes And Smiles*

They Go Down And There He Passed A Smile To Sonakshi And She Blushed … The Mantra Started And After Some Time .. The Wedding Was Over … Raneha Took The Blessings Of The Elders Present There Even Sonakshi’s Parents And Daadi’s Which Made Sona Happy! Dev Got Emotional And Hugged Neha Tighter Ishwari And The Three Sisters And Dev Shared A Hug … All Became Emotional On The Thought That Neha Would Soon Leave Them Alone .. Ghar Ki Ronak … Just Can’t Express That Feeling In Words ….

Then Immediately Sonakshi Started Singing That Song Seeing Dev And That Song Was For The Dixit Family And Raneha ..

Badale se din hai meri badali si raatein, (Badali si raatein)
Kai dino se meri mahki hai sanse, mahki hai sanse
Pehli dafa hai ki, mujhme tu jhalka hai
Pehli dafa hai ki, mujhme tu chhalka hai
Mere rango me kuch dhang hai tere jaise bhi

When The Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi Part Started Everybody Started Clapping Making A Tune And Singing With Sonakshi

Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi,
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi,
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi,
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi

Then All The People Started Clapping Their,Radha Rani Made Weird Faces And Mamaji Glared At Her And Then She Also Started Clapping (Hehe! Lol This Radha Rani Always Gets On My Nerves! Namuni Kahi Ki! (This Statement Is Only Said To The Character) Dev,NRN Smiled At Her And Ishwari Faked A Smile … ( πŸ™ ) And The Bose Family Also Smiled Proudly At Her .. ( πŸ™‚ (Love Them <3) Elena Saw Dev And Sonakshi Looking At Each Other And Winked At Sonakshi! Dev Saw This And Smiled And Sonakshi Was Blushing! (These Two Na! πŸ˜‰ )

Bidaai Time ….
Everybody Were Very Emotional Especially Dev And Ishwari Ji .. They Were Crying So Much .. Nikki,Riya Also Neha Was Crying Misaberaly And Hugged Them All Tightly! This Made Sonakshi Cry Coz She Can't See Any Member Of The Dixit Family Cry Coz She Was Attached To Them …

Dev – N – Neha .. (In Between His Sobs) Apna Khayaal Rakhna Aur A – Agar K – Kisi Bhi Cheez K – Ki Zarurat Ho Toh Tell Me … Ranveer Meri Behen Ka Dhyaan Rakhna .. Hum Abh Isse Tumhe Saup Rahe Hai Bharosa Karke … Warna I'll Not Leave You!
Ranveer – Aap Chinta Mat Kijiye Mr Dixit … Mein Neha Ka Dhyaan Rakhunga Or Puri Koshish Karunga Ki Uski Har Zarurat Ko Pura Kar Saku .. Mein Aapse Vaada Karta Hu Ki Kabh Bhi Neha Ko Chot Nahi Pohochaunga Or Naahi Usse Gandi Tarah Baat Karunga .. She Is My Responsibility Now …

Dev Holds His Hand And Gives It To Neha ..
Dev – Khush Raho ..

He Hugs Neha Tightly And Cries .. Ishwari Also Hugs Her ..
Ishwari – Beta Apna Dhyaan Rakhna .. Mein Bohot Khush Hu Ki Tu Mujhse Abh Naraaz Nahi Hai Or Dev Se Bhi .. Mein Tujhe Bohot Miss Karungi .. Bohot ..

She Again Starts Crying Alot And Sonakshi Consoles Her .. She Smiles A Bit At Sona ..
Neha – Bhai .. Nikki Riya Ma … M – Mein A – Aaplogo Ko Bohot Miss Karungi … Bye ….
Nikki – Di .. Mein Bhi .. M – Mat Jao Na .. ……….. She Starts Crying Miserably ..
Riya – Ha Di .. She Also Cries ..
Neha Hugs Them Both And Cries …

She Leaves And Everybody Cry And Wave Her Bye Bye … We Can't Express Our Feelings That How Difficult It Is To Send A Girl To Another House …. The House Where She Has Lived All Her Life .. Her Childhood .. Her Everything … Her Family .. She Misses Her Family A Lot ….

Dev And Sona Talk On Phone And Sona Consoles Dev As He Was Crying Continuously ..
Dev – Thanks Sona ..
Sonakshi – Shut Up! Am I Not A Part Of Your Family … I Love You … Don't Cry Now .. Ok .. Ek Larki Ko Jaana Hi Padhta Hai Dev .. Abh Jaise Shaadi Karke Mein Aapke Paas Aaungi .. Mujhe Bhi Toh Apna Ghar Chhotna Padhega Na .. Uski Chinta Mat Kijiye .. Neha Agar Usse Sacha Pyaar Karta Hai .. Toh Wo Adjust Karegi Or Agar Ranveer Usse Sacha Pyaar Karta Hai Toh Wo Khush Rahegi . Koi Baat Nahi .. See You Tommorow And Dev .. You Know Na Kal Sirf Auntyji Ghar Pe Hongi .. Aur Hamein Kya Karna Hai ..
Dev – Ha …
Sonakshi – I'll Also Miss Neha .. Goodnight …
Dev – Yeah Me Too Goodnight I Love You Too
Dev – (In His Mind) – Kal Bas Sabhkuchh Thheek Ho .. Papa .. Mujhe Aapka Aashirwaad Chahiye Kal Ke Liye ..I Love You .. Give Me Strength .. !

Precap : β€˜Kya Hoga Jab Dil Ke Faisle Dimaag Se Kiye Jaaenge’ … ? Kya Sonakshi Aur Dev Ke Pyar Ka Safar Yahi Tak Thha .. ? Kya Hoga Jab Ishwari Ko Pata Chalega Dev – Sonakshi Ke Baare Mein ? Jaane Ke Liye Dekhte Rahiye Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Or Padhte Rahiye .. Kya Ma Manengi? …… A Devakshi FF …


Phew! That Was A Long One .. Only For You Guys! I've Put A Lot Of Effort Today So Please Silent Readers .. Mere Pe Thhoda Taras Khaake Review De Dena .. I'm Expecting A Lot Of Reviews From You Guys! Please Don't Disappoint Me … And Regular Readers You Also Please .. Please Comment Your Reviews .. Don't Become Silent .. I Atleast Want 12 – 14 Reviews Because The Maha Episode Is On Its Way .. Please! I'll Feel Like Crying If I'll Not Get What I Expected! Please *Feel Like Crying*!

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SIMPLESWEETY1 .. The Author Who Has Put A Lot Of Efforts For This Episode!

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