Kya Ma Manengi ? …… A Devakshi FF (Episode 15)


A/N : Hi Everybody! I’m Really Really Really Really Really Sorryyyyyyyy! I Know You All Are Going To Throw Your Juta’s And Chappal’s On Me For Updating Way To Late! But I Promise I’ll Try To Update As Much Early As I Can! So Enough Of My Chapat – Chapat Here I Present You The 14th Episode! And Those Who’ll Be New To My FF .. Here You Go For The Link Of Previous Episodes .. Happy Reading!

Previous Episodes

Recap – Dev – Sonakshi Were Not There At 6:00 … Ishwari Suspicious …. What Will Happen Jab Dil Ke Faisle Dimaag Se Kiye Jaaenge … ?

Precap – Everybody Come Back To Their House … Days Pass And Ishwari Starts Feeling More And More Insecure …
Every night She Gets Flashbacks Of Dev And Sonakshi’s Moments ….

Everybody Are Back To Their Respective Houses After The Picnic …. Days Start Passing .. By Each Passing Day, Ishwari Ji Is Getting More And More Insecure … Its A Leap Of 1 Week …. Ishwari Is Now Getting More And More Suspicious .. Because Of The Incidents That Took Place In This Week .. That Night … Ishwari Was Thinking All About These Incidents …. Lets Take A Look What Happened That Made Ishwari So Suspicious …..

One Day,
At The Ishwari Nivas ..
Sonakshi As Usual Came To The Dixit House .. And Didn’t Saw Dev Coming Downstairs So She Bumped Into Him But Was Going To Fall .. Luckily Dev Saved Her From Falling …. They Both Were Standing Their For 5 Mins Continuously Staring At Each Other … Nikki Saw Them And ..
Nikki – Ahem Ahem …. ! *Giggles*
Sonakshi And Dev Were Horrified ! Sonakshi Went To The Kitchen And Dev To His Office .. While Going .. They Passed A Romantic Smile To Each Other …..
Ishwari Saw All Of This From The Glass Window Of Her Room …

Ishwari – Ishwari .. Are You Thinking More .. Or Is It So …? No No … Dev Will Never Hide Anything From You .. She Tries Hard To Satisfy Herself But ….

Another Day ….
At The Ishwari Nivas,
Dev Was Getting Ready For His Office And As Usual Ishwari Came And Took Out His Today’s Dress To Wear …

But Then Sonakshi Came With A Cup Of Coffee And ….
Sonakshi – Oh .. Toh My Mr Aubhodro Is Getting Ready Huh … As Usual Aise Kapte Nikale Hai Jaise Ki He’s A 50 Saal Ka Buddha .. Aaj Mein Inke Liye Kapte Nikalti Hu …. After Stuffing The Grey Shirt And The Black Blazer Inside .. She Took Out A Orange Shirt And A Brown Blazer With Brown Pants …
Sonakshi – Perfect .. From Mr Boring To Mr Handsome .. *Blushes*

She Keeps The Coffee On His Side Table And Comes Out From The Room ..

Dev Comes Out From The Bathroom And Sees This … And Also Sees A Note There ..

Dear Mr Aubhodro,
I Picked Out Today’s Outfit For You … Kindly Wear It .. Please ..! Ms Khargosh Aapko Request Kar Rahi Hai … And Ha Iske Saath Brown Shoes Bhi Nikale Hai .. Coffee Side Table Par Padhi Hai .. Aaraam se Peena Coz Its Hot .. And Mujhe Bye Bolna Mat Bhoolna Jaate Samay .. I Love You ..

Ms Khargosh Soon To Be Mrs Aubhodro .. 🙂

The Thought Of Seeing Sonakshi As His Wife Made Him Blush And He Waited For That Moment ..

Ishwari Was Just Going To Come In But She Stopped After Seeing Dev In Another Outfit And Not Wearing The Outfit Taken Out By Her ..
Ishwari’s Smile Fades ..
Ishwari – Dev Ne Mere Nikale Huye Kapde Kyu Nahi Pehne .. Mene Toh Usse Kabhi Bhi Aise Karte Nahi Dekha … Abhi Thhodi Der Pehle Mene Nutri .. Sonakshi Ko Iske Kamre Mein Aate Dekha Thha … Kahi Sonakshi …. Arre Ishwari .. Koi Baat Nahi .. Or Vaise Bhi Sonakshi Thhotena … Chalo Chhoro ….
Ishwari – Dev .. Yele .. Dahi Shakar .. You Have To Crack The Deal! Ok! Mujhe Tumpe Bharosa Hai! *Usse Dahi Shakar Khilate Huye* …
Dev – Ma! I Know! With Your Blessings I Can Do Anything!
Ishwari – Jeetta Reh! … Pata Nahi Mujhe Aisa Kyu Lag Raha Hai Ki Dev Or Sona …. Nahi Nahi Ishwari …

Another Day …..
Dev Was Working Very Very Very Hard These Days .. Because He Had To Crack A Deal … With Mr Kapoor … He’s A Hard Nut To Crack ..
Sonakshi Came In His Room With A Cup Of Coffee And Saw Tiredness Reflecting On His Face And ..
Dev Didn’t Knew That She Was In The Room .. So She Chhupke Chhupke Came In And Started Massaging Dev’s Arms

Dev Feels Relaxed …..
Dev – Sonakshi Tum Itni Achhi Massage Kaise ?
Sonakshi – How Do You Know That Its Me ..?
Dev – I Know Your Touch ..
Sonakshi – Oh Is It So … Sonakshi Touches His Cheeks ..
Dev – Sona!
Sonakshi – Ok Ok!
They Both Laugh And Continue Talking And Sona Massages His Shoulders …
Ishwari Sees Them Laughing And Talking To Each Other And Also Sonakshi Massaging Dev’s Shoulders …
Ishwari – Why Is Sona In Dev’s Room Late Night .. And Dev Ne Bhi Kuchh Nahi Bola …
Ishwari – Ahem Ahem ..
Dev And Sonakshi’s Expressions Get Horrified And …
Dev – M … Ma ….
Sonakshi – Aunty J .. Ji ….
Ishwari – Sona .. Tum Abhi Tak Ghar Nahi Gayi .. ?
Sonakshi – W … Wo Aunty Ji .. Wo … Mujhe De .. I Mean Mr Dixit Ko Aapki Reports D … Dekhani Thhi .. *Sigh*
Dev – Haan Ma .. Sonak .. Dr Bose. Sahi Keh Rahi Hai ..
Ishwari – Achha To Abh Ghar Jao …..!
Sonakshi – Ji Aunty Ji …
Ishwari – Dev … Chalo Abh So Jao …
Dev – Ji Ma ..
Ishwari – (In Her Mind) K .. Kahi S .. Sach .. Mein .. Toh Bhabhi Ka Shak .. S.. Sahi To Nahi …

Precap – A Leap Of 3 Weeks .. Ishwari’s More And More Of Suspiciousness … And Of Course Devakshi’s Romance!

A/N : Hey Guys! How Was It! I Want 9 – 10 Comments Ok! Don’t Disappoint Me! After All I Am Updating After A Long Time Yaar! Hehe! Chalo .. See U On The Next Episode!

#MahaEpisode Coming Soon:

‘Kya Hoga Jab Dil Ke Faisle Dimaag Se Kiye Jaaenge’ … ? Kya Sonakshi Aur Dev Ke Pyar Ka Safar Yahi Tak Thha .. ? Kya Hoga Jab Ishwari Ko Pata Chalega Dev – Sonakshi Ke Baare Mein ? Jaane Ke Liye Dekhte Rahiye Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Or Padhte Rahiye .. Kya Ma Manengi? …… A Devakshi FF …

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