Kya Ma Manengi ? …… A Devakshi FF (Episode 14)


Hey Guys ….. I’m So Happy … I Got 11 Comments! Keep Reviewing Like This Only! And Sorry For The Late Update .. (Actually Its Not That Late .. Lol!) And Yeah .. A Mahaepisode Will Be Coming Soon … ‘Kya Hoga Jab Dil Ke Faisle Dimaag Se Kiye Jaaenge’ … ? Kya Sonakshi Aur Dev Ke Pyar Ka Safar Yahi Tak Thha .. ? Kya Hoga Jab Ishwari Ko Pata Chalega Dev – Sonakshi Ke Baare Mein ? Jaane Ke Liye Dekhte Rahiye Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Or Padhte Rahiye .. Kya Ma Manengi? …… A Devakshi FF … And Guys I’ll Be Publishing A Promo In Some Time .. Stay Tuned To Know What Will Happen Next … – Simplesweety1

Recap: They All Wake Up,Dev-Sona Mesmerized Seeing Each Other,Ishwari Shocked!
Precap: Dev – Sonakshi Were Not There At 6:00 … Ishwari Suspicious …. What Will Happen Jab Dil Ke Faisle Dimaag Se Kiye Jaaenge … ?

They All Formed Groups And Went To Explore Manali … And With The Help Of Elena .. Dev – Sonakshi Without Being Noticed Went Somewhere To Spend Some Time With Each Other ………
Sonakshi – Elena … Will U Be Able To Take Care Of Everything … If Anybody Asks About Us .. What Will U Do?
Elena – Arre Sona! Don’t Take Tension .. I’ll Take Care .. Meanwhile .. U And Dev Babu Spend Some Romantic Time … Love Birds!
Sonakshi – *Blushes* Thanks … Bye .. Take Care … Enjoy!
Elena – Ok Bye … U Also Enjoy ..!
Dev Took Sonakshi To A Restaurant Where He Had Specially Arranged A Surprise On The Terrace For Sona ..! (Ahem Ahem .. Dev ! How Many Surprises Ha! 😛 )

In The Car …
Dev – Sonakshi … Close Ur Eyes ….
Sonakshi – Why … Chalo … Lets Go Na!
Dev – Just Do As I Said Na! Please ..!
Sonakshi – Ok .. Now Happy!
Sonakshi Closed Her Eyes And Just Then Dev Wrapped A Ribbon Around Her Eyes …
Sonakshi – Dev! What Are U Doing!
Dev – Please For Me …

Sonakshi – Ok … 🙂
Dev Took Sonakshi To The Entrance Of The Terrace And Opened Her Ribbon ..
Dev – Sonakshi Open Your Eyes Now … 🙂
Sonakshi Opened Her Eyes And Was Mesmerized When She Saw … Violinists Playing Violin On One Side … A Tabe Kept In Between With Candles Placed On It … And Orange Balloons Placed All Over The Terrace On Which Was Written ‘You Are And Will Always Be Special To Me’ ….. 🙂

Sonakshi’s POV
She Had Tears In Her Eyes And Thought How Could Anybody Do So Much For A Person … Dev Had Put So Much Effort In Doing All This … I Just Love Him … He Pampers Me So Much …. I Love Him More Than Anything In The Universe ..

Sonakshi – I Love U Dev !!!!!!! (She Screams Like Crazy! )
Dev – I Love U Sonakshi !!!!!!! (He Does The Same! Made For Each Other … 🙂 )
They Hug Each Other Tightly ….. Dev Was So Happy …. So Was Sonakshi ..
Sonakshi – (Teary Eyed) Dev … I Don’t …. I Don’t Know What To Say … How .. How Can Anybody Do So Much For Anybody …… I Love U More Than Anything In The World …
Dev – (Wipes Her Tears Away) Sonakshi … Please Just Stop Talking Nonsense … I Love U More Than Anything …. I Can Do Anything For U …. Mein Tumhaare Liye Apni Jaan Bhi De Sakta ..
Sonakshi Suddenly Stops Him By Giving Him A Kiss ….
Dev Stands Their Shell Shocked …. Sonakshi Cheeks Were Crimson Red …! She Had No Idea Why Did She Do This .. And Hugs Him … He Hugs Her Back ..
Sonakshi – Now .. Now Can We Go Inside .. *Blushes*
Dev – Yeah .. Yeah Please ….. *Blushes*
When Sonakshi Steps Inside … Rose Petals Ki Barsaat ….. She Was So Happy!
Sonakshi – Wow …. *Smiles To Dev*
Dev – *Smiles* Abh To I’m Not Aubhodro Na!
Sonakshi – No U Are! *Giggles*

Ok Let Me Show U How Aubhodro I Am … He Comes Closer To Sonakshi And Kisses Her …
Sonakshi Was Shocked Now … She Gave A *What Happened Just Now Look To Dev*
She Started Running Behind Him …. They Spent Some Quality Time With Each Other …
While Eating Dinner ..
Sonakshi – Dev … Thank u So Much For Making This A Special Day In My Life ..
Dev – Again Thank u .. Sonakshi … I Did This Only For U …
Sonakshi – *Smiles To Dev*
Dev – Smiles To Sonakshi* ..

Meanwhile All Came Back To The Hotel .. Without Dev – Sonakshi … Ishwari Asked Them .. About Their Whereabouts ..
Ishwari ji – Bachho .. Where Are Dev And Nu … Sonakshi?
Elena – Wo Aunty .. Uhh .. Actually Aunty Sonakshi Met A Old Friend Of Her Here And Told Us To Go And She’ll Come Later .. And Dev Babu Is With Her Because He Thought That She’ll Not Be Able To Come To The Farmhouse Alone …
Ishwari – Oh Its Ok …. Come Bacha Party ..! I’ve Made The Dinner Go Get Freshen Up And Khaane Pe Toot Padho!
All – Yay!
All Go To Their Rooms … Asha,Radha & Ishwari Were In The Kitchen And Saurabh And Bijoy Were In The Drawing Room Watching TV …
Ishwari – Why Is Dev Their With Sonakshi …. Kahi Un Dono Ke Beech … Ishwari! Yeh TumBaar Baar Kyu Soch Ri Ho … Mere Beta Dev Mujhse Kabhi Kuchh Nahi Chhupata … Agar Aisa Kuchh Hota Toh Wo Mujhe Bata Deta .. Par Sirf Mujhe Aisa Lagta Hai .. Ais .. Aisa Toh Nahi Hai .. Kya Mein Galat Hu …
Asha – Ishwari Ji … What Happened .. Be Careful .. U Would Have Burned Your Hand!
Ishwari Ji – Oh! I’m Sorry … Lets Call Everyone For The Dinner …
Asha – Ok .. Arre Dekho .. Sona Or Dev Babu Bhi Aa Gaye ..
Dev – Hi Ma…. Hi Mrs Bose …
Sonakshi – .. Hi Ma .. Hi Auntyji .. I’m Sorry We Got Late … (Elena Told Sona The Excuse She Had Given To Ishwari Ji ..)

Ishwari – Its Ok .. Elena Told Me Everything … Come Eat Ur Dinner …
Sonakshi – Auntyji .. Actually I Don’t Feel Like Eating … I’ll Help U Both In The Kitchen … Wait .. Let Me Freshen Up .. I’ll Be Back Within 2 Mins.. (Saying This She Escaped The Situation) …
Dev – Ma .. I’ll Eat A Little Bit .. Actually I Also Don’t Feel Like Eating .. I’ll Come .. After Freshen Up …
Ishwari – … Dev Ne Kabhi Bhi Aisa Nahi Kiya … Kabhi Bhi Khaane Ke Liye Mana Nahi Kiya .. Or Sonakshi Ne Bhi Mana Kardiya .. Kahi Ye Dono Eksaath Khaana To Nahi .. Ishwari … Tu Kabhi Nahi Sudhregi … ! Dev Agar Bahar Se Khaake Aata To Bata Na Deta! … Par Phir Bhi …

Kya Hoga Jab Dil Ke Faisle Dimaag Se Honge ? Jaane Ke Liye Padhte Rahiye Ye FF Or Dekhtiye Rahiye KRPKAB! At 9:30 On Sony !

Precap : Everybody Come Back To Their House … Days Pass And Ishwari Starts Feeling More And More Insecure …
Every night She Gets Flashbacks Of Dev And Sonakshi’s Moments ….

Hehe! Only For U Guys .. This Was A Long One .. Waiting For The Next Part Eagerly Na! . Stay Tuned To This FF To Know More And Don’t Miss Out The .. Promo! I’ll Publish It Tomorrow Or Day After Tomorrow! Keep Reading Keep Reviewing Silent Readers And Regular Readers ..! – Simplesweety1

#MahaEpisode Coming Soon:

‘Kya Hoga Jab Dil Ke Faisle Dimaag Se Kiye Jaaenge’ … ? Kya Sonakshi Aur Dev Ke Pyar Ka Safar Yahi Tak Thha .. ? Kya Hoga Jab Ishwari Ko Pata Chalega Dev – Sonakshi Ke Baare Mein ? Jaane Ke Liye Dekhte Rahiye Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Or Padhte Rahiye .. Kya Ma Manengi? …… A Devakshi FF …

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