Kya Ma Manengi ? …… A Devakshi FF (Episode 13)


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Recap : Nikki Ordering Everybody To Play Dumbcharades,Dumbcharades Competition Between Girls And Boys, Devakshi – Raneha Romance,Ishwari Convincing Herself That Nothing’ll Be Wrong …..

The Bus Immediately Stops And Everybody Wake Up By The Jerk ….. They Have Reached The Manali Farmhouse (That Dev Took On Rent For 3 Days Only … 🙂 )

In The Bus ….
Ishwari Ji – Bacha Party! Bada Party! Wake Up Wake Up! Its The Time To Get Out Of The Bus To Freshen Up … We Have Reached The Farmhouse!
Nikki – Mom! Let Us Sleep A Little More Na! Please!
Ishwari Ji – No More Excuses Nikki! Don’t U Want To Explore Manali ? Learn Something From Nutritio – … Sona! She Told Me That Loves To Travel! U Should Also Develop Some Good Hobbies Like This One!
Nikki – Ma! U Started Giving Me A Lecture In The Morning Only! Ok! I Woke Up! Now Happy! Riya Di! Wake Up!
Ishwari Ji – Achha Baba!
Asha – Sona,Elena,Saurav! Ēkhana ghuma thēkē ōṭhō (Wake Up Now)!
The Trio – Hyām̐ mā/Maashi āmarā nidrābhaṅga āpa karachi (Yes Mom/Maashi We Are Waking Up)!

All Wake Up And Go Outside ….
Sonakshi Takes A Deep Breath And Smiles … After Going To Their Respective Room’s All Freshen Up And Come Down In The Drawing Room …
Sonakshi And Dev Were Still Figuring Out What To Wear And They Finalised On This! :



Sonakshi Wears A Loose Sweater With Jeans And Shoes With Her Hair Left Open And Her Hand Covered Under The Sweater! While Dev Wears A Dark Blue Sweater With White Stripes And Jeans With A Wristwatch ….

Sonakshi – Am I Looking Good? Tell Me Na Elena!
Elena – Chutail!
Sonakshi – Shut Up!
Elena – Achha Baba! U R Looking The Prettiest Girl Of The Earth! Bas! Seriously Keh Rahi Hu!
Sonakshi – *Blushes* Thank U Elena …

Dev – Nikki! Will U Please Focus Ur Attention Here For 2 Mins From Ur Phone!
Nikki – Yeah?
Dev – Am … Am i Looking Handsome?
Nikki Shocked,Dev Rocked!
Dev – Please! Tell Na!
Nikki – Breaking News! Mr Dev Dixit Is Asking A Question Which He Has Never Ever Asked From Anyone .. *Imitates Dev* ‘Am I Looking Hansome?’
Dev – Hogaya Tera Drama ………. ! Now Tell Me !
Nikki – Arre Bhai U Toh Are Born Handsome!
Dev -*Smiles* Thanks .. And U Are Born Beautiful! Bas! Now Happy!
Nikki – Thanks ! Hehe!

After Sometime Everybody Meet In The Drawing Room …!
Mamaji – Arre Radha Rani .. Vicky Hurry Up! We Are Not Going On A Wedding We Are Going To Explore Manali! Ha Bhai!
Both – We Are Coming … !
Bijoy – Football! Elena,Sona Beta! All Come Down!
Saurav – My Name Is Saurav … Baba!
Elena & Sonakshi Giggle … When Sonakshi Was Coming Down She Saw Dev Coming And They Both Were Lost In Each Other … Suddenly Sonakshi Was About To Fall But Dev Ran Towards Her And Caught Her In His Arms … They Both Shared An Eyelock …Lost In Each Other … *Pagle Se Din Hai Plays*
Ishwari Saw All This And Was Shocked …. But After The Thought That Sonakshi Was About To Fall … She Tried To Satisfy Her That She Might Have Got Hurt If Dev Wouldn’t Save Her ….
Ishwari Ji – Ahem Ahem …….
Sonakshi & Dev Came Back To Their Senses And Were Frightened ByThe Thought That Ishwari Saw Them …. They Prayed That Ishwari Hadn’t Thought Anything Wrong …
They All Formed Groups And Said That They Would Return Outside The Farmhouse At 6:00 …. All The Children Were In One Group And Elders In Another ..
Ishwari Ji – ‘Jiji This Bengalan Is Day By Day Coming Close To Dev’ … Was She Right? Is There Anything Brewing Between Dev And Sonakshi …. Ishwari! U Sometimes Become Foolish! Dev Will Not Ever Hide Anything From U! Don’t Take Bhabhi Seriously … Still She Wasn’t Satisfied ….

Precap : Dev – Sonakshi Were Not There At 6:00 … Ishwari Suspicious …. What Will Happen Jab Dil Ke Faisle Dimaag Se Kiye Jaaenge … ?

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Maha-Episode Coming Soon .. : Kya Hoga Jab Dil Ke Faisle Honge Dimaag Se ? Jaane Ke Liye Padhte Rahe .. Kya Ma Manengi? …… A Devakshi FF Aur Dekhte Rahe Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi On Sony Tv At 9:30 From Monday To Friday …. – Simplesweety1 .. Keep Reading Keep Reviewing Silent And Regular Readers!

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