Kya Ma Manengi ? …… A Devakshi FF (Episode 12)


Hi Guys …. Sorry Because I’m Updating It Late … Guys … In The Previous Episode, At First I Got Only 5 Comments Or Baaki Ke 3 Bhi Sabhko Bol Bol Ke Likhwaye Hai …. This Is Very Very Disappointing … I’m Not Happy With The No. Of Reviews I’m Getting .. Mujhe Lag Raha Hai .. Ki U Guys Are Not Interested In Reading This FF Anymore .. If It Is So … Then Please Tell Me In The Comment Box .. I’ll Discontinue It .. If U Want Me To Continue It At Least I Want 8 Reviews .. Anyways Here I Present U The 12th Episode Of This FF …
Keep Reading,Keep Reviewing Silent Readers And Regular Readers!

Recap – Nikki Plans A Picnic,All Agree,Dev Decides To Surprise Sona,Sona Decides To Surprise Dev,Elena Helping Sona In Deciding What To Wear,All Are Shocked To See Dev In This New Look Including Sona And Her Family,The Dixits Are Shocked To See Sona In Her New Look …
Precap – Masti – Maza Time! Girls Vs Boys In Dumb charades ! ? .. Neha – Ranveer And Devakshi Romantic Moments! Funny Moments With Saurabh,Elena,Nikki! Ishwari Getting Suspicious Of Devakshi …… They Reach Manali In The Night! <3

After Complimenting Each Other … All Head Out Of The House To Start Their Journey Of Manali … 3 Days … Finally !!!

In The Bus .. Vicky Is As Usually Irritating Elena,Dev Staring Sona,Sona Staring Dev ( 😛 Bas Karo Yaar! ),Ishwari – Radha Rani – Asha Gossiping (Radha Rani Is Also Taunting Asha But Ishwari Ji Is Taking Care Of That .. Bechare Ishwari Ji 😛 ),Saurav And Bijoy Fighting And Dadi Solving Their Problem,Neha And Ranveer Talking With Each Other,Riya Listening To Music … Then Finally Nikki Stands Up And Snaps Everybody Back To This World From Their La – La Land!

Nikki – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
All Together: Nikki! What Happened!
Nikki – Enough Is Enough … Are We Here On A Picnic Or In A Mall! … All Are Mast In Their La – La Land's! Please Everybody,Leave Your La – La Land Right Away And Focus
Your Attention Here!
Neha – Ma! Nikki Is Right! We Are Here On A Picnic …. We Should Do Something Exciting!
Riya – Play A Game .. Ummm …… ?
Nikki – Dumb charades!
Sonakshi – It Sounds Fun! Lets Play This Game … We Should Always Try Something New …
Mamaji – I Agree With Sona …. We Should Always Experience Something Different!
Saurav And Elena – Yeah! Aunty Ji Lets Play Ns!
Dev – Please Ma! Lets Play Na .. Its Fun …
Ishwari Ji Was Shocked Hearing This From Dev,The Dev,Who Didn't Liked To Play These Silly Type Of Games.But Now,He Has Changed …. A lot …. Why …. ? Forget It Ishwari … What Are You Thinking About .. Its Good Na! Don't Always Think Negative …
Ishwari Ji – Ok … But I'll Be The Judge .. Anybody Wants To Join Me .. ?
Dadi And Saurav Screamed And Said – We … Ahem Ahem … We'll Handle Everything With Ishwari Ji … U Enjoy … Waise Bhi .. Me And This Football Saurav Are Good In Judging ..
Saurav – Dadi .. This Is Not Fair .. Abh Aap Bhi!
Everybody Laugh Hearing Football From Dadi For Saurav ….
Elena – Ok,Ok! Now Enough Of Laughing … Lets Start The Game …
This Game Will Be Between Girls And Boys …
Girls – Sonakshi,Nikki,Riya,Neha,Elena,Radha Rani,Asha
Boys – Dev,Ranveer,Vicky,Mamaji,Bijoy
Nikki – Ok … The Teams Are Announced … Me And Elena Di Will Be The Captains Of The Girls Team … Yay!
Sonakshi – Yay! Elena! Nikki!
Neha – Yay!
Dev – Me And Vicky Will Be The Captain Of The Boys Team!
Mamaji – Oh Bale Bale!
Bijoy – Burahhhhhh! Dev! Vicky!
All Start Cheering For Each Other's Team And Dev – Sonakshi Eye Each Other With A *Maidaan Me Melenge Look* (Hehe! Dekhte Hai Kaun Jeetega! 😛 )
Nikki – So .. As They Say Ladies First! … So Please Give Us A Movie .. The Boys Team!
The Members Of The Boys Team Start Discussing .. And Finally Give A Movie To Nikki ..
Nikki Starts Acting The Film And Is A Bit Nervous ..
Sonakshi – Pedh (Tree) ?
Neha – Bridge ?
Riya – Helicopter
Nikki Starts Glaring All Of Them And Then Amusingly Asha Ji Guesses Right!
Asha – Is It A SRK Film?
Nikki Nods A Yes And Is Smiling .. She Starts Acting The Chamak Chhalo Dance Step And Neha Guesses It Right!
Neha – Ra.One ?
Nikki – Yes!

The Boys Are Sad ..But Its Ok .. They Say .. 'Abhi Humari Baari Toh Aane Do'!
Riya Tell's Vicky The Movie And He Starts Acting It!
Vicky Try To Do The Step Which Hrithik Roshan Did In Kaho Na Pyar Hai (Hrithik's Signature Step) Which Turns Out To Be Very Funny And Bad By Him ..!
Dev – Washroom ?
Mamaji – Ha Bhai .. Cutting Vegetables .. ?
Vicky Starts Glaring At Him ..
Mamaji – What! Don't Dare U Glare At Me Like That! I'll Slap U Ha Bhai!
Bijoy – Bhaisahab … Wait … Is It Hrithik's Film ..
Vicky Starts Smiling And Mamaji Makes Funny Expressions Showing That He's Confused ..
Saurav – It Is Kaho Na Pyar Hai … Right?!
Vicky – Yeah! U Are Great Like Ur Sisters .. I Mean Ur Father Bhai ..
Saurabh Glares At Him And He Shifts His Gaze From Him To The Floor .. And Then Saurav Smiles At Elena And Sonakshi .. 🙂 (Protective Saurav .. Huh! Good .. Good !)
Next Dev Tells Sonakshi A Movie And She Blushes ..
Ishwari Notices And Gets Confused ..
Sonakshi Starts Imitating Shahrukh Khan And Again Asha Guesses It!
Asha – Its A SRK Film .. Right!
Sonakshi Smiles And Gives Her A Green Signal ..
Then Sonakshi Tries To Imitate A Step From DDLJ's Famous Song 9,9 Chuddiya .. And Nikki Guesses It Right!
Nikki – DDLJ Na!?
Sonakshi Nods Her A Yes And They Are Happy .. Then Neha Gives Ranveer A Film …
Ranveer Trys To Imitate A Step From The Song Gerua Of Dilwale .. And Dev Guesses It!
Dev – Dilwale!?
Ranveer – Yes!
They Hug Each Other .. Then Ranveer Tells Neha A Movie After She Heard The Name Her Cheeks Are Red Like A Tomato!
Nikki – Ahem Ahem! Hehe!

Neha Glares At Nikki And Nikki And Riya Continue Laughing! (Mischevious Girls 😉 )
Neha Starts Imitating The Step From The Popular Song Dil Deewana Bin Sajna Ke Maane Na … From The Famous Movie Maine Pyar Kiya
Sonakshi Guesses It Right And Devakshi And Raneha Blush Seeing Each Other ..
Sonakshi – Maine Pyar Kiya .. Right!?
Neha – Yes! *Blushes And Sees Ranveer* They Look At Each Other And Blush … :-*
Sonakshi – Blushes And Sees Dev .. They Look At Each Other Continously For 5 Minutes .. :-*
Their Romance Continues Like This And They Have Fun With Their Families …..
In The Night .. In The Bus … (The Bus Has Folding Beds So Everybody Is Sleeping Peacefully ..)
Sonakshi Gets Up And Goes To See Dev And He Was Also Awake ..
Dev – Sonakshi … Are U Fine.. Soyi Kyu Nahi Abhi Tak ..
Sonakshi – Yeah! I'm Fine.. Bas Aise Hi …. Aap Kyu Ni Soye Abhi Tak ..
Dev – Aapse Ek Jhhapi Chahiye Bas .. Uske Baad We Both Will Sleep Peacefully … (He Leans Closer To Her And Sonakshi Pushes Her But Dev Pulls Her Wrist And Hugs Her)
Sonakshi – Somebody Will See Us .. Dev … Leave Me .. *Blushes*
Dev – Let Them See .. I Don't Care ..
Sonakshi – Are Ishwari Aunty!
Dev – OMg ! Ma I'm Sorry! .. Ma Kaha Ho?
Sonakshi – Poppat Bana Diya ! Hahaa!
Dev Laughs At Her Cute Antics And Says ..
Dev – I Just Love U Sonakshi …
Sonakshi – I Love U Too Dev ..
They Hug Each Other Promising To Never Leave Each Other Alone ….

Guys …. Its A Request … This Is The Last Time I'm Updating Because Of The Regular Readers That Comment On My FF Regularly .. But Please Silent Readers .. I At Least Want 8 Comments .. From Now On .. My Target Is 8 Comments … I'll Not Update The Next Part Until I Get 8 Reviews For This And Each And Every Episode I'm Going To Write In Future.Sorry .. If I Hurt U .. Please Guys Try To Understand .. 🙂
Thank U

Simplsweety1 🙂

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