Kya Ma Manengi ? …… A Devakshi FF (Episode 11)


Sorry A Thousand Times! … Actually My School Has Started Na Toh Getting Tired! But No Worries … Will Update Episodes Whenever I Get Time! …. … And Yeah Guys On The Previous Episode I Got Only 6 Comments … At least Give Me 8-9 Comments Na! Please! Coz Mein Lalchi Hu Na! Hehe! And Guys Please Seriously Keep Reviewing Coz Without Reviews U Know Na! 🙂 Confidence Murdered! Silent And Regular Readers Its A Request! So Enough Of My Blabbering Here I Present U The 11th Episode Of This FF!

Recap : Ishwari Ji,Radha Rani,Mama Ji Going To Neha’s House For Deciding Everything &The Sisters Gone To Watch A Movie,Dev’s Mischevious Plan And A Sweet – Romantic B’day Surprise For Sonakshi!
Precap : Precap – Sonakshi’s B’day …. The Bose And The Dixit Family Goes On A Picnic …. Masti – Maza Time! Girls Vs Boys In Dumb charades ! ? .. Neha – Ranveer And Devakshi Romantic Moments! Ishwari Getting Suspicious Of Devakshi ……

After The Sweet – Romantic Surprise Dev Dropped Sonakshi To Her House ….. And Went Home … Saw Everyone Discussing Something In The Drawing Room And Nikki Standing In Front Of The Drawing Room.

Nikki – Oh! You Came On The Right Time Bhai! I Wanted To Tell You That We Are Going On A Picnic,No Argument’s,No Excuses,Sona Di Will Be Coming With Us Because .. She Has Also Become a Part Of Our Family And Tomorow Is Her B’day Also,I’ve Asked Everybody And All Are Ready … And I Know Aap Kabhi Apni Behan Ki Baat Nahi Taaloge!

Dev – Achha Meri Ma! Saans Toh Le Le! Sabhkuchh Ek Baar Mein Hi Bolegi Kya!We Are Going To The Picnic Tommorow And Sonak … I Mean Ms Bose And Bunty Will Also Be Joining Us!

Nikki,Neha,Riya : Yay!!!!!!!!

The Trio Hugs Him And He’s Unable To Breath! Everybody Are Happy Seeing Them! Except … The One And Only Namuni! (This Word Used By Me Is Only To The Character Not To The Real Actor Sorry If U Felt Bad) Radha Rani !

Radha Rani – Jiji …. Is It Necessary To Take Bengalan With Us?

Ishwari Ji – Bhabhi! Obviously Its Necessary To Take Her Because The First Reason For Planning This Picnic Is A Family Outing After A Long Time! And The Second Reason Is That Tomorrow Is Her B’day! Why Are U Always After Her! Leave It Na!

Radha Rani – Ok Bhabhi If U Insist I’ll Not Open My Mouth! Good Night! Hai Bhagwaan … Huh …

Ishwari Ji – Yeh Bhabhi Bhi Na ….

After The Planning And Preparation … Dev Informs About All This To Bunty And Also Informs Him About His New Found Love …

In Dev’s Room .. (His And Bunty’s Convo On Phone)

Bunty : Ok I’ll Come To The Picnic … But Dev … Am I Not Ur Best Friend ? U Told Me All This After So Long! Go Yaar … Tum Mujhe Apna Bhai Ni Maante Na!

Dev : Arre Sorry Baba! And How Can U Say That You’re Not My Best Friend! U Are Like My Brother Yaar! I Love u Yaar Bunty! Mere Bhai!

Bunty : Ok Ok … Now Enough Of The Buttering And Tell Me Who’s The Lucky Girl?

Dev : First Of All, I’m The Lucky Boy (Sachi Me Joru Ka Ghulam 😛 ) And The Girl Is …. Dr. Bose .. Sonakshi …

Bunty : OMG! I Knew That Something Like This Will Happen! Because Only She Can Handle U Aunty Ke Alaava!

Dev : Bunty … Jab Tu Kal Aayega Na, Toh Mere Se Bohot Maar Khayega!

Bunty : Achha Baba! Sorry! And I Will Beat U To Death If U Ever Hide Anything Again From Ur Brother!

Dev : Ok! Chal Bye See U Tomorrow!

Bunty : Yeah! See U Tomorrow!

After That … Dev Called Sona And Informed Her About All This … She Was So Thankful And Happy To Him! They Were Talking On Face Time!

Dev : So Sonakshi … Be Ready For Tomorrow’s Fun And A Surprise … (Ek Or Surprise! Mr Aubodhro Toh Aubhodro Se Bhodro Ban Gaye! :-P)

Sonakshi : Oh! One More Surprise On My B’day Huh! Tomorrow I’ll Also Surprise U!

Dev : Kya Sona! Why Are U Playing The Surprise Surprise Game!

Sonakshi : What Should I Do! U Started It!

Dev : Achha Ok Baba! See U Tomorrow … I Love U … ( <3 <3 <3 )

Sonakshi : *Blushes* I Love U Too …

When Dev Was Going To Shut His Laptop He Saw Elena Seeing Them From Behind And Made A Weird Expression! ( Hehe! Lol! Elena A.K.A. Prerna! We Just Love U! 😛 )

When Sonakshi Saw His Expression She Asked Him …

Sonakshi : What Happened … Itne Ajib Tarike Se Kyu Dekh Rahe Hai Jaise Koi Bhoot Dekh Liya Ho?!

Dev : Waisa Hi Kuchh …

Dev Points His Finger At Elena … When Sonakshi Sees Elena She Gets Scared ….

Sonakshi :Ahhhhhh! Elena!

Elena : Ha Sona … Woh Mein … Goodnight!

Sonakshi : Elena Ki Bachhi Mein Toh Tujhe Baad Mein Dekhti Hu! Bye Mr Dixit See U Tomorrow!

Dev And Elena Wish Sona Together Happy B'day !

Dev : Goodnight … :-*

Sonakshi : Thank u And Goodnight Dev … Thank U Elena! Lekin Phir Bhi Tujhe Sazaa Milegi Tujhe!

Elena : Achha B'day Girl ! … Uahhhhh! Mummy Mein Toh Gayi!

They Both Sleep Dreaming About Each Other ……… A Beautiful Dream … In Which They Were In Each Other's Embrace …

In The Morning

The Bose House ….

In Sonakshi's Room ..

Elena! Come Here!

Elena : Arre What Happened B'day Girl!

Sonakshi : Yaar! U,Dada,Ma,Baba,Dadi Gave Me A Surprise Na!

Elena : So .. ? Hum Tujhe Tere B'day Par Punishment Thodena Denge Bhudu!

Sonakshi : Arre! I Meant That I Said To Dev That I'll Be Giving Him A Surprise …. *Blushes* And My Surprise Is That Mujhe Ek Casual Look Mein Jaana Hai Picnic Pe Tell Me What Should I Wear?

Elena : Bas Itni Si Baat! Don't Worry I'll Tell U!

After Some Time … Elena Took Out A Ripped Jeans And A White Coloured Mid Sleeved Top With Dark Blue Stipes And (The Sleeves Were Of Net .. Describing My Top 😀 ) And A Pair Of White And Dark Blue Sneakers .. To Give A Finishing Touch She Took Out Glares For Her And A Being Human Dark blue Cap!

Sonakshi : Thank U !!!!!!!!!!!!

Elena : Achha Abh Ja Meri Ma Late Ho Jayenge Varna!

After Some Time Sonakshi Gets Ready …… Everybody Was Waiting For Her … All Are In Their Casual Look! Even Ma And Daadi Has Worn A Salwaar Kameez! Elena U R Looking Casual Patakha!

At The Dixit House ….

Ishwari : Nikki,Riya,Neha! Jaldi … Please Jaldi Karo! We Are Getting Late Mama Ji Mami Ji Vicky Bunty Ranveer Sabh Intazaar Kar Rahe Hai Sonakshi Aur Uska Parivaar Aata Hi Hoga!

All Are In Their Casual Look …

The Trio .. – Ma! We Are Here! Where Is Dev Bhai ?

Dev – I'm Here!

Everybody Including Ishwari Gets Shocked Looking At Dev … He's Wearing A Light Blue Jeans With A White Shirt And Brown Leather Jacket!

Nikki – OMG! Bhai! U Are Looking Awesome …! U Are Killing It!

Dev – Aakhir Kiska Bhai Hu! Tum Teeno Ka!

The Trio Hug Him And Suddenly The Bose Family Arrived … Everybody Got Shocked To See Dev In This Look And Sonakshi's Mouth Was Wide Open … Even The Dixit Family Was Shocked To See Sonakshi In This Look .. Dev Was Mesmerized Seeing Her Beauty! Even She Was!

Bijoy Ji – Dev Babu! Kya Baat Hai! Handsome Lag Re Hai Bade Aaj!

Asha Ji – Kaise Nahi Lagenge! Picnic Pe Ja Rahe Hai Isliye …. Dev Babu Thank u For All This ..

Dev – Aunty & Uncle Thank u … Firstly Please Don't Call Me Dev Babu .. Call Me Dev Beta ! And No Need To Say Thank u (Looks At Sonakshi And Says) Aapke Bete Jaisa Hi Toh Hu!

Saurabh – Chalein?

All Together – Chalo!

Precap – Masti – Maza Time! Girls Vs Boys In Dumb charades ! ? .. Neha – Ranveer And Devakshi Romantic Moments! Funny Moments With Saurabh,Elena,Nikki! Ishwari Getting Suspicious Of Devakshi …… They Reach Manali In The Night! <3

Hehe! Pakka U All Would Be Angry On Me Coz I Didn't Start The Picnic Part Right Now Na! Sorry … Bas Mein Type Karti Ja rahi Thhi,Karti ja rahi thhi,Karti ja rahi thhi! Hehe! Sorry And Please Do Drop Ur Valuable Reviews And Please Keep Reading And Keep Reviewing! 🙂
– Simplsweety1

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