Kya Ma Manengi ? …… A Devakshi FF (Episode 10)


Hi Guys ….. I Am Really Very Very Very Sorry For Not Updating The 10 Episode Of This FF For 5 Days! And Guys Actually I’ll Not Be Able To Update Regularly As My School Will Be Reopened On 4th July ….. So Sorry In Advance 😀 😛 And I am Really Happy Because I’m Going To Upload The 10th Episode Of This FF … U Guys Supported Me That’s Why Today I’m Writing The 10th Episode Of This FF! Thank U Silent Readers,Regular Readers For All The Appreciation And Please Like This Only Keep Showering Love … And Keep Reviewing Regularly … So Here I Present U The 10 Episode Of This FF!

Recap – Romantic Long Drive,Rain Dance,Ishwari Ji Dissapointed.

In This Episode – As Neha And Ranveer’s Fight Is Sorted And Neha Has No Condition’s The Whole Family Decides To Go To Plan The Engagement … And Dev And Sonakshi Are Alone In the House …. “Hum Dono …. Ek Ghar mein Akele Ho Or Kichhu Bhaiya Chhuti Pe Chale Jaaye”

The Next Day …….

In The Ishwari Nivas …

Ishwari Ji – Neha,Riya,Nikki! Are U All Ready? We Are Getting Late Baba Hurry Up! Wo Log Kya Sochenge ! Jaldi Karo!
Radha Rani – Bhabhi! Aap To Badi Dutiful Lag Rahi Hai! Mein Bhi Lag Rahi Hu Na Dutiful ?

Suddenly The Three Sisters Come Down …
Nikki – Mami Dutiful Nahi Beautiful! *Laughs*
Radha Rani – Ha Ha! Jo Bhi Ho Hum Sabh Achhe Toh Lag Re Hai! Tum Log Kyu Aa Gayi Ho Niche? Tum Thhotena Chalogi Humare Saath Us Latke Ke Ghar!
Neha – Mami … Unka Naam Ranveer Hai Or Hum Log Film Dekhne Ja Rahe Hai!
Ishwari Ji – Ha Bhabhi …. Hum Inko Chhotte Huye Jaaenge …
Radha Rani – Achha …. Toh Chalo Na! Sabh Yaha Kyu Khatte Hai! Chalo! Ji Sunte Ho! Chalo!
Mama Ji – Ha Bhai Aa Raha Hu Koi Train Chhuti Nahi Ja Rahi Hai … Chalein Ishwari ..
Ishwari Ji – Ji Bhaiya … Chaliye … Chalo Bacho ..

Suddenly Dev Comes …
Dev – Ma … I Came Here To Wish U All The Best! All The Best!
Ishwari Ji – *Smiles* Thank u …. And Please Inform Nutrition That We Are Going So She Has No Need To Stop .. She Has Gone To The Washroom …. Tell Her To Go Home …
Dev – Ok Ma Bye … Bye Neha,Riya,Nikki!
The Trio – Bye!

All Leave For Ranveer’s House ..

Dev’s POV – No One Is At Home … Even Kichhu Bhaiya Is Gone On A Holiday! I Have An Idea! Now Toh U Are Gone Sonakshi! *Laughs Mischievously*

When Sonakshi Was Coming Out From The Washroom The Lights Go Off! ( Dev … Naughty Lover Boy! Hehe! 😛 )
Sonakshi – Ahhhhh! *Screams* Nikki! Yeh Tu Kya Kar Rahi Hai! Aunty Ji Please Tell Her To Stop This! …. Koi Hai! Neha! Riya! …… Dev!!!!! I Am not Able To See Anything! Please Somebody Help …
Suddenly Sonakshi Heard Some Weird Voice ….. Meowwwwwwwwwwwww ….. Meowwwwwwwww …. HuHahahahahahahahah! (Daraawni Hassi 😛 Dev … This Is To Much .. Stop Troubling Her Now! 😛 )
Sonakshi – Ahhhhhhhhh! Ma! Baba! Elena! Ahhh!

Then Somebody Suddenly Holds Her From Her Back And Shuts Her Mouth …. She Starts Screaming Again! But Not After Opening Her Eyes .. He’s None Other Dev!

Sonakshi – Dev! ……… Achha Toh Ye Sabh Tumne Kiya! Jao! Mein Tumse Baat Nahi Karung!
Dev – laughs Laughs And Laughs!
Sonakshi – Oh … Toh Now U Are Laughing! U Know That I Am Scared From The Dark … Or Koi Bhi Ghar Pe Nahi Hai ..Tumne Is Baat Ka Faida Utha Ke ….! I Hate U! Kati!
Dev – Hey .. Don’t Ever Say That Again .. (he covers Her mouth again) … Now I’m Not Talking To u!

Dev Turns His Back To Her …

Sonakshi Realised What She Said And Hugs Him From Back …

Sonakshi – Sorry … ! I Love U!
Dev – No .. U Toh Hate … Suddenly She Covers His Mouth!
Sonakshi – Now Just Shut Up … !
Dev – I Love u!
Sonakshi – I Love U Too! :-*

They Hug Each Other Tightly Promising To Never Say Like This Anything Again To Each Other!

Suddenly Dev Breaks The Hug …
Dev – Achha … Toh Abh Aap Ghar Jaana Chahengi Ya .. Yaha Par ….

Then Suddenly Dev Comes Closer To Her …

Sonakshi – Dev! Shut Up!
Dev – I Was Just Joking …. Come With Me I Have A Surprise For U ..
Sonakshi – What!? Ok … (Aaj Kal Dev Bade Surprises Dene Lage Hai 😉 )

Dev Closes Her Eyes And Takes Her To The Garden …
And Then Opens Her Eyes … She Saw The Garden Decorated With Orange Candles Even The Cakes Flavour Was Orange!
Dev – Happy Bday In Advance Sonakshi!
Sonakshi – Dev! Aapko Yaad Thha!
Dev – Yaad Kaise Na Hota Bhudu!
Sonakshi – I Just Love U Dev!

Sonakshi Hugs Dev!

Dev – Romance Baad Mein Kar Lenge Cake Toh Katlo …!
Sonakshi – *Blushes* Aap Bhi Na Dev!

They Cut The Cake …. They Feed Each Other A Bite
Sonakshi – Thank u For This Tasty Cake .. And This Lovely Decoration! Apne Kaam Pe Bhi Dhyaan Dijiye …. Nazarandaaz Mat Kijiye!
Dev – Ji Madam,Mujhe Pata Thha Aap Yahi Kahingi Isliye Mein Apna Saara Kaam Khatam Karke Aaya Hu!
Sonakshi – Impressive … Huh!
Dev – Thank u!
Sonakshi – Dev …. I Never Thought That My Prince Charming Would Be So Caring,Sweet And Romantic! *Blushes*
Dev – *Smiles*
Sonakshi Gives A Kiss On Dev’s Cheek .. He Gets Shocked And She Runs Away ..
Sonakshi – Revenge For That Day! (When Dev Kissed Sonakshi on The Cheeks And Ran Away To The Office!)
Dev – Oh! Wait A Minute Let Me Show You What Revenge Is! *Laughs Mischievously*

They Run ….. And Finally Dev Catches Her .. And Holds Her From The Back And Usse Uthhake Ghumane Laga!
*Tu Mujhme Mujhse Zyada Hai Plays*
They Enjoy Alot! After Some Time He Drops Sonakshi Home Hugging Her In The Car ….. Promising To Never Leave Each Other ..

Precap – Sonakshi’s B’day …. The Bose And The Dixit Family Goes On A Picnic …. Masti – Maza Time! Girls Vs Boys In Dumb charades ! 😉 .. Neha – Ranveer And Devakshi Romantic Moments! Ishwari Getting Suspicious Of Devakshi ……

Hehe! U All Are Very Very Very Excited For the Next Episode Na! Wait And Watch! Keep Reviewing And Showering Ur Love … Keep Reviewing And Reading Coz If U’ll Not .. Then DISCONTINED … Bye 🙂


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  1. AWESOME as always

  2. i read it this ff for a first time & really simplesweety1 It was amazing epi
    loved it..

  3. eagerly waiting for next epi..!!!!!!

    1. Simplesweety1

      thank u .. 🙂

  4. simplesweety1….. I was waitng for u ff ….itz awsome…so cute n lovly episode dear….^_^

    1. Simplesweety1

      Thanks … 🙂 Please Keep Reading

  5. Oh ishwari dosent know about devaakshi?

    1. Simplesweety1

      No …. If U Want To Know Keep Reading 😉 🙂

  6. nice epi and thankyou for finally u updated
    loved devakshi romance specially that lights off wala scene
    update soon…..

    1. Simplesweety1

      Yeah! Now U Are Happy Na! Thanks! 🙂

  7. Too good… Dev has got too mischievous n romantic… Loving this avatar of his! Nice precap…hope ishwari doesn’t spoil devakshi’srelation post soon…

    1. Simplesweety1

      Thanks … U’ll Get To Know That If U Continue Regularly Reading It …. 🙂 😉

  8. hey Simplesweety1 have u not uploaded it yet ?
    i m not able to find it and if if u have uploaded then pl. send its link to me
    and if not uploaded then pl. do it fast i m eagerly waiting.

  9. Simplesweety1

    Erika .. I Will not Be Able To Upload .. Because My School Has Started … I’ll Update It Tomorrow Or Day After Tomorrow ..

  10. ok thanks for the reply

    1. Simplesweety1

      Erica I’ve Updated The 11th Episode … Here Is The Link! Now Toh U Are Happy Na?!

  11. Simplesweety1

    Guys,I’ve Uploaded The 11th Episode! Here Is The Link!

    Do Read And Most Importantly Review! Because Mujhe Pichhle Epi Par Kam Reviews Mile … Just A Bit Upset And Nervous That U All Will Like It Or Not! Comment Ur Review In The Comment Box Of The 11th Epi !
    Simplesweety1 🙂

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