hi guys.. im back with the next epi of kkhh..
ok.. so im really happy with your comment guys.. thanks a lot.. but im really missing some of them who used to comment on my ff but now they’re no where to b seen…


here is the link to the previous epi : Episode 6

so lets get into today’s episode…

thrd person pov continues :

suhani got into her room and locked without the knowledge dat yuvi is der in her toilet..
she took out her salwar from the cupboard
and then she opened the zip and the dori of her salwar and was about remove it wen yuvi suddenly opened the door of the toilet..

both of them were equally shocked..

yuvraj was shocked and happy bcoz he understood that the girl whom he fell in love with was non other than his best friend…
he always used to say that ‘pyaar dosti hai” ( love is friendship) but today he came to know dats true.. he did not know how to react… his heart was beating faster than ever.. he just wanted to engulf her in a bone crushing hug..

on the other hand suhani was numb.. she never expected a guy to enter her room like this.. dat too while she was changing..

suhani was abt to scream but yuvraj sensed it.. he pulled her towards him covered her mouth.. sending shivers down suhanis spine.. his one hand was on her bare back ( as her zip was open) and the other one was cupping her mouth..
both of them were lost in each others eyes. ..

yuvraj was completely lost in suhani.. he saw a flick of hair falling on suhanis face…
he slowly pushed it behind her ears..
he was slowly analyzing the changes in her.. she has now changed into an attractive 21 from dat 11 yr old tomboy.. her eyes could attract any guy.. her lips were as pink and juicy as a strawberry.. she hd worn a silver jhumka

( ) and der was small single stone bindi on her forehead.. her hair was as silky as silk strands… he loved dis suhani.. having her this close to him was making him crazy..
suhani suddenly came back to her sense..
and pushe him.. she then closed her zip aand asked.

suhani : hey.. u.. tell me.. wat r u doing in my room.. wait. were u following me.. ??
yuvraj : wat if i was following u??
suhani : u idiot.. get lost from room….
saying this she went and opened the door..
yuv. : oho.. so ..wat if i dont go..

suhani : i swear ill scream..
yuv : k then go ahead…darling..
suhani : darling my foot… im giving you a last warning… either u get lost from my room or i scream..
yuv : arrey babba.. i told u to scream.. then y r u wasting the precious time.. cummon scream..
suh : ahhhhjjjjjhhhhhhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaaaa

all of them who were sitting in the hall came running to suhanis room..
latha : suhani … kya hua. y r u screaming.. beta yuvraj wat happened to her..

hearing the name yuvraj suhani was frozen… her best friend forever.. her first childhood love.. her everything was standing in front of her.. she did not know whether to be happy or guiltily.. a part of her was happy dat she could see her bff.. but the rest was sad becoz she told him to get lost and she couldn’t recognize him..

yuvraj : aunty.. lizard.. she saw lizard and started screaming…
pratima : suhani.. ur this habit hasn’t changed..
and they left from there..
throughout all this suhani was standing there with a blank expression.. she was not at all reacting..

yuvraj : hmm.. ok.. i came to meet my bff after 10 long years and now she told me get and on top of that she is nog talking to me too.. fine then.. i was a fool to think that seeing me she would be happy and would come and hug me for her dear life.. k then im going bye…..
saying this he starts to leave..
suddenly he felt something around his wrist..
he turns and sees suhani holding his wrist..

” dont dare think of leaving me again yuvraj..” suhani said with twars welling up in her eyes. “u left me wen i needed u the most.. wen i wanted the support of ur friendship u werent there for me.. . ” she said with her choked.. ” im sorry.. i didnt know it was you.. i felt that bond wen i saw u in the temple.. but i thought it was just my imagination. ”

“oh my god.. u r stil dat nonstop rani. u talk a lot.. oh my god.. and were os the jhansi ki rani gone.. i? my place they say that ranis dont cry.. they r really bold.. ” saying this yuvraj cups suhanis face and wipes away her tears..

he felt as if he was getting stabbed.. he couldn’t tolerate her tears..

” now i wanna see that charming smile back on ur face.. ” he said..

suhani obeyed him.. she gave him her cute and charming smile. … showing all her thirty two teeth to him.

” acha.. now were is my hug.. remember how tight u used to hug me when we were small…. ” yuvraj said..” cumon fast im craving for it yaar.. ” he demanded…

” r u mad yuvi… v r not those eleven year olds… now we are twenty one.. nd im not ur lover to hug you at this age… ” she said..

” arrey who knows the future.. maybe if we fall in love.. after all pyaar dosti hai na.. ..”
yuvraj said..

hearing this suhani bcame a bit sad as she remembered her childhood wen yu i said this dialogue.. and how she misunderstood it.. ..

she tried changing the topic..

” ohh yuvraj u hv become a complete flirty person… .. ”

” wat to do.. i got my friend after years right.. so thought of flirting.. ”

precap : not decided..

So guys… Hope u all enjoyed this eoi..

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  1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    really really enjoyed a lot shilpa di.. it was awsom.. when I read I smile unknowingly.. am also blushed….

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks a lot dude… Ly.. Ur ff is too hot yr…

  2. it is really very azing epi ….i enyoed it very much and i’m waiting for yuvani’s meeting from many days today its happened.and plz make them fall in love very soon.

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks a lot sri.. Ly..

  3. This was such a cute episode- I felt all the emotions through out- ah now the fact there is no exact pre cap- I am worried! You are going to surprise us and the fact that u would surprise us would give me a heart attack becos of the awesomeness ??????
    I can’t wait for the next epi- I sense love coming soon x BTw don’t make them fall in love tooooo quick- make it realistic and a tiny bit tedious so you can add mor eYuvAni moments and tease x

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Aqsaah sis.. Ur comments always make me fly up in the air.. Ly.. Umwaahh.. And im not gonna make them. One so easily.. There wont b anything heartbreaking.. But some tiny emotional scenes.
      Nd romance.. Umwaahh. The nxt epo will b on Wednesday..

  4. Really amazing…

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks alot avani sis..

  5. this is simply superb.i like it a lot.simple but beautiful story.keep going like this

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks a lot radha sis..

  6. This was such a cute episode

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks a lot sis..

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks a lot ci..

  7. Shilpa Didi how long it take to update article on wall ?

  8. Ayesha Siddika Munia

    Awsome epi.Yuvraj’s part was really wonderful today.But there is no precap..suspence.Please don’t re-unit yuvani too soon.I want some yuvani moments,old nok jok.Ok,bye.


    Just wow. I am so amazed by the simple beauty of your ff, im taken to another world and its such a cute and wonderful world… loved it x

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