hi guys.. a very very very big thank you to all of you who liked my story.. and one thing.. now after this episode the story is gonna be fully my idea and imagination.. pls pray god that i reach ur expectations..

Guys here is the link to the previous episode :

guys before i start i want u guys to see this :

its the scene where yuvi trial for proposing soumya.. but in the movie she accepts the proposal unlike my ff..
and here is the scene where yuvi teases suhani for wearing girly dress (in the past )

so now lets get into the epi..

suhani pov :

i entered the mandir ( temple) ..
it was the place where i used to get utmost peace…
i did pooja for yuvraj and took the prasad..
he used to love the laddu given as prasad from this temple..

i sat down in the alter and started reminding myself of the events which happened in the last one year bfore he went…

since soumya wntered oir lives everything changed.. nothing was her fault… she was a very sweet girl.. really fair and girly.. like any guy would like to have.. thats wat i felt abt her.. and i was straight opposite to her.. maybe that my be the reason I could remain only his best friend and not more than that…
yuvraj was really drawn towards soumya..
when she came for the first time she never used to talk as much as she talked with me..
he wanted to gain her attention.. and for that his first step was friendship.. he have her friendship band saying that ” PYAAR DOSTI HAI.. ”
that’s when for the first time i felt something different for him… i felt some strong bond more than friendship…
he was always there with me.. but after soumya came.. he was always busy with her… whenever i tried talking to o him .. he always ignored me and went with soumya.. i could not bear it.. i could handle even if the world turned against me or ignored me.. but yuvraj’s ignorance was something i couldnt accept or handle.. it hurt me a lot… i wanted my bestie back.. so i tried impressing him by wearing a skirt and top unlike the trousers and t shirts I wore… i was hopping to hear some nice and sweet words from him.. but he started teasing me.. i felt really bad.. usually i never used to get sad if he teases me but don’t know y.. i felt really bad.. i started crying and ran away from there.. he came behind me and started consoling me . which turned into a fight.. our fights often end with hugs.. that happened then to…

days passed.. the feeling inside my head for yuvraj was also growing… but he started becoming more and more busy with soumya.. whenever i tried talking with him., he used to go behind soumya.. these all things hurt me a lot..

finally i decided to confess my feelings to him.. i remember running to him.. he hugged me and said i love you.. i was on cloud nine.. for a moment i thought i was the happiest person in the world..and i told him i love u too.. but then my world crashed when he asked me if soumya would say the same.. for a second i was blank.. i didnt know what to say .. but then i noticed the happiness in his face… i didnt want his smile to vanish bcoz of me.. o couldn’t see my best friend losing his love bcoz of me.
i told him all the best and told him that she will surely accept and i ran from there. i couldn’t handle it anymore.. i went to my room and started crying my heart out.. i cried as much as i could…
i was just fifteen years.. anyone would think who is gonna take my love serious.. but i was damn serious.. i was not joking.. my love for him was true and sincere.. i decided that i should burry my feelings in my heart itself..
i did not talk to him much in the next few days.. his ignorance and everything hurt me a lot… i remember once when we were small he told me ” suhani.. once we become big na.. u should not marry.. even i will not marry.. bcoz i don’t want anyone else in between our friendship.. ”
and now wat was happening??? he himself is going away from me…
finally the day came when he had to go to mumbai.. i was damn sad.. even if it hurt a lot i could bear him with soumy.. but not seeing him was unbearable…
i was sitting in the terrace and crying in the thoughts of my best friend… i felt a hand on my shoulder… i turned to look it was him.. yuvraj…
” suhani pls talk to me.. im going to mumbai today.. i don’t even know when im gonna cum back.. and pls stop ignoring me.. ” he said..
” you are the one who is ignoring me.. y do u wanna talk to me now.. u hv soumya right. she is more than ur best friend right.. so go and talk with her.. and one more thing yuvraj.. now never call me or try to talk with me.. ill be more hurt.. ” i said..
” Wats happening to you suhani.. ” he asked..
” kuch kuch hota hai yuvraj.. jo tum nahi samchoge.. ” i said this and left from there immediately…

i knew if i talked go him then my feelings for him would increase.. i didn’t want to see any problems between my two besties… and for that i had to sacrifice my happiness.. though we didnt talk much.. i couldn’t control myself from messaging him.. we still kept in touch..
i was and am never angry with both of them.. bcoz it was neither of their fault.. it was the age.. but now soumya is my best friend.. not as much as yuvi… but u can share anything and everything with her.. yea. .. but she has got her bf Krishna.. i wonder what will happen to yuvraj knowing this..
and now today after ten years we are gonna meet…
im sure he mustve changed a lot.. anyways im not gonna behave wierd.. im gonna be the old jhalli suhani in the girly version…

my thoughts were broken when soumya called me…
” hellow soumya.. ”
” suhani.. where the hell are you.. v wats taking you so long… i hv been waiting for u since long.. ”
i understood it has been half an hour i hv been thinking about my life story.. usually i just take 5 minutes to go to soumya’s house..
” ehh.. im sorry.. yea ill come within 5 mins”
” come fast.. today new batch of students are gonna cum to your dance class right. . ”
” yeayea.. im coming.. ”

well i wonder how will yuvraj act knowing that im a dancer now.. not just simply a dancer but a kathak dance teacher..

i reached soumyas house..
” u suhani ki bachi . how much time should i wait for you ! ”
” excuse me.. somu… how much time do i wait for you when u flirt with krishna eh.. ”
” hey.. he is my bf.. so i hv the rights to flirt with him..and as u r my bestie its ur duty to help me flirt with.. btw where were u.. ”
” hmm i was in the temple.. ”
” for so long.. ”
” i sat there thinking of something.. ”
” yuvraj right.. ”
” how do you know.. ”
” yuvraj can never live without suhani.. and suhani can never live without yuvraj.. i hv seen hw desperate you guys were to chat with each other.. ”
” soumya.. ”
” and i wanna see yuvraj’s reaction after seeing you.. haha. .. he wont even understand u.. ”
” chal chal lets go to dance class.. ”
i used to teach dance in the alter of another temple..
this was actually my job during Saturday and Sunday.. the rest of the days i used to take classes for computer science students in the evening .. as im an engineer math and computer science were my fav sub..

precap : yuvi suhani meeting
guys hope u all liked this one.. pls keep commenting.. and pls do give suggestion..
u guys want soumya to be – ve or + ve

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  1. wonderful episode … i has been waiting for this epi, after reading this im feeling very happy .every line is superb yaar shilpa,i really i love it soo much….. .plz update nxt epi asap.

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks a lot sri.. Ill post the next epi asap

  2. Best writter u r best ??

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks a lot avani…

  3. When will u update next episode plz update fast and why episode 3 is not seen on tellyupdates page ??

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      I hv no idea sis… Anyways by tomorrow ill update.. Bcoz my scgool is reopening.. I hv lots of wotks to do.. Ill be updating as soon as possible

      1. Ok no problem ??


    Loved it so badly. Each and every line was absolutely amazing. Cant wait till they meet cx

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks shreya.. Ill post next part by this thursday..

  5. Ruksy

    wow this is amazing plz update soon

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks a lot ruksy sis

  6. wooooooow….. simply superb da……. am eagerly waiting fr nxt update… pls update asap ..

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  7. ayesha siddika munia

    Why the episode 4 isn’t seen in telly updates page if you post it? Please update soon.can’t wait di.your profile pic is wishes for school.★Goodbye★

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks a lot ayesha sis.. I will post 4th epi by this thursday

      1. Ayesha Siddika Munia

        Ok,no problem sis.we will wait.Focus on your study.Which class do you read in?I am a student of class IX from Bangladesh.

      2. Ayesha Siddika Munia

        By the way Soumya should be positive and a well wisher of yuvani always.

  8. Ruksy

    soumya sbould be +ve theres no reason for her to be -ve

  9. Please update

  10. Ayesha Siddika Munia

    Where is epi 4?Are you post it?Please hurry up.Or if you post why it isn’t seen in telly updates page.please reply.

  11. Ayesha Siddika Munia

    Please update soon.Or if you post epi 4,why it is not seen in the page of telly updates page.It was seemed to be very interesting.Can’t wait.Please reply.

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Dude im having my first semester exams.. U know how important tenth standard exams are. But stll ill try to update within two days..

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