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Episode 1

so now lets start the epi…

yuvraj’s pov continues…

we got into the flight and say in our respective seats..
ours was a one hour flight.. as it was just from Mumbai to allahabad.. the time was 6 in the morning when we boarded the flight ..

” yuvraj, how do you think suhani would be? ”
maa asked..

” maa.. i cant even imagine a changed suhani.. ” i replied..
” but still yuvraj.. i want to hear abt her from you.. there is always something special in the way you describe her.. ? ” said maa

” ya guru.. even i wanna hear abt suhani from you.. ” sharad said..

” yuvraj beta.. tell na.. how my ladli would be.. ” said dadi..

” hmm ok.. she is not lyk the usual girl we see… she never puts any makeup ”

here in mumbai .

here a girl is shown putting mascara… ( aa.. aa.. tum pas aye tune plays) .. her eyes are very big and beautiful.. any guy can fall for it… only her eyes is shown…

” she never wears any sort of salwar or sari.. she mostly wears boyish kinds if dresses.. ” he says with a smile. ..

here the girl adjusts her shawl.. ( aaa.. aaa.. tune plays)

” she doesnt were bangles or chains or earrings.. except the chain i gifted her.. ”

the girl is shown putting her jhumka.. her hand is full of bangles… ( the same bgm plays)she puts a chain which has a small heart shaped pendant..
” she had very short hair… same like guys.. ”

the girl puts her long braided hair in the front over her shoulder..

” guru do u think she will remain the same ”
” hv no idea… ”
” do hv some feelings for her.. more than a best friend ”
” sharad.. she wasnt a girl… she was a guy.”
” but now if she is changed then ”
” ill hug her and propse her”
” yuvraj.. if you hv some feelings for her tell us now itself.. we will talk to pankaj and Latha.. ” dadi said with a twinkle in her eyes..

dadi loves suhani more than me.. although she was my dadi.. her first preference was suhani… and i loved to see suhani being loved by my family…
” dadi i was just kidding..afterall even she should have the same feeling for me right.. ”
the girl finishes her make up and turns..
she was gorgeous…
” maa.. ill go to the mandir and then to soumyas house from there to dance class ”
” haa suhani beta.. take care.. ”
” ok maa.. ”

as soon as she got out of the house the street which was gloomy as the sun was not fully out became bright due to her..
her liveliness was spread across the street..

suhani ‘s pov..

today is gonna be one of the best day of my life..
my best friend.. yuvraj. he is coming back..
im on cloud nine..

everything had changed in the last one ear before he went…
we got a new friend in between us.. and that changed the whole equation between us..

” guru.. u said that u did not even get a chance to speak to her properly before…actually wat happened.. ”
asked sharad..
” i actually dont know sharad.. but i think it was bcoz i was too much involved in soumya.. ” i said.. ” soumya.. who was she.” asked sharad..

“hmm ok now ill tell u abt soumya..
one year bfore i came to mumbai.. thats when soumya entered mine and suhanis life.. we were fifteen years then.. the peak age.. where you would easily fall for your opposite gender.. me and suhani were the same.. we used to fight with each other bash each other.. v never used to allow anyone else to come in between us.. we used to be the biggest support of each other… i used to trust her blindly.. i used to hate anyone interrupting us.. thats when soumya came to allahabad. she was our neighbor.. she slowly started mingling with us.. we bcame good friends. .. she could never be as much as suhani for me.. but i developed some kind of attraction towards her.. a crush..

wich i misunderstood as love.. you know.. teenage.. its how this age plays with our minds.. i never felt attracted like that towards suhani bcoz. i always considered her as one among the boys… i started flirting with soumya.. i always tried to mingle with her more.. i never knew this was hurting suhani.. i used to praise soumya for her dressing styles.. she used to wear all sorts of girly dresses.. which would Infatuate guys.. now i was spending most of my time with soumya.. so just to bring back my attention.. once suhani tried wearing a skirt and top unlike the trousers and t shirts she wore.. skirts and tops were more of soumya type of dressing.. seeing suhani wearing skirts.. i started teasing her and taunting her.. i never knew she would take it serious.. she ran from their crying.. soumya told me that what i did was wrong.. i ran behind her and caught hold of her.. i tried consoling her..

At last it turned into a fight.. Our fights always ended with a hug.. It happened then too… Then slowly slowly i started becoming more closer with soumya.. Whenever suhani used to come for spending time with me.. I used go with soumya.. I almost ignored her unknowingly.. Finally the day befor i was going to mumbai.. I decided to confess my feelings to soumya. . But i didnt know how to start .. I wanted to do a trial.. I first went to suhani and told her that i love her.. She said it bck to me.. And yhen i asked her whether soumya would say the same.. The smile on her face vanished for a sec.. But then she smiled and said sure. All the best and ran from there.. I went to soumya to propose her.. But yhen wat i saw was she proposing another guy. He was krishna.. One of our friends.. I dont know why.. I did not feel sad.. Bcoz i understood that my feelings were just a mere crush…”

” guru.. But you couldve called her right.. ”

” hmm yea.. But i remember very well.. The day i was going to mumbai.. She did not talk to me f since soumyas incedent took place.. I thought she felt that i ignored her.. So on the final day i went to see her.. And i wanted to talk to her as much as i could.. But i found her sitting and crying in the terrace.. I called her she turned.. Her eyes were swollen.. ” suhani wat happened.. Stop ignoring me.. ” “it was u who were ignoring me yuvraj.. You forgot ur bestie..”
” ok.. Im sorry… But pls talk to me.. I donno wen will we meet again… ” ” y should u talk to me yuvraj.. U jv soumya rite.. She is more than your best friend to you right.. So go talk with her.. And one more thing pls dont talk to me or call me.. That will make me more hurt yuvraj.. ”

” suhani.. Wats happening to you.. ”
” kuch kuch hota hai yuvraj.. Jo tum nahi samchoge.. “( somethings happen yuvraj that you won’t understand )
This is wat she told me last.. ”

” i think she loved you.. “said sharad..
” wat.. No way.. Wait.. Was she in love with me.. ” i was confused..
” hmm.. Guru tell me frankly.. Do you love her or soumya now.. ? ” askwd sharad…
” ehh.. Welll shard. After i camw to mumbai. I did not wven think abt soumya oncre until now when i told you abt her.. Hmm but suhani.. Day and night.. Each and wvery moment my mind is occupied by her thoughts.. But i camt understand its love or not.. She used always say in our childhood that she is not od the type to love and marry and all.. Even if i hv feelings for her i hv no guarantee whether she has for mee…. ”

Precap : todays same incedent in Suhani’s pov…

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    Best lines of today’s update..

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    Each word was so stunning beautiful, i was literally present there…I am so excited to see Yuvraj’s reaction to the new girly Suhani so please update soon.

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