KYA KARU HAYE.. KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI..character sketch and promo

Kya karu haye.. kuch kuch hota hai…

hello guys.. im shilpa back again…

so here im giving you the character sketch..

suhani : a fun loving girl.. actually better to say boy.. when she was young. … she was a pakka boy.. she wore dresses like guys.. her hair was short.. intrested in basketball.. bestfriend.. yuvraj and soumya. loves them and her parents the most.. . more friendly with guys.. hates girly stuffs.. but as she grows she is vice versa and gorgeous tioo

yuvraj. : a cool and handsome hunk… carefree… loves his family.. bestfriend og suhani and sowmya.. had a crush on soumya…

soumya : a very girly girl.. loves makeup and always weres modern dresses..
selfissh at times but.. mostly good…


“guru.. it has been 8 yrs since u hv seen suhani tell me how was she bfore 8 yrs
” sharad.. she is not lyk the usual girl we see… she never puts any makeup ”

here a girl is shown putting mascara… ( aa.. aa.. tum pas aye tune plays) .. her eyes are very big and beautiful.. any guy can fall for it… only her eyes is shown…

” she never wears any sort of salwar or sari.. she mostly wears boyish kinds if dresses.. ” he says with a smile. ..

here the girl adjusts her shawl.. ( aaa.. aaa.. tune plays)

” she doesnt were bangles or chains or earrings.. except the chain i gifted her.. ”

the girl is shown putting her jhumka.. her hand is full of bangles… ( the same bgm plays) she puts a chain which has a small heart shaped pendant.. and she puts a necklace on top of it..

” she had very short hair… same like guys.. ”

the girl puts her long braided hair in the front over her shoulder..

” guru do u think she will remain the same ”
” hv no idea… ”
” do hv some feelings for her.. more than a best friend ”
” sharad.. she wasnt a girl… she was a guy.”
” but now if she is changed then ”
” ill hug her and propse her”
” r u serious ”
” just kidding yaar ”
throughot the conversation.. ( tum pas aye… tune plays )

guys.. hope u like it… abd farhat sis.. pls do start ur ff.. bcoz ur thoughts are different and mine are different.. so no problem…

guys. pls do comment….

and if u hv suggestions pls do tell me..


  1. radha

    hey its very good charcter intro itself is very interesting.waiting to see yuvani meeting.i am going to watch the movie now.all d best fr ur new ff.

  2. Sanaa

    Hi Shilpa, Aqsaah, Radha, Ayushi,Nithu( sorry if i missed any other names)…..missed u all a lot . I ‘m sorry for not being able to comment as I was busy with my studies…..anyways Shilpa, your promo stole my heart ….pls continue, Your storyline is awesome and especially the title grabbed my attention…..I will try to comment regularly dear ….love u <3



      |Registered Member

      Sanaa its so great to have you back dear, i hope you get to catch up on my ff!!! And good luck with all your studies. I hope you enjoy everyones ff that are to come and im eager for your ff x

  3. ash

    still i didnt see the movie so yar…. ur starting was rocking..
    but yuvi crush on sowmya or suhani ?????

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