kya inki mohabbat is jahan ko qubool hai..epi 3

Hey Frnds 2day I m very sad and u all know d reason as it is common in most of twinj or should I say tei fans.
Pata hai jab se mujhe pata chala hai Ki dis show chod raha hai tabse mai sad hun.I m remembering their marriage,their suhagraat,their love confession and wat not.everything is just revolving in my head.jaise hi mai apni eyes close karti hun mujhe twinj moments yaad aate hain.pata hai after their love confession I thought they would show twinj’s romantic scenes and their kids but is story ne mere sapnon pe pani pher diya.seriously I m very sad.twinj is d most cute and adorable jodi on Indian televison rite guys.
I seriously want to do something to make them together.pls tei and twinj fans reading dis ff let’s do something at least try something yrr .varna hamare twinj ffs sirf umeed bankar reh jayenge.

Tei zindabad…..

Love u all.and sorry if I hurt somebody’s sentiments.
Now enough of my emotionalspeech(if at all u get emotional) let’s continue wid my ff.
So let’s start…
Recap:-twinkle goes to meet Kunj in cell.she asks him to tell her wat is he hiding but he doesn’t reveal anything.

Twinkle comes out of jail.she takesout some medicines from her bag and gives it to lokesh mishra,who is her frnd and asks him to give dis to Kunj.lokesh takes it and nods in a yes.after giving medicines she leaves towards her car and suddenly she gets a call which flashes aparajit sir.she receives and talks wid him which is muted.
After disconnecting d call she gets into her jeep and goes to a building on which army headquarters were written.
She parks her jeep and suddenly she sees a guy who was coming to her.his name is col.riyaan ahmed,he is junior to twinkle but his friend.
T:- tu itni tension mein kyun dikh raha she breakup ho gaya kya.
R:- mazak band kr.aparajit sir wants to meet u and trust me he is very angry 2day.
T:- wats new in would have been new when he would have been happy.
But y is he angry.tune koi siyappa kiya kya.
R:- o hello.he is angry wid u not wid stop joking and go and meet him fast.
T:- wat r u saying(shocked)he is angry wid I m dead.pls help me babaji.
R:- yaa go.
T:- going na.
Twinkle gets into d lift and presses fifth floor button.after reaching fifth floor.she gets out of d lift and after walking ten- eleven steps.she stands in front of a cabin on which a name plate was hanging and on it of was written ‘lieutenant – general.A Rathore.
She knocks d door and enters inside .i n d cabin other were many trophies,medals and certicates which were addressed to A Rathore.when she entered d cabin she said jai hind and saluted a man who was standing wid his back facing towards twinkle.he was standing straight wearing an army outfit and a coffee mug in his hand.he turns towards twinkle.he was a man who’s age must be 50-55 years old but at dis age also he had a glitter in his eyes.the glitter which was needed in a true military man’s eyes.
Seeing him twinkle stood straight like a statue.
A:- so brigadier twinkle taneja u r here.
T:- twinkle replied in a loud and confident way.” Yes sir

To be continued…

Sorry fr short update because I need 2-3 days to b normal.I will update next part on Monday.sorry fr delay….
And pls frnds pls think wat can we do….
After all we r tei fanss:-) ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Credit to: forever fan of twinj


  1. yashu

    yes…!! it’s a shocking news….. fr mee too… bt it’s sid’s decision and i thnk v shld support him as he was saying that he got a big project…. so i thnk it’s a good news…. news r not mend to b good or bad, it depends on our thinking so i thnk v sld support sid and wish him all the bst fr his brighter future……
    iam soooo sryyy, if u r hrt, i didn’t mean to hrt u………
    btw epi ws awesome like always

  2. Sayeeda

    It was short but nice… I can understand that after d news came u must not be in a mood to write It’s OKKK coz u r also very upset.
    Just tell what we can do we r so helpless that we Twinj fans had left with no optionz ; we all have to accept the fact . I just wish we have some way to stop Sid from leaving tei.

  3. nisi

    I know u dude u r very sad with sid sir decision but he as said in toi interview that he is leaving d show bcuz he as got some better offer not bcuz he has some prblms with d makers so wht can we do

  4. forever fan of twinj

    I have an idea which would not hurt anybody’s sentiments and the idea is let’s write letters.I know its childish or childishness Ki height in mitali’s language .but let’s try it na yaar…:-) ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Cutie pie

    U knw wat d way ur reaction is same is mine evn i xnt stop thinking abt it i love him alot d onlu reason pf watching tei is sid n twinj if he s not der no aim of watching i seriously agree wid u dat if v had cud do anything to stop sid if he was frnt of me i ll beg him not to leav bt kya jaro wat u wer thinkin evn i m doing so aftr confession pyaare scens bacche dekhne milnge socha tha lekin sach mein hi pani hor gaya mere sapno pe

  6. Ha yar kuch 2 krna pdega vrna mei rona bnd nai krugi…but kya kre kuch samaj mai nai arha h..btw epi was osm….plz jldi btana kya krege kahin der na hojaye….

  7. forever fan of twinj

    First of all u guys try to find out sid’s address along with tei’s set it fast

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..