kya Humare Beech Kuch Hai (Episode 9)


I knocked the door
Arnav ji…i called
Khushi aavo ander….arnav ji said
Do you need anything arnav ji…i asked

What are you doing Khushi? asked arnav ji

Kuch nahi…now i don’t have any just talking with Nk ..should i have to do something for you arnav ji??

Haan just be with me…he said


Now You don’t have any work ryt? So be here…..he said

I Don’t have any work here too arnav ji….i said

Khushi i said to stay here….arnav ji said

But why??? I asked

( i knew arnav ji is saying this just bcoz he dont want me to be with NK ji…but still i want to ask him)

Kyunki mein bol raha hu…
Do you have any other questions khushi????? Arnav ji asked

I said NO by smiling inside

This is break tym..

I sit in the sofa …so chill

Ac in this room made me to think that i was in the place where it was snowing..This is so cool…

I thought to say arnav ji to reduce it…
But…Arnav ji is busy wid his laptop..
..uploading some photos of him..

Oh yeah..Nowadays i was not commenting any of his picture..This is very bad Khushi..
First of all you are his fan..u have to check out that

Actually I am busy in seeing him all there is no tym for me to use my mob…

No prob..wil do it now..And i could see his reaction for my comments by directly..

I switched on my mob…lots of notification is there..but i skipped all those and went to the page Arnav_actor..

Arnav ji posted so many pics in these days…. how did i miss these pics…he really look amazing in all these pics…I just gave heart ??and wow?? reaction for all the pics..

I saw arnav ji but there is no reaction from him

No prob☺☺☺
One new notification is there
Arnav_actor just posted a pic..

I clicked on the pic

Arnav ji’s pic he is in black shirt near swimming pool having some drinks in his hand..

I thought to comment this pic…and i need a reply from him for my comment or atleast likes for my comment..

Usually for a fan a reply or a like from his fav actor it really means a lot..

Of course i am next to him..But still i want to know whether he is noticing me or not from all his fans

I know this is childish..but lyk yesterday aaru said happiness is in small things..

So let’s see..

I see his pic for a while…yeah he doesn’t wear his let’s comment about his eyes..

Got it


I typed this

And after few mins i got 2,3 likes…but not from arnav ji

This is not fair…he should na???

Koi prob nahi khushi…he is next to can talk to him whenever you want khushi..dont be sad ….i said to myself…

I was about to off my mob….One new notification…Actor_arnav sent you a message..I clicked on that notification..with excitement

He sent as

Oh Really???

I automatically smiled by reading that message..and i saw arnav ji ….he is already watching me..

Arnav ji raised his eyebrows by asking lyk

I didn’t say anything just nodded my head and smiled..

He too nodded..and smiled

I really love to spent my tym wid arnav ji…i think he is too loving that…but y he is not saying his love..i just wanna shower my love on him…i prayed god to help me

We didn’t speak anything..

Sometyms even sitting in silence with our loved ones makes us comfortable..

I love this silence…i love this place.. i love everything when i am with arnav ji…

Its almost 30 this 30 mins arnav ji and me looked each other for atleast 20 tyms,.. i don’t know kab thak aise chalega… without saying our love…only god knows

Khushi… khushi

Hmm aagayi…i think next plan to make arnav ji more anger..but this time it is anjali di

I want coffee khushi…said anjali di

Sure di 5 mins….i said

But di..she is not here to do our work di…said arnav ji

Koi baad nahi arnav ji..i wil prepare…. i said

But di…arnav ji is about to say something..
But anjali di stopped by saying arnav i am having bad head ache..and her coffee will make it go away from me…she is expert in making coffee..

I smiled at her…

Mujhe bhi khushi ji and i will help u in preparing coffee…said NK ji by coming inside

Aagayi NK Ji….i turned and saw arnav ji..his face is turning into red..???

She will prepare by herself NK…said arnav ji

Ofcourse Arnav but i am too expert in preparing coffee…so we will make best coffee together…don’t worry arnav???

I don’t know what to react..

I just came by saying..wil come back…

I am preparing coffee for anjali di and NK ji..

NK ji..ek baath poocho?
Ofcourse khushi ji..

U said that u are expert in preparing coffee but you are not even boiling this milk…actually you know or not??

Sorry if i had asked anything wrong

No no khushi ji…Actually You are ryt..i don’t even know how to boil milk..NK ji said

Then y did u said lyk that..wait dont say just to make arnav ji jealous….i said

You are brilliant khushi ji…Ofcourse i said just bcoz to make arnav jealous????

oh no NK ji. again this jealous…don’t make arnav ji upset…i said

Everything will be okay…don’t just concentrate on making coffee…and on your love..we wil make it success…said NK ji


NK ji ka phone rings it was some rap in english

I don’t know where is sugar..i think it is in upper cupboard…ahh ya i could see it there..but its too high

NK ji…Nk..i think he is busy…okay i will take by myself…

(khushi is about to take the sugar bottle in the upper cupboard..and her duppatta is close to the fire…and it is about to burn)

(Arnav is entering by saying
Khushi careful , ???khushi ????i kya kar rahi ho tum… NK turned after few second and was got shocked)

I was hearing arnav ji voice..but what was he saying

Oh No ..My leg slipped i was about to fall…Oh ???

{Arnav caught khushi…(#PerfectTiming)}

(Still arnav had khushi in his arms. And khushi is having her hands on arnav’s shoulder)

what are you doing khushi…arnav ji asked

What i did….i asked…

(Arnav drop khushi down and he is in anger…bohut zyada)

khushi your dupatta is about to burn…and u didn’t knew at all……..arnav ji asked

Sorry i didn’t know…i said

Before i complete he turned to NK ji and begin to scold…i dont know what is wrong with NK ji

(Arnav is in now anger mood…just bcoz khushi’s dupatta is about to get fire…and he blindly scold everyone whom are all in front of him…That was his love)

What happened Arnav…i don’t know what….NK ji said

Arnav ji was saying to NK…lyk

You have to be careful with what are you doing NK

Agar khushi ko kuch ho jatha toh..wat if something happened to her…

NK ji was shocked on seeing arnav’s angry..

Again i don’t know why he is scolding NK ji..what was his fault in dis?…i really don’t know..i guess arnav ji too didn’t know what he is speaking

NK ji knows this will happen…this angry …bcoz he always says he need to make arnav ji definitely he knew this will happen…but in this his fault is nothing….

Khushi arnav ji is becoming more anger..just stop ur thinking and go control him…my inner mind said to me…yes have to go…arnav ji… i was about to call him..

Stop arnav…said lavanya ji

Yes she is there and coming towards us..

I saw everything arnav.. is mein NK ka galti kya hai…
He is saying right he didn’t know anything…then y are you scolding him arnav…said lavanya ji..

When did lavanya ji came…

Wait i hve to tell about NK ji ka reaction…His reaction is exactly lyk this ?????
He is seeing lavanya ji with this reaction

He is like someone came to help him out from danger…

Ya arnav she is right…Said NK ji..i don’t know wat happened

Anjali di came by hearing this..and also
aaru too came..

Kya hua arnav…anjali di asked

so now anjali di is with us..dar ne ki zaroorath nahi…i think she will make arnav ji to become calm…

I am too asking the same anjali di…ab bathavo arnav…kya hua…said NK ji

I can’t beleive this…NK ji is making fun of my arnav ji..

Arnav ji said everything to anjali di..

Thats it na…khushi is fine now ryt…aur Khushi is need to be careful why are you scolding NK…

Same di..i was too busy in phone call..i didn’t know this too di…said Nk ji..

I’m sorry di…i was angry..di i didn’t know wat was i talking…

Chill arnav…NK is your shouldn’t speak with him lyk dis…said anjali di

I knew..i am sorry NK…said arnav ji..
Finally this comes to an end

I was just kidding arnav..sorry ki koi zaroorath nahi..said NK ji

NK ji and arnav ji hugged each other…

Hmm okay chalo…lavanya tujhe ab shot hai..come..said anjali di

Ya i am coming…said lavanya ji

Arnav ji gave a smile to me by saying take care…and i replied him with a smile..

Anjali di , aaru, arnav ji..everyone went…

Ek min…NK ji said

But not to me…he went near to lavanya ji..

Thank you…said NK ji

Why are you saying thank you to me…i just said what you said..and there is nothing wrong of yours..said Lavanya ji

Phir bhi …i wanna say thank you..said NK ji

Okay my pleasure…said lavanya ji and she went

Wah NK ji Wah…you behaving like a Romeo…i said

Kya chal raha hai NK ji

Kuch Nahi khushi ji…he said

Wow someone is blushing..i said
Khushi ji nothing is happening… he said

I saw ur reaction when u saw lavanya ji …i said
And i continued
I could see ur love in ur eyes…

Love yes khushi ji..I fell in love wid her at first sight…

Pyar hogaya mujhe….
Please help me how to say this love to her….NK ji said

Arey..u gave me so much of love ideas to me…but u don’t have any one for you? I asked

No…now i’m blank…please help me khushi ji…said NK ji

Okay fine.. i will help you..
Done ????

After few hours…

I thought to speak wid arnav ji…
But he is busy in shooting…

Okay let’s send a message..

Thank you for saving my duppatta…arnav ji

I thought he wont check his mob…but he did

He saw me from there..i signalled him to check his mob

I think he read my msg

He replied my msg…wow ..,,

[Message conversation:

Me : Thank you for saving my duppatta…arnav ji

Arnav ji :I wanna save you not your dupatta…☺☺☺

Me : Aww…thats so sweet..i wanna give you thank you treat…kya aap aa sakthi??

arnav ji :Treat?
Arnav ji :i cant come now

Me : its a chocolate treat…i will keep this in your room]

I showed chocolate to him…he smiled by seeing me…

Luv u arnav ji..

Precap :
NK is asking arnav..
How to propose khushi ji..By letter or giving rose in cine style…
Arnav is shocked

(NOTE : My dear readers, ur comments was was encouraging me.. always please do leave ur loveable, rocking comments …don’t forget)

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