kya Humare Beech Kuch Hai (Episode 6)



Few Days went like morning office ,evening shooting spot, some lovely moments with ARNAV JI…life went smooth..

I don’t know what did aaru got in his mind

One eve he said

Di..we want to check

I asked what??

Di.. arnav ji tujhse pyar kar raha hai ya nahi

Shut up aaru..he cant love me and he won’t ,he is an actor

No di..he is loving you..i could see his feelings for you in his eyes..he is definitely loving you

Accha are seeing so much of movies..thats y you are saying these cine dialogues..

No di i could prove you..

Oh really i said..

Di dat day anjali di want to Say something to you..but u stopped her..

He continued
Di…anjali di said arnav ji was not only interested in your voice but also wid…she wanna say something important and you stopped..

Saaf saaf bathav aaru..i didn’t understand

Di you understood ..but you are acting lyk you are not..
You are afraid you would get reject by arnav ji

But di..i am sure he wont reject you..he is too in love wid lyk you..

Ya aaru…i said
I am afraid..i am happy wid dis friendship relationship..and i don’t want to spoil this..see how many fans would get this opportunity..i could see my fav actor wenever i want..i could speak wid him..
I think this is enough aaru..

No not enough..di just think..wat will happen if this shooting is over..just think about that di..

(As soon as aaru finished i got tears in my eyes…ya wat will happen if shooting is over)

Haan aaru,.i didn’t think about that..but wat could i do
I am scared..i couldn’t tell him that i am in love wid him..if he rejects aaru..
Nothing is better than something.

Okay di..i agree wid you..what if he says he is in love wid you..

Kya….have u lost it..aaru..he won’t say lyk..don’t confuse me aaru..leave me

Di i am not confusing..i damn sure he is in love wid you…he wanna see you all the tym and thats y he asked your voice for lavanya ji so that he could see you,,

No No…i said

Okay lets conform with anjali di..
(Before i say something Aaru called anjali di , and he signalled me to sit quietly..)

Anjali di : hello…ya aaru
Aaru : haan di..i want to tell you something di..

(I signalled aaru to say nothing..but he didn’t care)

Aaru : di, khushi di is in love wid arnav ji..

Anjali di : kya?

Aaru : Yes di..di is in love wid him..di loves to spend tym with arnav ji..par di yeh sab kab thak chalega..if ur shooting got over ..then wat will happen to my di..

Anjali di : waah aaru…you are speaking like as you are her elder brother

Aaru : Khushi di is my world..i couldn’t see her unhappy..i want her to live happily..and she never tell arnav ji that she is in love wid him..becoz she is scared he would reject her.,but there is no use in being lyk these…so

Anjali di : so??

Aaru : di ka kaam hogaya na shooting she won’t come tomorrow onwards

(I was shocked…hw could i do this..i always wanted to see arnav ji)

Anjali di : i want to say something to you aaru

Aaru : kya di..i am sorry if i said anything wrong

Anjali di : no aaru..tu ne bilkul sahi kaha..kab thak aise chalega..i too want to say how you are worrying about your di..i am too worrying about my brother…
Yes aaru…arnav is like my brother…his parents died in an accident wen he was six..his uncle took care of him after that accident..arnav dont have any siblings…after he came into this field he is happy with his work..but not wid his lyf..he is calling me as di..i was with him 2 years..
I didn’t see him lyk this before…

Khushi you there ryt..i knew said anjali di

(Hw she found me)
Me : i am sorry di..i said aaru not to talk lyk this..i am sorry di

Anjali di : voh sach kehraha tha..i could see arnav’s happiness wen u r with him..he is having feeling for you..we need to make him understand that it is love

Me : are u sure di?..u know wat i mean..i dont want him to reject it is better not to tell about my love..

Anjali di : i am sure..he is in love wid u..and u knew him that he would always hide his feelings.,and won’t show it to we have to do something which will make him to say by himself that he is in love wid u

Me : par kaise

Aaru : di, u don’t worry, mein hu na…i’ll take care of everything..u just go think about ur love arnav ji..anjali di and me will make a super plan which will unite u and arnav ji..anjali di ok na?

Anjali di : sure aaru

(So aaru and anjali di made a plan…i don’t know it will work or not)


Whenever i think about arnav ji i felt like i am in a separate world which fills with a lot of love and happiness..

It almost 5.15

I saw the entrance (shooting building).. yes i was in the park which is in front of that building..
anjali di and aaru wants to show me that how much arnav ji is missing me when i am not with him

I checked my phone whether i got a call from aaru or anjali di..

No, none called me.. i thought to call them …but my phone rings..
Ek hogaye hum aur tum

That is not aaru or anjali di
But that is arnav ji..

I want to speak with him

But aaru voice came into my mind

Di today u should not attend any calls from arnav ji

So i didn’t attend his calls..
Arnav ji tried two more times but i didn’ sorry arnav ji

Again ek hogay hum aur tum
Now it is anjali di

I attended the call

Hello di…i heard aaru voice too.. yes that was a conference call…

But anjali di didn’t speak..
Instead i heard arnav ji voice..

Di khushi kahan hai…asked arnav ji.

Anjali di : Arnav i think she wont come today.

Arnav ji : Why di

Anjali di : she finished all her work here arnav..and i said that to i think she wont come..

Arnav ji : y she didn’t say anything to me.

Anjali di : maybe she will be busy wid her office work.

Arnav ji : Tk di.. i will ask her

Anjali di : where are you going

Arnav ji : to her house..

Anjali di : stop stop..tu aise kaise ja sakthi.. u are an could u go to her house…

Arnav ji : but i want to meet her

Anjali du : wait arnav let me think…aa…she will definitely come here to pick up aaru ryt? So u could meet her then

Arnav ji : tk

Anjali di disconnects the call

Wow arnav ji missing me.. i couldn’t beleive this

Ek hogayi hum aur tum

Again its anjali di

Anjali di : khushi what you are saying..u have any doubt on arnav’s love… he is missing you

Me : No di i am so happy…arnav ji mujhe miss kar raha hai..this is unbelievable

Aaru : jyada khush hone ki zaroorath nahi see our second plan..kyun anjali di..

Anjali di : ya aaru lets begin our second plan

Me : now what was that second plan

Anjali di : u just heard arnav’ s voice ryt?…now v are going to show his love directly to you

Me : kaise di

Anjali di : Aaru r u ready?
Aaru : ya di..

Few mins after

Anjali di : arnav just now i saw aaru waiting for khushi in his school.. i think she will come now to pick him

I couldn’t hear arnav ji voice…i think he didn’t say anything..he may be angry on me..

Khushi entrance ko dekho…i heard anjali di voice

I saw the entrance (shooting building)

Yes he is there…Arnav ji

I could clearly see arnav ji is looking for me..and he is waiting there for me in the entrance..and i’m so happy

Wow he is missing me


And aaru came there…

Arnav ji : khushi kahan hai aaru

(Yeah conference call still continued..they didn’t that i could hear what was happening there)

Aaru : di ko ofc mein kuch kaam she wont come today..

Arnav ji : y she is not picking my call

Aaru shook his head lyk he doesn’t know

Arnav ji continues…ask ur sis to come and me tomo..i want to speak wid her

Aaru : kya baath karna?

Arnav ji said kuch nahi..she has some work here

Arnav ji went inside

So happy moment in my life..
I can’t believe this..Arnav ji is missing me…and he loves me

Wait wait khushi..(my inner mind stopped me) abhi tak arnav ji khud nahi kaha that he is loving you..

Dont imagine anything till he says his love..

Ok fine..

Precap :

It is so dark..y dis room is so dark..i tried to switch on the lights..but i couldn’t find..
I heard the sound someone is lightning the matchbox..
Dat is a candle, but it is in the centre of rasagulla plate…..aww dat is arnav ji????

Happy Bday Khushi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I love how u described each an every feelings , moments.

    Bonding of Aru and Khusi, bonding of Anjali and Arnav.

    Fantabulous work dear.
    Marvellously written each chapters.

    This is totally unique story i have read.

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