kya Humare Beech Kuch Hai (Episode 14)

Episode 14 #KHBKH

Arnav ji and i am are shocked..
Everyone is here.

Di, when did you came?… i asked

Leave that khushi
And Finally
Ur dream became true..
Arnav accepted his love..
Wow I am so happy……said anjali di

Aaru hugged me…and again he said i’m so happy di

Nk ji hugged arnav ji by saying congrats bro

Anjali di, Aaru, Nk ji everyone is happy just because arnav ji accepted his love….and i am feeling like the most happiest person in the world…

wait….. i said
Everyone looked on me

Arnav ji…
I am really happy that you finally accepted your love…


I want you to impress me…. i said

Khushi u already became impressed by me…thats why you are loving me…said arnav ji

Haan i am impressed…lekin aapke proposal should be in a cinematic style…that is my dream
I said

And i continued

Every girl should have dream about their love proposal…and i want just want you to propose me something different..that must be impressing

What the??…. Arnav ji said

Dekhiye arnav ji…dis is final …u have to impress me and ur proposal should be in a cinematic style till that wont accept this love….thats it…. i said

Di..this is childish…..aaru said

This is not childish…This is my happiness…I have a dream about my love…And u said ryt aaru happiness is in small things….i said to aaru

She is ryt arnav…said anjali di

Haan dekho..ab anjali di too saying…i winked at arnav ji and i went near her

Haan arnav…agar yeh khushi ka dream hai..toh you have to fulfill that…thats your duty…said anjali di

Di….aap bhi na…aajkal you are always supporting her..and i am not going to do like that khushi..u know that i am loving you..thats it….said arnav ji

Oh no arnav ji got serious…i need to make him cool….

Aapko nahi aatha isliye you are saying like these…i said

Arey khushi…he is an actor…and he is the director for this love film..then how could you saying that he can’t do…said Nk ji

Mein nahi…your cousin said that he won’t do….so that i said he can’t impress me.he could say love dialogues in the film…but in the real he can’t..i said

Arnav yeh toh boys ke liye bohut badi insult hai….you have to do this and you have to show the boys power..said Nk ji

Haan arnav ji…..i know you will be better than my di in saying your love….
Hume toh dekha tha na kal..di said her love by crying???? aaru said

I stared at aaru devil

And i too wil support you arnav ji…said aaru

Haan we boys wil make a team and we show our power said Nk ji

(I know what wil arnav ji say know)

What the???

Okay okay..enough…just give them some privacy..i think they need some privacy..said anjali di by giving us smile

Everyone went

Okay now everyone wwnt…said arnav ji


Aur kuch nahi…i said

And i hugged him..before he speaks
I knew that it will be a shock for him…
Arnav ji kissed me in my head…

Okay mein chalthi hu… i said
No kuch der aur….said arnav ji
And he took me to the sofa and made me to sit..

He sits next to me and then kept his head in my lap..

I don’t know what to say….i just hold his hands…

You are my lyf’s best gift..
I feel really very happy when you are with me…
My lyf will be incomplete without you..And my all tym wish is want to be wid u always….said arnav ji

Haan arnav ji…mujhe bhi aise hi feel ho rahi hai…meri lyf ka sabse bada gift aap ho
I knew you are an angry bird…i said (i paused to see his reaction??)

Accha??? …he said

but that’s okay i will adjust…kyunki aapse pyar karthi hu na mein….aur aapke liye kuch bhi….i said with a smile☺☺☺

Khushi tu hamesha aise hi smile karthi raho…and i will never let you to cry….this is my promise…he said

Kyun??? I asked

Kyunki….?I LOVE YOU?…i don’t want to see tears in my girl’s eyes….?I LOVE YOU?…..said arnav ji

I couldn’t speak anything…and i don’t know why my eyes got filled with tears….??

Arnav ji wiped it and said this will be the last one….

I smiled☺???

——In khushi’s house——

Me and aaru about to sleep…but mujhe neend nahi aarahi hai…i saw aaru…he too didn’t sleep…

Aaru…still didn’t sleep??…i asked him

How could i di…
I knew di today, u can’t too sleep…said aaru

Haan aaru…meri lyf ki sabse badi din hai aaj….u know whenever i heard the word love…my intuition will always wont work baby….but today nothing happened like that…i got my love…my arnav ji…..i said

Di.. i am so happy for you di..said

U have to be my devil….i said

Aaru smiled and said
You are my everything di…and i want you to be happy always..

I hugged my lil devil and i kissed him in his forehead…

Luv u so much aaru…u made me to realize my love..u supported me to do this…Not only in my love…u supported me in all situation…i am blessed to have lil brother like you…i said

Di…ab aap filmy dialogues bol rahi ho…mujhe yeh thanks nahi chahiye…icecream treat???? he asked

Okay i said by smiling at him…i said

Okay di, its already 11.00 p.m. have to go school tomo…good nyt

Life ka fact aise kyun hai

If we are sad, we can’t sleep
If we are happy, toh bhi we can’t sleep..???

Its 12 now still i didn’t sleep

I checked aaru..he slept

Still i can’t sleep…

Last option
Mobile phone…

The only way to pass my tym…

I switched on my mob
As usual i got lots of notification..
i skip everything and went to arnav ji’s fb page

There were 3 more photos of him posted in his page which i didn’t see..

I gave heart reaction for those❤❤❤

Next i checked the comments..Fans we wil always be crazy..we would lyk to comment about their pictures…there were a lot of comments for his photos…

I scrolled the comments one by one and i begin to read

As usual
Luv u sweetheart???
My jaan….???
I wanna marry you..please say yes??????
Like that there were so many comments

I read next photo’s comments
And then next


Again same comment

I wanna marry you…please say yes??????

There was a like for her comment….kahi voh arnav ji toh nahi hai

Yes that is arnav ji…he liked that comment..

And this comment were in all the three pictures…i checked whose is that

It is Rifiya_arnav..
I clicked on her profile..both her display picture and header is arnav ji’s picture..

Omg i could see only arnav ji’s name more than her name in that profile

And she commented like these in all the arnav ji’s photos

Isn’t she too crazy???

My notification showed arnav ji is in online..

I check aaru…he is still sleeping…i thought to call arnav ji…

I called him

He took my call within two rings

Phone conversation

Arnav ji : Ab thak soyi nahi??.. thinking about me ryt?

Actually he is ryt

Me : voh koun hai??

Arnav ji : koun??

Me : Rifiya

Arnav ji : who is she?? she your friend..or you are dreaming something???

Me : koi dream nahi…she liked your photos in your fb page…and also commented for your pics…you too liked her comments

Arnav ji : khushi i will get a likes and comments from all my fans..and i wil like all their comments… that is usual

Me : par her comments was not usual

Arnav ji: khushi kya bol rahi ho tum?..just say it clear

Me : recently u have posted three pics…check rifiya ki comments on that

Arnav ji: just hold on

I think he is checking

Arnav ji: i got it she commented me that she wanna marry me

Me : aur aap bhi like kiya tha…

Arnav ji: khushi i will like my fans comments…and i liked her comment just like that so it doesn’t meant i wanna marry u just relax

I didn’t say anything

Arnav ji: are you there khushi?

Me : haan haan…bathayiye

Arnav ji: khushi don’t get upset for these small things…..and i won’t do it again…okay???

Me : hmm okay…rakthi hu

Arnav ji : arey wait…thodi pyarse bhi baath kar sakthi na??

Me : Pyarse???…voh kaise arnav ji

Arnav ji: jaisa we saw in a film.

Me : this is real real lyf me koi aise baath nahi karthe..aur its already 12…its time to sleep…

Arnav ji : accha

Me : vaise did u think about proposal?

Arnav ji : i already proposed you..but phir first tym you asked me something…so i will do it for you again

Me : aww dats so sweet arnav ji.

Arnav ji : hmm…bas itna

Me : aur kya??

Arnav ji : i think you forgot to give something…

Me : i didn’t forget anything…its 1 now…aap sojaayiye bye…

Arnav : i love you?

Me : love you too..good nyt

Arnav : Good Nyt

I disconnected the phone…

I wanna thank someone here…yes god…

Thank you so much god…u have given everything i asked…and you gave my love too…i am so happy…Thank you so much

(NOTE : My dear readers, ur comments was was encouraging me.. always please do leave ur loveable, rocking comments …don’t forget…)

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  1. Fenil

    Such a lovely chappy.
    Rifia is u dear ?:P:P:)):)):D
    Poor Arnav has to proposed her again that also in a dramatic way.
    Jealous khushi called arnav for thst….he ask to talk pyar se …loved it.
    U always make me travell Wow to Awww and Aww to wow and Wow to Aww….and so on.
    Loved it toh core my heart.
    Love u to sissu.

    1. Riya5794

      Haha ???i am not rifia…but i too commented crazily like rifia in many pics of barun…and guys i got addicted in writing just becoz of you

    2. Riya5794

      Haha ???i am not rifia…but i too commented crazily like rifia in many pics of barun…and guys i got addicted in writing just becoz of all your rocking comments…luv u so much guyz…???????

  2. That was just mind blowing????????
    Ohhhhhh LOVED IT A LOT….
    ummmmmaaaaaahhhh I just loved their dialogues and as usual imagine their chemistry while reading the ff ???
    High Reihana….. it’s just awesome…..???

    1. Riya5794

      Aww thank you so much dear????….Luv you???

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