kya Humare Beech Kuch Hai (Episode 11)


[Khushi, Aarav are in the lavanya room.]

Did u kept the letter di…asked aaru
Haan …i kept next to her wallet..she could definitely see the letter…..i said

After few mins
[Lavanya came inside]

Hi khushi Hi aarav…wen did u came…asked lavanya by checking for her mob

Just now we came lavanya ji… i said

[Lavanya took her mob..and saw that letter.]

What is dis?… lavanya ji asked us by opening that letter

Aaru and me nodded our heads like we didn’t know..

Lavanya ji read that letter and yes she is smiling…i think she like those lines..

What is that lavanya ji…i asked

This is a letter from a fan
And it is written in a poetic way…its interesting…..she said with a smile

Oh…toh who is dat fan..there must be his name ryt?….i asked

No…There is no name…just i am your big fan…thats it…said lavanya ji

NK ji didn’t wrote his name di…Aaru whispered to me

What was in that letter…aaru asked

This is about myself..About My Smile and My Dimple….she said with a smile…and i didn’t forget to notice her dimple

Ur smile really looking great dats why that fan wrote about that….aaru said

Maybe….said Lavanya ji

And what else is there in the letter… i asked

That’s it…at last he asked me to wait for his next letter….lavanya ji said

Wil u wait…. aaru asked

Yes…i wanna know who is that.. may be he will write his name on the next letter…said lavanya ji

——Some tym after—–

Khushi what is actually love? lavanya ji asked me

Love…are you discussing about love….asked NK ji by entering

Yes , i wanna know what is actually love…and wanna know what are your opinions on love…..said lavanya ji

Lavanya ji…i dont know what is love…but i could say how we feel when we are in love..

We feel like butterflies are flying in our stomach..we will feel lyk that we are flying in the air..we will feel lyk we are in a separate world…

NK, these will happen only in the movies…. said Lavanya ji

No No lavanya ji…aapko dekh kar mere saath bhi aise ho raha hai….said NK ji

(Lavanya couldn’t understand wat nk said in hindi)

What??? Lavanya ji asked

He is saying that if we are in love we would feel lyk this….i said

Oh okay…ahh khushi…

Lavanya ji about to say something to me but her phone begins to ring. She answered that call by signalling one minute to us

NK ji why didn’t you write your name on that letter….aaru asked slowly

Bcoz i wanna make her curious and she will wait for my next letterπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰…NK ji said

[Lavanya finished her call ]

Khushi wat you think about LOVE….lavanya ji asked me

Ahh lavanya ji love is a feeling.. it is a happy feeling… which could feel only by us wen we are in love…It is not necessary to say our love..we could feel our happiness by seeing our loved ones……..i said

Hmm nice definition….said Lavanya ji

She is feeling her happy wala loveπŸ’•πŸ’• isliye woh arnav ji se nahi kehrahi hai apni love ki baare mein…aaru said to NK ji

What Aarav…lavanya ji asked

Nothing lavanya ji..was just speaking wid NK ji

I heared wat aaru said to NK ji…and I gave a look to aaru devil

(Anjali and arnav entered the room)

Guys..what are you doing ….anjali di asked us by coming inside

Hmm aagaya meri happiness…Arnav ji gave me a smile..I don’t know why…but everytym we met we wil first give smile to each other…sometyms dat smile means hi…or it means take care of urself

Khushi……khushi…..anjali di is calling me

Kya di…i asked

Where are you khushi..lagtha hai u are in some other world…anjali di said

how could i ans this ques..whenever i am with arnav ji..i couldn’t concentrate on anything…

i didn’t say anything just gave her a smile

Anjali we are talking about love…i was just asking to everyone what is actually love..and their opinion ….said lavanya ji

Haan love…we could get a Best Explanation for love only from Arnav..After all he is the director for this short film…And he is giving those love dialogues with a i think he could say what is actually a love….said anjali di

Now everyone me, lavanya ji, aaru, anjali di and NK ji turned to arnav ji…and we are waiting for his answer

Arnav ji asked with a smile


Arnav tell about the meaning of the love..i always wanted to ask you this questions..after seeing your love dialogues and love scene..,tell me now..what Are you feeling about love…lavanya ji asked to arnav ji

Hmm..,Love is a feeling..which only could feel by us.. Saying Our Love To Our Loved Is Not Necessary…But Being With Them Wil Give Us A Lots Of Happiness…said Arnav ji

Wah arnav…awesome…ur thinking about love is really awesome….said anjali di

Exactly same…said lavanya ji

What ??.. arnav ji asked

khushi too said the same thing about love

Oh really..u two have same thinking….anjali di started to tease us..

I blushed…but i don’t think arnav ji will blush for this…i saw arnav ji

And we know his reaction

He said

Dekha aaru thinking about love for me and arnav ji is same…i whispered to aaru

Yes he is too feeling his he too won’t say his love lyk u my pyari di..,aaru teased me

Okay let’s play a game…said aaru

Game?? We all asked at once

Yes truth game…everyone has to say about their first love

I will spin the bottle and it will point to someone..those person need to say about their first love but only truth…okay …..said aaru

I don’t know what was his plan now…i signalled aaru what he was doing…but aaru didn’t see me…😞😞

Okay NK ji take that bottle….aaru said

Aaru begins to spin the bottle

It pointed Arnav ji…😱😱😱

Omg….what arnav ji would say…

I could see in aaru’s face he is more curious than me…

No…u just spin it again aarav…said arnav ji stopped to you arnav ji…u have to say….said aaru

We all are waiting for his answer…
And i am seeing arnav ji’s face without seeing anywhere..
He too knew that but he didn’t see me😠😠

Okay fine…i wil say

For Me..i don’t have any FIRST LOVE…. said arnav ji

That answer gave me a big relief..

Really Arnav..okay no first love..but you love someone….asked NK ji with a smile
………arnav ji said

Before arnav ji speaks something NK ji changed the topic by saying aarav spin the bottle for the next oneπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

This tym bottle stopped at NK ji…
Wah NK ji…aap bathaayie….i said to nk ji

Nk ji began to say

From my childhood till now i had so many crush…i thought that was all love…But now i couldn’t say those were all love…Because i could feel my love now.. So this is my first love

So you are in love now…asked arnav ji

I could say that arnav ji would thought NK ji was saying about me

Yes i am in love now…with her eyes…with her smile…with her style…everything about her…..said NK ji

Okay NK enough of your first love….said anjali di

She said just bcoz arnav ji won’t get angry for now

Now again aaru spin the bottle

Now it is pointing me

Di ab you..say about ur love..said aaru

I think for a while…hmm okay..i begin to say about my love

My first love…yes i had love..but not only in the past it is still continuing…

I love him so much..
And my love will always be with me…he is next to me..
.i saw my devil aaru

Di..aaru said

Ya aaru i love you so much…i could share my happiness sorrows ,fears and everything wid you

You are my best friend ever…and you are my first love nd it will continue for ever devil😘😘😘

Aaru came to me with tears and hugged me tightly…even i was crying

Love you di….said aaru
Love you too devil… i said

I could hear everyone is clapping for usπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Wow dat was a cute love khushi… lavanya said by hugging me…anjali di too gave a hug for me…

I saw arnav always he is already seeing me and smiling…

Okay guys…we need to get back to our work….said anjali di

Khushi ji…why don’t you say about ur second love??…asked NK ji by teasing me

I starred at him

—–After some days—–

(So days went by not saying their love
NK tried so many ways to make arnav to say his love..
But nothing works..)

Di i wanna go somewhere…aaru said

Where aaru??? How wil u go ….i asked

Di wanna go to my friend’s is here…he will come and pick up me u dont worry..i wil be back…said aaru

Ok…becareful…and come soon…i said

Okay di..bye…said aaru

Wer is anjali di…
I couldn’t see NK ji too..
Where they gone…now aaru too is not with me…

So boring yaar

Arnav ji is there..wil ask him about di

Arnav ji….di kahan hai…i asked him

Hmm… idhar aavo khushi…arnav ji said

I went inside and asked again wer is anjali di

He asked me to sit first and then he said….
I don’t know

Then y u called here arnav ji…i asked

He didn’t say anything he gave smile as a reply

You made me to sit here na..toh mujhse baath kijiye…talk with me… i said

What should i speak….arnav ji asked

Kuch bhi…i gave him a reply

Arnav ji again asked with a smirk

Kuch bhi????

Hmm okay u continue with ur work… i wil go outside and search for di…..i said by trying to move from there

But arnav ji stops me..comes closer to me…
my heart starts to beat fast


Kya mein teri aankhon ki baare mein bathavo khushi….arnav ji said

I was shocked….he is in a romantic mood now😱😱

Ya phir teri…arnav ji points to my lips now

He comes more closer to me

Woh……Aap kya kar rahe hai arnav ji………i don’t know wat to say

Anjali Di …wen did u came…. i said

Suddenly arnav ji move away from me and looked for di….

But di is not there… i just said to make him move away from me

Khushi lying is a bad manners……..said arnav ji

Kabhi kabhi joot bolna zaroori hai arnav ji… i said

Achha…he said

Okay i wil search for anjali di now….bye arnav ji…

Bye…he said with a smile

I came from there still now i couldn’t see NK ji and Anjali di

Where they gone……


Precap :

NK , aarav, anjali going to make a big plan

NK saying to anjali..di this tym arnav should accept his love

And we shouldn’t say this plan to di…said aaru

They are planning something…and anjali said #PERFECTPLAN….

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  1. Fenil


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    Cute Arnavji.
    Emotional Khushi and Devil Arav.
    Lavanyaji is earning good knowledge of love.
    Arshi’s love concept matched lovely:*:*:*
    why short chappy ?

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