kya Humare Beech Kuch Hai (Episode 10)


Arnav ji went back to his work..
You know what guyz… world’s most best feeling ??? is thinking about our loved one..
I will always love to do that…
And i didn’t take my eyes off from Arnav ji..

Oh ho..stop ur romance khushi ji….said NK ji

And world’s most worst??? feeling is stopping us from thinking about our loved one…

Aap ka prob kya hai NK ji…I asked

I am helping you for your love but you are not helping me khushi ji…said NK ji

Ya ya nk ji i will help you..i already said u na…but we have to think wat to do….i said

Khushi ji should i do something in a cine style…….said NK ji

You have to impress by admiring her in a poetic way…said Aaru by coming to us

We looked each other

In a poetic way…it will be old style aarav ….said NK ji

Haan NK ji it will be old…but sometyms OLD is GOLD…
And every girls ?❤ would lyk if someone admire her in a poetic way…because poems gives us pleasure…said Aaru…

I think this is will work NK ji…i said

What are you saying khushi ji…we are in a modern world…now how poetic way wil work…said NK ji

One min NK ji lemme give you demo…..said aaru

And he goes to lavanya ji..

Aaru called her

Lavanya Ji…

Lavanya ji : yes aarav…wat
Aaru : dis is for you…???
(He showed chocolate to her)

Lavanya ji : Oh ..Thank you aarav..But anything special..

Aaru : Special toh aap ho lavanya ji..i am big fan of your Eyes..

Your eyes are beautiful..
I really got lost in your eyes..
Actually Mesmerising Eyes..

And this chocolate is for you lavanya ji..
Please accept this chocolate love from dis little boy

Lavanya ji : Thats so cute Aaru..And dats my pleasure to accept this chocolate love

Lavanya are u ready….anjali di called her…lavanya ji said bye to aaru..

Aaru came to us and asked NK ji..Are you clear now NK ji ?..girls will always get impressed in a poetic way

But i have a doubt…Are u both bro and sis having chocolate factory with you??….asked NK ji

We gave a look on him…

Ok No prob..ab wat should i do…asked NK ji

Do one thing NK ji..just write a letter for her in a poetic way..i will give that letter to lavanya ji…i said

NK ji don’t mention that you are in love wid her..bcoz girls don’t usually beleive love at first sight..even though they like….aaru said

Okay lets start..

[NK starts to write a letter]

Dear lavanya ji…
Just Lavanya ji,

Khushi ji how to start …asked NK ji

Wat do you like most in her NK ji…i asked

Her smile with dimple….NK ji said…

Wah..NK ji …Wah…said aaru
NK ji got blushed

So write about that..and be sure that won’t be a long note…i said

Okay done..???…said NK ji

Lavanya Ji,

Your SMILE ☺☺is a sign of JOY.
It gives JOY to me..
You could find my HAPPINESS right under your NOSE..

And i wont forget to say about your DIMPLE

DIMPLE that add BEAUTY to you..
And Its Make You More CUTER

Wait for my next letter Lavanya ji
Your big fan

NK ji showed his letter to me..

I tried to open..but NK ji stopped me from opening…by saying we shouldn’t read others letter khushi ji sa

Haan di.. i am coming…Nk ji just keep this letter in my bag… i wil give this letter to lavanya ji..

Hmm okay khushi ji…said Nk ji

Di…you called me…i said to anjali di..

Haan khushi ab kaise ho tum..asked anjali di..

Di nothing happened to me..i am alright…i said.

Oh okay..wer is chocolate??? for me..she asked

I am confused hw did she knew

I saw that you was showing chocolate ???to arnav..,,

Oh she saw that.. i blushed

and i deserved that chocolates than arnav…kyunki i solved everything there…anjali di

Di you deserve more than chocolate…i will give u hug treat…i said

I hugged anjali di…and i kissed?? her in the cheeks…

Aww sweet…

vaise ,wil u give this hug and kiss treat to arnav too….anjali di asked

Oh no…i am blushing ??????

NK ji signalled me from there..lyk he finished the letter and wil kept in my bag…

I said okay..

(Arnav is seeing this..but he doesn’t understand what NK signalled to khushi)

In my house

I am so tired..aaru had ur milk ryt??

Haan di..said aaru and he went to sleep

Where is my phone..i think it will be in my bag..
Oh …i forget about that letter…Have to give lavanya ji tomo

(Khushi is checking her bag)

I couldn’t find that letter

Ek hogayi hum aur tum…humma humma humma

Yeah my phone rings.

Haan NK Ji

NK ji :khushi ji, Did u see that letter
Me : No Nk ji i didnt get that

NK ji : What??? but i kept that letter in ur bag..check it again

Me: But it is not there..

Kya letter NK…you are talking about this…(said arnav)

( Arnav showed that letter yes he is having that letter…actually he saw NK signalling something to khushi about her bag..he later goes there and took that letter..arnav was in shock)

Me : NK ji aapke saath arnav ji hai kya???
NK ji : khushi ji i wil call u again …wait

Me : but NK ji
NK ji : Bye

Me : hello..

(NK ji forgets to disconnect the call , i could hear their conversation)

NK ji : from wer u took this arnav
Arnav : That is not the dis for khushi

(Nk now understood…arnav mistook that the letter was written for khushi)

NK ji : kya ?
Arnav ji : i knew morning u were signalled khushi to check her bag by showing this letter

(Arnav is so possessive about khushi..????)

NK ji : woh…aahh..haan yes..i wrote it for khushi ji..but y u took that..that is not for you

(NK Ji again u started ur game…i said
But he couldn’t hear me..)

Arnav ji : What the

(I knew arnav ji would say this..that was his fav ques WHAT THE?….khushi concentrate)

Arnav ji : NK how could u do this..u have seen khushi today..and u now decided to propose her???

NK ji : Everything is fair in love arnav…anyone could have feelings on anyone within one second, one day , one year…it doesn’t matter arnav..

Arnav ji : but NK…
Nk ji : arnav.. khushi ji is nice person..She is so sweet…caring..lovable..

Arnav ji : stop NK i knew khushi more than you….Just stop it

NK ji : okay i wont speak about her…could i ask you one question
Arnav ji : What ???

NK ji : Are you in love wid Khushi ji

(aww NK ji you asked…Arnav ji please tell what are you thinking about me….)

Arnav Ji : What The

(Again i expected this)

NK ji : oh m sorry…was just joking..okay give that letter

[nk picked that letter from arnav]

Arnav Ji : NK …Nk
NK ji : vaise arnav…how to propose khushi ji..Would she lyk this letter or should i propose her by giving rose in cine style

[Arnav is shocked]

(I was shocked..i knew arnav ji will be in shock after hearing this)

NK ji : Tk arnav we will decide it later..good nyt

(I think NK ji left from that place)

Me : hello NK ji..could u hear me

NK ji : khushi ji…oh still i didn’t disconnect the call..

Me : yes NK ji… but what u said to arnav ji..

Nk ji : Arey aap sab suna tha na..leave this matter to the destiny…i am sure making arnav jealous lyk this will definitely make him to say his love..I am sure khushi ji

me : par NK ji..
He stopped me

NK ji : Khushi ji just relax and sleep…gud nyt…aur letter i will give you tomo..u could give to lavanya ji

Me : hmm gud nyt☺☺☺..bye

I can’t sleep…i took my mob..and i saw all the photos of arnav ji….i smiled automatically on seeing his photo

Kyun arnav ji..why didn’t you say anything

Dont you have any feelings on

God what is happening with me…my pillow gets wet…yes i am crying…

[(Kyun dard hai itna tere ishq meinn rabba ve raaba ve…)
Feel the bgm]

My phone vibrates…
I got a message

Itni raat mein koun msg kar raha hai..

?? dat is arnav ji

Message Conversation

Arnav ji : Hi…Gud Nyt☺☺
Me : Still u didn’t go to sleep
Arnav ji : Nahi
Me : kyun??
Arnav ji : headache..i can’t sleep..
Me : maybe it’s becoz of your work stress..
Arnav ji : you are expert in curing headache na..give me a solution.
Me : now how could i cure? I am not there to give you head massage…
Arnav ji : so wat should i do now?
Me : just close ur eyes…and think about those moments when u was happy…

(Arnav closed his eyes….both arnav and khushi thinks about their first meeting..and then rasagulla moments)
(Rabba ve Rabba ve feel the BGM)

Arnav ji : you are the best khushi..u have solution for all my problems
Me : ☺☺☺..

Arnav ji : khushi..u wont go away from me ryt?

Me : How Could i Arnav ji..Kabhi nahi

Arnav Ji : ☺☺

Me : now you will feel better…i mean ur head ache

Arnav ji : hmm yes…Gud Nyt

Me : Good Nyt…Arnav ji…

(They both love each other so much..maybe they won’t convey that…but they could feel)

Precap :
Lavanya reads that letter..and asking arnav what is actually love…NK , khushi and anjali is waiting for arnav’s answer

(NOTE : My dear readers, ur comments was was encouraging me.. always please do leave ur loveable, rocking comments …don’t forget)

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