Kya Hua Tera Vaada 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Kya Hua Tera Vaada 8th May 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 8th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Bulbul comes to open the fridge in the dark n Vihaan comes too and his hand is on Bulbuls! She withdraws..! Vihaan offers her the bottle of water but Bulbul takes another bottle..n walks away..! Vihaan pours the water in a glass as Bulbul watches him..! Vihaan self thought.. that he knows Bulbul mite not forgive him for this crime. .but if she were in his place..she would have done the same! Bulbul self thought that she trusted Vihaan more than herself ..why did he do this to her? Vihaans elf thought.. trust one last time! Anika comes and sees them and glares …! Vihaan walks out of the kitchen..! Bulbul too..!

Mona prays to God to give her strength so she can face Bulbul..! She switches on light of Bulbuls room and she is not there..! Monas mom is crying.. n Rajbeer

is trying to comfort her..! Jatin- Alok are all upset..! Mona comes and says Bulbul is not in her room..! Alok says.. she is fine.. n safe..! Mona asks where is she? Alok says .. he sent Bulbul to Suhasi.. in it will help her to move on! Mona thanks him …! Mona decides to call Bulbul .. but Alok asks her not to call just yet..! Mona asks where is Rano? Rano comes and Mona asks where was she? Rano says.. got stuck.. at parlor and taxi broke down..! Rano asks if Bulbuls bidaai happened without her? Rajbeer cries .. n Rano comforts him…! Rano asks Mona what is the matter? Monas mom says.. Vihaan broke Bulbuls heart ..n cheated her..! Jatin tells Rano that Vihaan married Anika..! Rano passes out..! Rano recollects her thots of committing suicide.. n being saved by Vihaan..! She recollects telling Vihaan about the whole accident thing..Anus idea to get rid of the body.. the cops..! She recollects Vihaan assuring her that he will not let any trouble befall Rano or her family …! Monas mom curses Vihaan..! Rano self thought.. she needs to tell someone about the whole mess..!

Part 2

Anika tells Anu that she is coming back ..n Anu asks her not to give up ..! Anika says.. that Vihaan-Bulbul were together in kitchen..! Anu asks so what? Anika says..they were drinking water together..! Anu says…whats the issue? Anika says..she can sense chemistry between Vihaan-Bulbul.. n asks her to keep an eye on them..! Anu asks Anika to keep an eye on them n sleep between the rooms where Vihaan-Bulbul sleep to keep an eye on case they meet up at night..!

Anika is sleeping on the floor.. in the alley between Vihaan-Bulbuls room n she feels uncomfy…! Next day morning…Bulbul finds Anika sleeping on the floor n wakes up Anika..! She reminds Anika that.. its their first round to cook at their hubby’s place..n they have to see who cooks better..! Bulbul asks Anika to get ready… n says..she felt pity on her so woke her up..! She says..she is gonna win.. so.. n turns n leaves..!

Anika rushes to get ready..! Rano is in her room n talking to the sky.. ! She rues that she is too bad coz of her Bulbul-Vihaans life is ruined..! Jatin sees Rano crying and comes to her…n asks the matter..? He promises to fix all..! Rano says.. no one can do anything n that she has made such a big mistake that all are paying the price.. the entire family .n Vihaan too! Jatin asks if the matter is related to cops? He asks her to spill the beans..! He takes Rano out ..!

Part 3

Rano says .she din kill .. Ronak..! Jatin says.. n Anu handled all? Rano says yes..! She says.. Vihaan-Bulbul had gone to the same place..! Rano says.. she doesnt trust Anu .. as.. why would then Vihaan have to marry Anika? Jatin says..he has figured it all out. .n rues the harsh words he told to Vihaan..! Rano says..she will tell all the truth.. n she has no issues going to jail..! Jatin tells Rano that.. till now.. it was her secret but from now on.. its Jatins responsibility. .n asks her not to tell all n not to let Anu figure that Rano doesnt trust Anu..! Jatin assures to do something! Rano thanks him..! Jatin takes Rano someplace.!

Bulbul comes in Vihaans room n he is fast asleep..! She calls out to Vihaan..who doesnt respond! Bulbul tickles him with her hair .. n Vihaan asks her to let him sleep! Bulbul says..then sleep m going..! Vihaan pulls Bulbuls arm and asks why she din talk to himlast night? Bulbul says..she doesnt want to now either.. but saw his sorry face n felt mercy..! Vihaan asks Anika? Bulbul says..she is in kitchen.. who the hell is she to be Vihaans wife..! Vihaan smiles n wakes up.. realising it wasa dream..! Bulbul comes n Vihaan tries to reach out to her..! Bulbul asks him to keep away…n says..she din wanna see his face either..! Vihaan asks why is she here? Bulbul says..she is here to show that Anu cannot snatch her right..!Bulbul asks Vihaan why he did what he did?
bulbul trips suddenly n Vihaan holds her..!Anika comes n sees them n fumes..!

Precap —- Mona is ath temple.. n Rajbeers cell rings.. its Monas mom! Bulbul comes to same temple n is walking just by Rajbeers side…!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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