Kya Hua Tera Vaada 8th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 8th January 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 8th January 2013 Written Update


Mona breaks down the video camera. Bulbul asks how can she do it as its the proof. Mona says there is not need of any proof to prove her son guilt. If the evidence exists then police questions the girl which will humiliate her n she doesn’t want that girl to suffer all this. She says Rajvir will go to the station n gives the report for what all he has done. Rajvir says how can she spoil his studies n Australia trip. Mona says she too will see how will he enter house without getting punishment. Suhasi asks Alok to stop her but Alok says let her go as they always support sons n do wrong to daughters.


Guests arrive n Balbir invites them, then comes dadi n he calls her dadi. She counters that she is not his dadi n only kids. He have nice nok jhok with her. Anu n Anika comes to them. Anika over excites abt the marriage n finally shouts out that her marriage is gonna happen in harbor yard (i didn’t get correctly i guess ). She says her mom will fulfill all that.

Vihaan stops her n says before they decide he wanna clear something. Mr. Ruea says they got gr8 loss in business n its his mistake. Vihaan says its his mistake, he didn’t take his career seriously, nor did understand his responsibilities. He wanna rectify all this now so he have decided that he will go to India n take care of the media house which is the only hope now. As he is going there, so he wishes to do marriage in India as all the relatives are there itself.

Balbir n rest are taken aback. Balbir says he is proud of Vihaan but he wanna say something. Everyone knows Anika is his step daughter but she is more than his own daughter. So he will take the responsibility of marriage n make it the most grand wedding of Australia.

Vihaan says its not abt marriage but about his priorities n responsibilities. He wanna do marriage as per his status n that too in India n he wishes they will def. support him.

Balbir panics listening to the name of India. Anu stops him n says if Vihaan wishes that his marriage to happen in India then that will be done there itself. And he also wishes his business to setup in India which is good decision too. And she n Anika both will support him. Ruea’s were happy. Anika leaves saying she wanna speak to Anu.


Police questioning the girl n Mona enters saying why should girl need to know abt the guys. She introduces herself n says she doesn’t have proof ri8 now but she got the culprit with her. Inspector notes down the name n Father name. He then asks to give the details of rest of the guys too so that they can arrest them.


Anika asks Anu what’s all this. She want her marriage to happen in Australia but they are talking abt India n that too she has to stay in India for 3 months. Its not possible for her to do so. Anu says she have to accept this. Anika says she loves her more than Vihaan n its for her she accepted to marry Vihaan. But this is not possible for her to stay in India as she hates that place.

Anu says till date she has fulfilled all her wishes but not she is not gonna listen to her n she must do it for sure. She emotional blackmails her which makes Anika to accept.


Inspector files the charge sheet agains the guys but the girl stops saying Rajvir has helped her n didn’t harass her. Mona says he accompained the guys then what is she saying. The girl says, Rajvir accompained them but his presence of mind have saved her n says what all happened. If he wasn’t there, then something bad must have happened to her. She says Mona should feel proud of him. Inspector says he won’t file any case against Rajvir. Bulbul n Mona got a big silent slap after listening to all this. they both hug him. Mona thanks god for helping her kids.


Anika finally announces that she is ready for marriage n she says she doesn’t know how to feel shy n asks dadi to teach her. She then says she can’t stay in India for more than 3 months. She thanks n hugs her dad for all that he did. Balbir isn’t happy for the thing. Anu self thinks hope Mona is ready to welcome them all.


Mona n all reach home n she reveals all is well. Suhasi says her fear n doubts failed n her upbringing (Parvarish) has won over all this.

Jatin gets call from Vihaan n he assures everything will happen as per their wish n it will be telecasted in their channel itself. Later he asks staff member to call Bulbul but he informs she is at Police station. Jatin asks if its for the harrassment case but he replies its some family issue. Jatin tries to call them.


Mona promotes Amita ka Amit show.

Precap: Mona says to Jatin if there is any need then she will def. inform him. Jatin says she must have asked his help. Mona says since 10yrs she is handling alone all family matters. And it won’t be good if they both meet like this. Jatin is hurt.

Update Credit to: Swetha

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