Kya Hua Tera Vaada 7th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Kya Hua Tera Vaada 7th May 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 7th May 2013 Written Update

episode begins with anushka asking vihaan’s dad to go to dere home…but he says dat he wont act any customs wth d girl he doesnt accept as his DIL and to let anushka do watever.

mona jumps in to do become jagat mata…& lectures importance of marriage vows and tells vihaan’s family dat dey can manage and dey shud do dere duty.

rano wakes up and asks how and why she is dere? (where exactly is she??? i missed last nite’s episode)…

anushka organizes anika’s grihapravesh herself as vihaan’s family refuses to do it. IN WALKS BULBUL IN HER BRIDAL ATTIRE

bulbul declares dat when d she d bride & d groom is here so welcome ought 2 b done. anika anushka shocked and bulbul says not to worry as though illegal but anika is yet her half sister. …


tells anika dat her mom tried to give her a part of her dad’s love and now is trying to get her her husband’s love.
anushka says dat dis time bulbul’s relation is illegal but bulbul replies dat she pities anika who is tied in a loveless marriage. anika flares up and claims dat vihaan loves her and bulbul laughs at her. anushka is about to slap bulbul but she holds her wrist
she says dat she will never hit her elders but will not hurt lying down. she says dat she wont let anushka repeat wat she did in d past. she will go to any extent to save her relation with vihaan

bulbul den gifts a black cloth to anika as a wedding gift
she says dat when anushka entered her father’s life her mom was left behind. but she wont wait for God foor justice but will get her justice on her own might

bulbul insists anika to do grihapravesh but as she hesitates she herself enters d house first. anushka signals a shocked anika who follows suit & vihaan+family shocked .

bulbul asks vihaan to come upstairs and tells anika to take permission from her mom
poor vihaan throws off his garland and goes up while anika bulbul follwo him into his room
bulbul says dat she will stay in d opposite room to keep an eye on her vihaan and her.

anika goes to vihaan and asks why he didnt support her. vihaan sya sdat today is dere nupital nite and dey shudnt waste time. he comes closer to her and tells her dat she mite have married him but she will never b able to get him.

with dat vihaan starts collecting pillows and blanket and anika says dat he neednt leave as he can sleep on d sofa. vihaan hands her d beddings and tells her to leave his room

anika calls anushka who tells her to go back to vihaan’s room.

vihaan bulbul unable to sleep and remember dere loving moments
both get up for water and in d dark dere hands touch…eyes meet…& episode ends…with me as usual landing up with not even a single moment of romanticism of vibu to update..

Precap: vibu in close embrace and bulbul tells dat he shudnt do all dese especially with doors open lest his wife sees dem. anika watches dem

Update Credit to: madhuban

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