Kya Hua Tera Vaada 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 7th February 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 7th February 2013 Written Update

mona & bulbul r @ home.bulbul tells mona 2 smile always.and told abt her promotion & tells that mona is her superstar. rano cums & asks 4 dress from mona. bulbul says she”ll get it 4 her.rano bcums happy.mona goes 2 keep the cheque in front of ganpati.rano asks bulbul that she”ll do watever she wants if bulbul gets her a dress. bulbul says she”ll buy 2 dresses but there r 2 condns. rano asks abt them. bulbul says 1st she won’t buy the dress bcoz of sum guy,rano thinks that di won’t know abt says ok.bulbul tells 2nd is rano shud tell her how 2 smile. rano is shocked & says its v.weird request asks that is it 4sum1 spl. bulbul says no & says sum1′d bet that she can’t smile so trying 2win rano tries 2 make bulbul smile. bulbul tries & makes faces but cudn’t done properly. rano gets irritated & tells bulbul can’t smile & goes away. after that bulbul tries 2 smile & rano watches her & thot abt she needs 2 know the prsn.

nxt morning alok & suhasi r @ b’fast table & rano cums & talks in riddles abt bulbul & her smile.alok & suhasi r confused. rano goes away. alok was wid sum papers & says sumthing so suhasi asks now wat anu’d done sumthing. mona gets uncomfy & goes saying her phone needs charging so need 2 go. alok scolds suhasi 4 reminding abt anu.(sorry frnds i cudn’t tell it clearly as didn’t watch it properly)

bulbul is in the ofc in her cabin & trying 2 smile but cudn’t.she saw vihaan &asks him 2 take the file 4 making sequence etc. vihaan goes. then rano cums & asks bulbul abt the spl. prsn. bulbul again refuses. then vihaan cums 2 give her file back. rano luks @ him.vihaan goes away. rano asks bulbul is he the prsn ?? bulbul tries 2 excuse but rano goes 2 vihaan & tells him that its impossible 4 bulbul 2 smile. and the day she smiles there”ll b storm. bulbul saw both rano & vihaan talking & smiles.vihaan saw it & says storm has cum & asks rano 2 see. rano sees bulbul smiling.

precap- vihaan wid jatin telling abt new proposal & tells that 2day sum1 taught him 2 trust himself & now they”ll tell ppl 2trust themselves.jatin watches vihaan.

Update Credit to: tiny15

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