Kya Hua Tera Vaada 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 6th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Vihaan drove Bulbul home..and notices she is asleep and wakes her up..! He notices that she has forgotten her pocket knife..! He gives it to she goes inside..! Bulbul arrives..and finds her grandma is still awake..! She realises Bulbul is drunk..! Bulbul is scared..! Mona is crying in her room and talking to Pradeeps pic saying.. Anu and Pradeep cant have a kid…and he has only three kids…her kids..! Monas mom comes to Mona and overhears and she is shocked..! Mona breaks down in her moms arms..! She tells Mona not to believe Anu..! Mona says that Anu is true this time. .n she hasnt told Pradeep even.. ! Monas mom asks why Anu told her this? Mona idea.. but she needs to tell Alok-Suhasi.. as they have another grand kid! Monas mom tells Mona that..Pradeep

has only three kids..! She says that if Suhasi finds out she will want to meet that better Mona not tell it.! Mona is in turmoil..! Monas mom asks her to think of Alok.. n how much pain he will feel..! She suggests not to tell anyone!

Next day morning.. Monas mom asks Bulbul to get up..n she manages to get up..! She offers her Kada ..and says that she din tell Mona that Bulbul got drunk..! Monas mom chides Bulbul ..n says..she knows why Bulbul drank ..! Monas mom says..she too knows.. what Bulbul better no one else knows..! She tells Bulbul that she will kick her out if she gets drunk again..! She asks her to think about what Mona will go thru..! Bulbul says sorry…! Monas mom finally relents..!

Part 2

Anu tells Babu lulu who is unconscious in the hosp that ..Anika is Pradeeps daughter and now she is gonna use Anikas birth certificate by sending it to Alok-Suhasi..! Bulbul comes outside in parking n realises how she reached home with Vihaan..! She rues wondering what all she told Vihaan..!

At the office all look at Bulbul weirdly..! Bulbul wonders the matter and then suspects Vihaan of telling all..! One of the office guys.. tell her that..she is a very secretive person.. n knew what was gonna happen to her ?? Bulbul walks off!

Courier guy arrives and says..its for Suhasi …Alok takes the courier.. n opens it..! He gets a letter from Anu …and it speaks about Anika being Pradeeps daughter with birth certificate..! Alok is shocked..!

Part 3

The peon comes in Bulbuls cabin n she asks him to call Vihaan! He goes..! Vihaan comes inside..! He asks her how she is and if she is feeling fresh and offers her coffee..! Bulbul fumes..! She picks up the cup of coffee…and throws it on Vihaans face..! Vihaan is taken aback..! Bulbul says that all men are the same.. trusting men is her biggest mistake..! She says..he showed .. his true form.. told everyone ..everything ! She says..she knows that.. he did it all he could take revenge..! She says.. he told all to everyone..! She says.. how he must have told everyone about Pradeep and him having a child.. n how he did sting operation on Bulbul ..! She cries saying that he must have told everyone about her biggest pain .. like a joke..! She says ..he must have told all that ..this is the reason why Bulbul never smiles ..nor trusts any one at all..! Bulbul says..she wont be afraid of him . .nor anyone.! She tells Vihaan to get out…and says..she doesnt wanna see his face ever he is sick and disgusting..!

The staff come in and say surprise and say congrats to Bulbul ..!They say ..that the new segment.. Bulbul has started is no.1 in TRP so they are all excited .. n Vihaan was happiest about it all..! Bulbul is left speechless .. n looks guiltily at Bulbul ..! Jatin comes and congratulates her for fulfilling their expectations..! He asks how Vihaan is working? He praises.. the duo for team work..! He gives Bulbul her promotion letter with revised salary.. n an advance..! Bulbul thanks him..! Vihaan excuses from the cabin ..! Everyone start to cut the cake..! Bulbul watches Vihaan leave..!

Bulbul comes to Vihaan and says sorry..! She says..that she thought he told everyone everything n so she flipped..! Vihaan stays quiet..! She says..that she did it all without giving any thought..! She admits she is nuts to misunderstand him ..! She says sorry again..! Vihaan says.. only sorry wont she threw coffee on his face..! Bulbul offers to say sorry infront of all..! Vihaan says no and asks her to smile..! Bulbul tries..! He offers her a cup of tea and says..if she doesnt like she can throw on his face..! Bulbul finds his request weird n keeps trying to smile..!

Precap — Rano asks Bulbul why she wants to learn how to smile? Bulbul says..why cant she ask? Rano says..she can teach Bulbul to smile..but for whom does she want to smile?? Someone special?

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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