Kya Hua Tera Vaada 30th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Kya Hua Tera Vaada 30th January 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 30th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Bulbul tells Vihan that he is hired and will assist her in all her research! She aplogises to him ..! Vihan says..its not her fault alone.. he was lost too..!

Alok-Mona discuss orders ..! Anu comes and admires the place saying..its nice.. its hers! She orders soft drinks! Mona-Alok are shocked seeing her..! She asks Mona to serve her..! Alok tries to stop her but Mona goes to serve Anu, nevertheless! Anu says the cold drinks is not cold enouf and orders another one..! Mona gets it! She asks for straw.. Mona gets that as well..! She asks for a glass.. n then asks Mona to pour it in a glass..! Mona complies..! Alok-Suhasi watch disgusted! Anu tells Mona that soon she will change the whole thing about the hotel.. as its her property..! She asks for bill and is told its Rs.25. .she gives..! Waiter offers to get change but Anu says..not needed as its tip for Mona..! Anu leaves!

Mona wonders what Anu wants.. one side she wants Mona to stay and get humiliated.. n on another wants to gain max profit from this place? Anu self thought that she wants to keep Mona so busy that she doesnt have time to see the storm that will hit her home!

Part 2

Vihaan is walking all depressed on the roads! BG – Tanhayi..! He recollects Anikas words… ! He gets flashbacks of all moments spent with her..! Vihaan says..his life has changed in 36hours! His dad calls and says… he knows he is in pain.. n smiles for his sake..! Vihaan says..he is fine but his dad says.. he knows him n asks him to keep faith. .as THIS TOO SHALL PASS! Vihaan resolves to be happy..for his own family ..who want to see him happy..!

Mona comes to talk to Anu to return the change to her..! Anu says..its not her habit to forget.. ! She tells Mona that its a she can buy sweets for her kids! She tells Mona that she is keeping a party ..n wants Monas services..which she is sure..she wont refuse as she has a debt to repay! Mona accepts..! Alok asks the matter. .but Mona says.. nothing..! Mona resolves that she wont let Anu humiliate her family ..n will go alone to Anus party .. n do the catering.. even if its without waiters..!

Part 3

Bulbul is standing close to Vihaan and telling him to input details but Vihaan is troubled! Bulbul asks the matter .. n if he is uncomfy..! He! Again Bulbul is very close to Vihaan and her hands are touching him.! Vihaan asks if she doesnt feel that they ought to not work late at nite? Bulbul asks.. as she is girl n he is guy? Vihaan says.. its not about that ..but about trusting a stranger! Bulbul says..she knows ..he is not that type of a he better focus on work! Vihaan keeps staring at Bulbul .. and then closes in on her..!He touches her hand and Bulbul jerks him off..! Vihaan pins Bulbul to a wall..! Bulbul says..she will scream..! Vihaan says.. thers no one..! Bulbul screams help..n pushes him off..! Vihaan says.. this is to make her understand.. not to trust anyone so soon..! Bulbul asks.. if he did it all to make her realise? He says..yes..! Bulbul says…she thought only she is weird.. who doesnt trust anyone easily ..but Vihaan has left her behind in this n Vihaan says.. he has kept trust behind him long back..! Vihaan gives Bulbul a paper knife..! Bulbul asks what if ..she murders him with it n Vihaan says..he too has one..! Duo smile at each other..!

At night.. Mona is sitting at the laptop .. n Bulbul comes..! Bulbul shares about trusting a guy..! Mona is taken aback..! Bulbul says.. a new guy .. in her team..! She says how he made her realise that trusting so soon is a mistake..! She says how Vihaan doesnt trust anyone..! Mona says..finally she got someone like herself..! Bulbul is getting ready to leave n Mona ..they are the same..! Bulbul its fun working together..! Mona says.. Babaji..takes care of all n so sent Bulbul someone quiet like her..!

Precap — Mona tells Anu to stop lying and that Pradeep was her hubby ..n father of her kids..! Anu says.. its a lie.. as Pradeep has a daughter with Anu..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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