Kya Hua Tera Vaada 29th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Kya Hua Tera Vaada 29th January 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 29th January 2013 Written Update

Anu says to herself that she will not let him(mr balbeer) die as she wants to teach a lesson to mona
vihaan is in the office,bulbul walks toward him and slip as there was on the ground and vihaan catch her so she don’t fall, bulbul is angry and says to vihaan how dare he taugh her then she tells to vihaan to leave her,she fall on the ground bulbul look around and sees all her colleagues around her and feels embarrassed ,bulbul is in the office explaining her colleagues what they suppose to do the news channel and vihaan is in the same area drinking coffee but he doesn’t look at bulbul and acts like he is not listening to them as they were leaving vihaan says what about me? bulbul gives him her lunch box and ask him to take out the jeera (I think its a not sure about that sorry abt that)
and leaves him there..anu in her office and mona comes there,anu says as far as I remember I din’t call you here then what are you doing here?? mona says your lawyer give me these papers and am here to return you back I don’t want to hotel and I will pay the rent of the hotel..mona says my financial was not good and I couldn’t pay the rent on time but I will clear all my dues as soon as I get money but I don’t want the restaurant, anu says you will never get this restaurant and anu says I will not let him(mr balbeer) die so you don’t get this..anu says to mona to pay the rent asap otherwise you know me na what I will do,mona says you still remember the past its better you forget that..anu says mona to sit and tells this restaurant to pay as you didn’t pay the rent for 7 lac and until you pay the money you will have to be my servant under my restaurant..anu threatens to mona again and says her to pay the money otherwise she will harm her family,mona says to anu to be far from her family otherwise you will see what I will do with you..mona leaves and anu gets angry about mona’s threaten Bulbul is giving the news and her colleagues compliment about how she did,bulbul get a phone call and says she is coming to home soon while talking on the phone she sees vihaan drinking coffee and goes to him..bulbul ask him how was the news and he says bakwas and tell her how the accidents happen so the doctors have a patient so they can get pay all that(vihaan point a lot of things that bulbul didn’t even think about) and tells her how much he find jeera from her lunch box and leaves there..bulbul think how come they didn’t think about that and how did I make this mistake and epi ends on bulbul’s face

PRECAP: Anu at the restaurant as the waiter is about to serve her,anu ask him to stop and tells him to give his ma’am(mona)suhaso is angrybut mona stops her..mona serve anu, suhasi and her husband there look to anu n mona

Update Credit to: Anfal

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