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Kya Hua Tera Vaada 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update


Kya Hua Tera Vaada 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 26th February 2013 Written Update

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D PARTY WAS ON A CRUISE???…& i thought dere company was incurring losses …

so d episode starts with vihaan attempting 2 escape Nagin…& dupes her by pointing to some random Ms. Green (Maira??…dunno…i cudnt make out…) as his date for d evening. Naging gets pissed (& slithers off) and Jogi announces a game called fish pond, Bulbul is called & jogi explains dat d game requires each one 2 come up & write dere opinions about some particular person and drop it in a bowl. Vihaan-Maira (ok now im sure of Ms. Green) are stared upon by Nagin & Bulbul both. Anyway d opinion chits are 2 b read in d end & d guessing game of d subject of d opinion is done (so why is it d fish pond??…&

i thot it mite involve HOT wet scenes ) D game beging & Nagin is named 2 b Somakshi…i mean mast mast do nain was written as describing her . Well d game intenses up as d majority gve all kinds of adjectives 2 bulbul implying her 2 b a serious strict bore. & progressively comments about her being rude…mean… (wat kind of subordinates she has???…ought 2 kick dem out…anyway sargun did a fab bit of emoting dere…wish dey had panned d cam 2 vihaan too…
bulbul goes for a glass of water…all teary eyed..

scene shift…rajveer being escorted home by grandad. rajveer worried abt his mom.

scene shift back to ViBu (why interrupt in d first place???). bulbul in tears & vihaan comes up 2 her. bulbul snaps back saying neither dis is office nor she is his boss outside office timings. vihaan gives friendship wala waasta . Bulbul flares up & tells dat jogi told her dat all dose comments were written by vihaan. she is soo upset & accepts dat she is like dat only.. (uuummmuaahhh love u sargun…) & says dat she didnt expect it from him (…yesss guys ishq wala lub..). Vihaan even more hurt dat she even for a moment believed dat he wud ever made her cry (awww…shooo cute..).

well d angry young man vihaan faces d staff & reprimands dem for never knowing d real bulbul. (dats a knight in shining armour..). he says shez d most hardworking, talented…etc. world best qualities are exclusive 2 bulbul… ok enuf jokes b4 u people oust me from updater’s job.
so vihaan praises her kindness & golden heartedness. & she shud b respected for her sincerity & devotion (go…go…go vihaan ). & guess who but Maira cheers for bulbul (Mirchi lagi?).

now d super cute moment of d episode wen vihaan asks if he overdid her praises & bulbul asks for tissue and tells dat dese r tears of happiness..

Sorry…please wait…

me wiping my khusi ke aansu…

kkk…rajbeer comes home & more happy tears flow he gets gifts as hez working in a fast food outlet & earning a lot (really???…why not shift dere??mona et al. away from anushka et al?)

so we go back 2 d cruise where vihaan tells bulbul dat next time she plans a cry out she better wear water proof kajal… . & den we have a vvv cute moment wen he wipes off d spread kajal (sighhh). anyway bulbul sees jogi chatting wth maira & gets all worked up. she says how she doesnt like guys like when & vihaan retorts back that she doesn’t like any guy. bulbul snaps back dat dey used 2 hate d opposite s*x so now wat happened 2 him? (KBC ka ek crore ka question )

vihaan: everythng has changed now…dunno when & how..
Bulbul: i dont understand poetic words.
V: u dont understand anythng
B: i understand u…first maira…den nagin…& now…me (she stutters so adorably.).
V: understood
B: wat? i havent even finished…maira dis…& maira dat…
V: hold i suddenly remembered sumthng abt maira’s wedding..

so Vihaan rushes off & bulbul all green wth jealosy spills drink on maira.

cute tidbit between bulbul-rajveer

scene shift 2 anushka husband (iska kya number he re?? forgot his weird funny name) so anika is back wth a weirdest hairdo & weeps..anyway she says she doesnt want 2 waste time on vihaan (really??? is she anushka’s blood?…). so anushka says she has sumthng exciting planned for her (ya right …how abt d great 25 year pld plan of destroy mona…mona’s khushi…mona’s kids…mona’s garden sound?…not exciting enuf??? so how abt anoder repeat love triangle?…training from ur expert mom..).

Precap: bulbul narrates sum naina’s problem whu is jealous everytime she sees a particular guy with anoder gal. rajveer rano joke & bulbul spills out dat how can dey take her problem so lightly!!

Update Credit to: madhuban

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