Kya Hua Tera Vaada 23rd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Kya Hua Tera Vaada 23rd January 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 23rd January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Mona is driving the car..n glances at Bulbul..! Vihaan arrives with his family at the wedding venue..! Mona says.. barat has reached..! She will be embarrassing to go collect the kadhai..! Bulbul offers to go. but Mona says..she will only go..! She tells Bulbul to keep a watch on the car..! Vihaan is welcomed at the venue..! Hiten looks on smiling..! Vihaan self thought .. in a while.. Anika will be with him n they will promise to be with each other.. forever..! Anu walks down the stairs towards the wedding altar and suddenly spots Mona there..! She quickly turns her back to hide from Mona..! Vihaans granny welcomes her and asks the matter? Mona says …its regarding her kadhai..! Vihaans granny says.. ok..! Mona takes the kadhai.. n walks out..! Anu heaves a sigh or relief..! She comes and stands next to Babu lu lu! Pandit asks to call bride..! Anu goes to call ..! She and Babu lulu exchange worried looks..! Anu comes to Anikas room and reads the letter left behind..!It reads that.. she cant marry Vihaan and asks him to leave her alone..! Anu says… she cant give the letter to Vihaan! She says.. from here her task begins..!

Anu makes a distraught face and screams out.. to Babu lulu and says…Anika has eloped..n she needs to tell Vihaan n all..! She tells Pandit that the marriage has to be cancelled..! She says..dunno where Anika has gone..! Bulbul says.. how will the Kadhai fit..? Anika is hiding in Monas car and tells her to drop her at the airport..! Mona says.. ok! Vihaan asks..its his marriage…not a joke.. how can she run?? Vihaan runs to Anikas room..! Babu lulu asks Vihaan to calm down..!

Part 2

Vihaan holds Anikas wedding saree and breaksdown..! Anu tells Vihaan that she tried a lot to make Anika understand not to break the relation. .but she was not happy..! She asks Vihaan to understand.. n Anika got drunk coz she was upset.. n not happy .! Anu says.. that Anika likes Vihaan as a b.f ..but was not able to accept the wedding..! She tells Vihaan that they were not made for each other.! Vihaan asks Anu if she knows what she is saying? Vihaan says.. Anika loved and loves him..! He asks if whatever he saw in Anikas eyes was a lie? He says.. Anika said he wanted to marry her..! Anu says..its possible they both thought liking was loving! She says..that coz of change in situations.. Anika was not able to accept.. it..! Anu says..its not her upbringing.. Anika has a mind of her own n it was her choice! Vihaan asks..what situation? Coz of loss in business she din wanna marry? Vihaan says.. Anika loved him ..not his business! Anu says..its his trust on Anika. .but its true that Anika was not happy with this and ran away..! Vihaan asks if its a joke to get married? Say yes.. n then say no? Hiten says.. Anika must not be far off.. he goes to check..!

Mona asks Anika which airport she wants to go? Anika says.. international ..! She talks to her friend on phone that.. she is on her way..! She tells her friend that she has her passport n all so no need to stress..! Anika asks Mona how long? Mona says.. another 15 mins..! Anika says..she is new to the place..! She hopes to reach on time..! Bulbul says…seems she is not from India? Anika says.. she is here first time n its confusing! Bulbul asks.. if she is there to attend the wedding? Mona says..its chura.! Anika admits that she has ran off from her wedding..! She asks how long to reach airport..?? Mona says they will reach soon n signals Bulbul ..!

Babululu tells Anu that she only helped Anika to run! Anu says.. how can he make such accusation? Babu lulu says..she only has planned all this..! He asks her to admit its all her plan! Anu says..yes.. n thats coz she cant see Anika in pain..! Anu says..she wants her daughter to get all happiness that she never got..! Someone runs in saying.. Anika is back..! All rush to see! Bulbul comes n tells Babu lulu that Anika is back. .n downstairs in the car..! Anu rues that Anika is back and that too with Mona..what to do!

Part 3

Anika asks Mona where she is taking her and fumes seeing that she is back at her wedding..! Anika says..the people and roads are the same.. in this country.. meddlesome! Mona forcibly takes Anika inside the venue..! Anika runs straight to Anu.. n hugs her..! Mona tries to see Anikas moms face..! Anu asks where she left n that she was so worried! Mona says..thats why they got her back..! She says sorry to Anika for getting her back.. but there was no other way..! Mona excuses herself..! Anika rushes upstairs..!

At her home… Bulbul notices Mona looking troubled .. n asks the matter! Mona says..that the girl they got back to her wedding venue.. she is thinking of the girls mother..! She the girls mom was so embarassed..she din look them in their eye..! She says..she can understand the woman..! She says..a mom suffers coz of a daughters mistake… ! Bulbul says..when her mom has tears in her eyes coz of outsiders.. her daughter wipes them..! Bulbul tells Mona ..she understands Monas fear.! Bulbul says…she promises ..she will never elope ever.. ! Mona says..Bulbul is her nicest kid..!

Precap —– Anu tells Babu lulu that for whatever Anika did..she is sorry n apologises to all..! Anu goes to Vihaan n walks off..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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