Kya Hua Tera Vaada 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 21st February 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 21st February 2013 Written Update

The only thing as usual which i loved is ViBu’s scenes; then the lil convo of Rano n Mona; rest Anu’s crap of using the society ladies showing them all day dreams reg. the tower was really really crappy thing i have ever come across .


Dr. Checks Mona n says its just a sprain n she will be ok. Rano feels bad as she feels its due to her Mona is in this situation n prays God for Mona’s health.

Society members with Anu in kitty party at her place. They all praise Anu to heights n she too in turn thanks them for helping her out. (Eeeksss I just wanna kick them all [x-(])

Next morning, Rano assures B that she will take good care of Mona. Mona wakes up n Rano offers water n breakfast n says

its B’s order. M asks if its not the order, then she won’t take care? R apologize n M asks where she was. She adds since childhood she was unstable at a place n B suggested to be strict but she didn’t. But now she must be. She says R must be at home by 10 P.M. R assures her n feeds M.

B’s office, she fumes after her convo with Nani over phone. Laptop hangs, coffee over so was abt to go n get coffee but V enters wishing her. He says yesterday he made excuse of her for going with Maira for shopping but today he can’t. B shouts at him n asks him to go shopping, buy bangles, etc, Poor soul is confused with her words n wonders what happened to her . But he remembers Jatin’s words n smiles to himself.

Society members come to show their fake concern for M uff i’m leaving this crappy scene nothing imp. they are acting as per Anu’s instructions arghhh.

Jatin announces in the meeting that their program “Be Positive” has been accepted by people, company gaining profits, n they are rocking at TRP’s. He wishes B n her team. B says though they worked on it, the idea was of his friend’s son. So all the credit goes to him . Both J n V stare at each other n smiles. B calls for cheers n Jogi n team shouts hip hip hurray.

B asks if V is having any throat pain as he isn’t praising B says he is actually jealous of the guy so he is not doing so. V says new task jealousy n if she had any in recent days. B utters in breaks n covers up no she isn’t. V shouts hip hip hurray now .

J asks them to disperse n asks B if all is well at her home n got to know from Alok abt the issue of the building. B informs M has slipped n has sprain, now bed rested. J asks her to leave but she wishes to stay back.

R opens the windows as there wasn’t electricity at home. But to her horror, Rohan enters from there n she panics. Nani comes to R to send her for medicine but was taken aback hearing voices. She knocks n asks who it is. Rohan leaves n R says she was over phone so it is possible n leaves to bring medicine while Nani doubts seeing the windows open.

Precap: Rohan asks she is hurting as well as giving medicine to them why? Anu replies he should just act accordingly as she instructs. (arghhh i guessed this, Anu to be behind this Rohan’s entry [x-(])

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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