Kya Hua Tera Vaada 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Kya Hua Tera Vaada 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 1st May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Anu arrives at the godwon n finds Rano n then sees Rohan lying dead..n Rano is freaked out..! Anu asks her to relax.. n says..she knows Rano din do on purpose.. n that she knows the kind of guy he was.. n stalking Rano! Anu suggests to hide the body..! Rano and Anu put the body in the car diggy..! Anu suggests Rano to go home and not tell anyone about this..! Rano goes home! Anu smirks..!

Monas mom says the kids want wedding so no need for engagement.. n say the wedding mahurat is for evening..will all preps done? Gonna miss Bulbul! Vihaan says..then let it be his bidaai .. all lauf! Rano comes and Rajbeer asks why so late? She says car breakdown! She worries what to tell Mona? Rajbeer says.. will be all ok! Mona tells everyone that Vihaan came in disguise of Sakeena

the mehendi wali to meet Bulbul .. all lauf! Rajbeer calls out to Mona n Rano comes with him .. n say sorry to Mona..! Mona hugs her n says.. all is well since she returned! She asks why so late n that Bulbul is angry at her..! Monas mom introes Rano to everyone in Vihaans family …! Alok asks why so late n Rano says car breakdown so..!

Jatin comes to Mona n tells her that the girl who left her house.. n went to Anus.. isnt her daughter.. but the girl who has returned after understanding all is HER Rano..!

A wihle later Jatin observes Mona lost in thoughts..n asks her why is she tensed? Mona says nothing like that..! Jatin says.. if she is upset about Bulbuls bidaai.. then he will make Vihaan ghar jamai..! Mona says.. Rano usually lights things up and today she is all glum .. wonder what Anu said ? Jatin asks Mona to give Rano some time.. to regroup n reconnect to all..! Jatin leaves from there! Mona self thought..something is wrong… for sure..!

Vihaans family seek leave for the night.. when Rajbeer tells Vihaan that he wants to talk to him Bulbul is his sis.. n Mona teases him ..n he shushes her! Rajbeer tells Vihaan that Bulbul is his sis.. n will be his sis always.. so he is warning..err explaining him ..that he has to take care of Bulbul her a lot.. n if he does something wrong..then.. then ..Vihaan will be answerable..! Vihaan fumes n asks..else? Rajbeer says.. Aacha nahi hoga..! Vihaan tells that he wasnt gonna take care of Bulbul .. he has to love her..coz Rajbeer scared him..! Vihaan assures Rajbeer that he will take care of Bulbul always.. n not let her cry.. n if there is any tears he will change it to smile..! Vihaan asks Rano if she permits him to take Bulbul with him after wedding? Rano says.. yes.. but if only he wont love her more than them.. so she doesnt forget them..! Vihaan says..cant promise that ..but promise..wont let her forget her family ..n them ever.!

Part 2

Mona is setting all gifts .. on one side n Jatin is on his way out.. ! He says bye to Alok . Monas mom .. n the kids..! He asks Bulbul to sleep well so he can see a radiant bride tomorrow …! Rajbeer says a family pic. n Jatin takes the camera..from him n Rano says.. family pic.. as in full family ..n without him their family is incomplete..! Jatin is taken aback.. n Mona smiles proudly at the kids..! Rano apologises to Jatin .. for all the misunderstandings n Rajbeer asks if they can call him Dad? Jatin is left speechless… ! He looks at Mona n nods..! Alok takes the camera.. from Jatin n asks him to join the family .. n Mona too..! They take a family pic..! Rajbeer checks the pic.. ! Monas mom tells Bulbul that she doesnt have to eat anything since morning. .n Rajbeer asks what punishment is this? Jatin tells Bulbul that he has to do his daughters kanyadan tomorrow n Bulbul says..yes sir.. then uncle. .n finally calls him DAD..! Jatin thanks Bulbul for giving him a chance to do her Kanyadan.. n promises her that he wont let her face any trouble ..ever.. n try to be a good dad..! Bulbul thanks Jatin ..!

Part 3

Bulbul tells Rano that ..before today.. if anyone told her..she was feeling happy ..tense.. sad.. all together..she did call her nuts. but she is feeling all this..! Rano says..she is nuts..! Bulbul tickles Rano …! She hugs her and says she missed her loads..! Rano says she missed her too..! Bulbul says..she had lots to tell Rano .. how Vihaan broke her heart.. fooled her n then proposed her..! Ranos phone rings.. n she rushes to take it..! Its Anu … who tells Rano that she has kept Rohans body on the railway track n no one will identify him..! Rano is freaked out…! Anu asks Rano to forget about Rohan n njoy with Rohan..! Bulbul calls out to Rano .. n Rano turns to her. hugs her n cries..! Bulbul says she is getting married n Rano is crying.. n that she will miss her.. a lot..!

There is doorbell ring n Bulbul goes to open.. ! Its Bulbuls office person.. n he tells her there is an urgent assignment! Bulbul says.. that she is getting married next cant..! The guy says…Bulbul is letting wedding come between work? He decides to tell Vihaan n Bulbul agrees..! Rano asks her to go n assures she will take care of all..!

Anika is crying n Anu asks..what is the matter? Why mourning? Anika says..coz Anus plans flopped…! She rues that her Vihaan is marrying.. that Bulbul ..! Anu says.. Anika is right but till date one has gotten nothing from better do something..! She asks Anika to get ready.. n they are going somewhere..!

Precap —- Cops come to Moans place and ask about Rohan ..! Rano is freaked out..! Mona-Jatin ask the matter? Cop says. . Rohans parents have lodged a missing report and when they checked his room found the address of Monas house..! Rano drops the bowl she is holding n all turn to look at her surprised!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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