Kya Hua Tera Vaada 16th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 16th January 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 16th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Mona tells all that advance has come..! All ask how to complete such a huge order? Mona says… if they try.. it will all be ok..! She says that they will add their savings with the advance ! The cleaning guy comes and informs that no one will come to work as all are on strike! Mona asks why? They say… as no hike is given so…! Mona asks what to do now? Suhasi chides the guy …for this..! Mona ends a call with someone and says 4 people arranged! Alok says..1300 peoples food to be arranged how? Mona says..she will contribute! Bulbul says… Mona has backpain so no ways! Mona insists.. Alok too..and they say..this is a rare they will deffo pitch in …and ensure timely delivery..! Tani asks.. how Mona will manage but Mona says..she will..! All distribute the responsibilities… and get to work..! Anu tells someone that she wants to see defeat on Monas face..! The guy on the other side.. says… deffo will ensure Mona loses.. n she has no attendants to assist her..! Anu arrange best caterer for Anikas wedding..! She asks the guy to meet her before Anikas mehendi!

Mona and everyone are busy .. working to ensure delivery of the order! BG- Mushkil halato se darna kaisa? Anika comes to Anu all decked up in salwar kurti! Baba lulu says..somebody is looking different! Anika says..she is going to temple with Vihaan! Anu asks who gave her the outfit and she says.. Vihaans granny!She excuses herself..! Anu asks how her outfit looks? He says..great! She asks him to go to the venue directly ..! Baba lulu refuses..! Anu tells him to go… as she has to pick up some jewellery for Anika..! Baba lulu finally leaves! Anu is on the phone and inquires if the people she is waiting for reached office..they say yes..!

Mallika tells Anu …that she was too scared.. to come as people know her there! Anu keeps showing off her huge ring to Mallika and she goes quiet! Anu asks to focus on work..! Mallika says..yes n that the guy with her helped..! Anu says..good n she does not need the guy..! Mallika taken aback..! Anu asks Mallika to keep an eye on Mona and keep her informed! Mallika says..its a huge risk! Anu says.. if she can take a risk to be friends with Anu she can do this too and says…she wants Monas restaurant and Anu wants revenge on Mona so.. why not listen to her? Mallika agrees!

Part 2

Its evening time.. at the mehendi party…Vihans family and Baba lulu enjoy the decor..! Vihans granny asks where is Anika? Baba lulu says…she is on her way.. n that its India.. n they are! Right then … they spot some friend n walk off! Vihans granny is upset and says..for Mehendi rasam.. Anu needs to be here! Vihan says.. Anu must be on the way..! Vihans granny asks to get Anika there…n he says..rightaway..! Vihan calls Anikas driver to ask which temple she has gone to and is shocked to know she is at a pub! Anika shown dancing on ‘Ishq shava’! Anika asks for one more drink to a guy dancing with her! Anikas friend asks what she is doing? Anika says.. having fun .. as she has to go to that punju function. .n that its too irking! She rues that Vihan has no time for her..! She decides to go to the guy she is dancing with and have fun .. n take numbers! Her friends try to stop her but she ignores them! Right then she turns n spots Vihan at the pub! She says sorry that she lied and that she din want to go to the temple.. ! The guy dancing with Anika offers her drinks and number..! Vihan calls out and asks him to back off..! The guy says..he is talking to his g.f! Vihan hits the guy..! Anika chides Vihan for over reacting! Vihan next 24 hours they are to get married and she is behaving this way? He says.. all think she has gone to temple and she is dancing here! Anika says.. big deal n that they party ..every weekend at Aus! Vihan reminds her that its her mehendi.. is it right to do what she is doing? Anika accuses him for being jealous! Vihan says… she is not single.. she is gonna marry him! Anika says..she is not answerable to him .. ! Vihan asks her to calm down..n tells that he is giving her space..but she cant misuse it! Anika asks him to shut up..! Vihan asks her to come with him …as all are waiting! Anika says.. she does not care..! Vihan says.. if she does not come ..then their relation will break …n that will affect him a lot…as he loves her a lot..! Vihan walks off!

Part 3

Rano and everyone get the order ready ..! All are excited ..! Rano says..its all classy the wedding decor.. n if mehendi is so will be wedding! Bulbul is adding masala .. n Mona stops her saying she is a reporter.. so better she doesnt do it! Bulbul says.. Monas reputation is their reputation what is the issue! Vihan comes back to the venue and greets all ..! BG-Bin Tere! He gets flashbacks of Anika..! Vihan looks at his moby n dials Anikas number but its switched off..! Vihan is shattered..! He goes to the washroom and cries..! Bulbul comes and asks sees him n asks if he is ok? She asks if she can help him? Vihan says.. no .. n says thanks! Bulbul leaves…! Vihan smashes a mirror…!

Precap –Baba lulu asks if Anu is drinking to celebrate the happiness of Anikas wedding or Monas devastation?

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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