Kya Hua Tera Vaada 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Kya Hua Tera Vaada 14th January 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 14th January 2013 Written Update

Bulbul reaches home n surprised to see Mona. She chides on her mom for having so much back pain n still working a lot without taking rest. Mona stops her in btw n asks why she is here so soon. Bulbul replies that she came to charge camera battery n must go again to cover the marriage. she then informs abt her promotion n Mona calls for party but Bulbul says she must go soon n can’t give party for now.

Mona thinks when will she see her marriage. Bulbul again chides on her for raising tht topic n clears that first she wanna concentrate on her career n when time comes, she will def. marry. Bulbul goes to get balm for her mom.

Balbir dancing n Anu says not to ask her dance as she doesn’t like all this at all. When someone asks her to dance, she excuses.

Anika doesn’t like all this at all n they both think it to be downmarket n low people. Some ladies praise Anika but they are more intersted in her necklace n hairstyle n ask the amt it costed n where did she get her hair style done. Anika n Anu are shocked.

Harsh puts his suspicions abt Anika adjusting in that environment. Jatin assures him that all will be well. He calls Vihaan asks him to introduce Anika’s parents. Vihaan introduces Anu to Jatin n he says that Anu is more young n charming. Anika n Vihaan excuses.

Anu thinks that she met him somewhere n remembers that he is Jatin Chopra who was abt to marry Mona. Jatin says he thinks they met before but Anu trashes n says she isn’t in India since couple of years. He says may be he has mistaken. He then asks if they are comfortable and is everything ok with them. Anu says yes n excuses.But Jatin was suspicious abt her.

Jatin asks Vihaan if he is happy. He says Anika is very lucky. But Vihaan says he is lucky to have Anika as his life partner. He again starts Anika’s gungaan n how understanding she is blah blah. He says he wanna see Anika all happy. Jatin asks how much he loves Anika. He says more than his life too. Anika comes n says she wanna talk to him n they excuse.

Bulbul n Jogi in the function. She chides on him for having food instead of working. Bulbul asks him not to cover her at all. (Poor guy, he gets scared of her )

He starts praising the couple n their love story but Bulbul says she isn’t interested. Jogi says she isn’t interested in anything what kind of girl is she. She asks if he knows the meaning of love. He says something n she says its all filmy love. In real it doesn’t happen. She says exact opp. for the meaning of Love n Jogi says the same as why does she think the opp.

She says in real life, the time which takes for marriage won’t be same to break. The way it looks doesn’t seem to be same at all n soon there will be fi8′s if not public, personally.

There Anika fi8′s with Anika abt honeymoon as vihaan doesn’t give green signal for Switzerland. He says they can go in India itself but Anika says he spoiled their marriage which she want in York but now he spoiling honeymoon too. Vihaan disappointed.

There Bulbul says this is what happens, love, songs, fi8′s heart break. Jogi stops her as the marriage didn’t even happen yet. Bulbul says she is talking in general. there Anika n fi8′s with Vihaan while others busy in dancing n loud sounds were going on.

Mona suffering with back pain n suddenly she notices Bulbul forgot batteries there itself. There Jogi complains that battery charge is gone. bulbul says she got but sees she forgot. He asks to call her mom but she says she isn’t well so can’t do it. she calls to her office staff but none lifts.

Mona goes to give the batteries even in such pain. Waiter comes n infoms that some lady has come to meet her n Bulbul gets its her mom. bulbul feels bad n goes.

Anu sees Mona n panics. She hides watching her. Bulbul comes n thanks her for getting them in such situation. Anu gets to know abt Bulbul n relates that Bulbul might have come to cover the marriage as she may be working in the news channel.

Bulbul leaves seeing Jatin n Anu thinks what a gr8 opportunity.

Precap: Mona asks Anu not to shoot her while Anu stood holding gun in her hand. She shoots Mona.

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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