Kya Hua Tera Vaada 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 14th February 2013 Written Update

epi begins wid bulbul-vihaan dancing anu cums & saw them 2gether but cudn’t see bulbul’s face as her back is 2wards anu.vihaan goes away saying he has sum work. bulbul gtes confused. bulbul rembrs 2 search rano & seraching her.rano cums &bulbul asks her wheres thatnguy wid whom she’d cum.but rano starts asking bulbul abt her smile teacher. bulbul make sface.bulbul tells that he’d gone. rano is shocked & says its weird & how sum1 can left his date?bulbul tells he rthat hes not her date & she doesn’t like these things.and then says that why rano is judging him as she has met him only 4 once &a sks he r 2 stop using her brain. rano says she doesn’t use he rbrai but it itself start working & then tells bulbul that hse wanted

2 call her 2 party but she wudn’t’d cum so she pretended that shes cuming wid a guy.and she wud’d cum 2 keep an eye on her & she wudn’t’d cum alone & brought him wid her .rano again says that all was perfect,u ,he & then..bulbul says then don’t know wat happened?? may b he rembrd his ex GF. poor guy & she ma de him cum wid her as he didn’t want 2cum.bulbul wants 2 go but rano asks her 2 enjoy party as now hes gone but bulbul wants 2go.rano asks again as she ha s cum 2 search her & now she s not wid any guy so both shud enjoy the party.bulbul says she ha s no mood. rano says that she knows that bulbul likes 2 talk 2 him only ‘d given promtn money 2 him. bulbul tells that sum1 is ill from his family so she gave it 2 him. rano says why shes feeling bad 4 his family member esply wen he left her in the party that too, 4 his ex GF.& tells bulbul that she likes him. bulbul says rano is out o fmind & she sgoing & rano better cum after 1hr & she’d asked sum kartik 2 drop her @her home.bulbul goes.

vihaan going anu calls him from back & asks him why hes avoiding her. vihaan says he needs fresh air.anu says tho now they’ve no relation but he cud’d said hello 2 her & asks abt balbir.anu says he must b embarassed that she’d seen him dancing wid that gal and then says whos that gal wid whom he was dancing as she cudn’t see her face.she must b b’ful. vihaan luks 2 anu.anu then asks that he wants 2 ask abt anika, missing her as he’dn’t met he r from 2 months&wen he was dancing he was still rembring anika. vihaan nods.then anu again said that its gud that if this gal make him 4get anika & better he 4gets anika as anika’d always treated him a s his gud frnd.and she wa snot ready 4marriage& that she convinced her 2 get married. and hope he gets his type of gal & moves on bcoz anika never really loved him.
vihaan says that she always luved him & she mite’d scared bcoz of their bad financial condn but anu said no anika never luved him & shes her daughter & shes as practical as i m.and love only makes hindi movies run & not home. & he must b feeling bad after listening al this. vihaan says that if anu’d said this 2 him 2 months ago he wud’d felt bad but not now. and thanx v.much 2 make him realize that he luved a false dream. & he’d already moved on but not wid sum1 but wid himself only& he’d found that vihaan whom he always wanted 2 search. and he knew abt balbir uncle & has full faith that he”ll b alrite.tho thye’d no relation but theres humanity.

mona @ home lukining pradeep’s pic on the wall & in the dark & rembrs anu’s words abt breaking her family.then rembrs her marriage,bulbul’s 1st home cuming & all oder dtheres BG music of KHTV all this while.bell rings she switch on the lite & opens the door. there r many women & asks her 2 sell her flat a stheyw ant big houses. they were all accusing her that she’d enmity wid anu. jatin cums &asks all women 2 behave properly.mona akss him 2 cum aside &says 2 him its her prsnl matter. jatin says ok then handle it herself & goes away.
rano wid he r frnd cums outside. he r frnd is going wid sum ravi whos dancing wid her. rohan cums in car & frnd says now she doesn’t need 2 go in taxi.rano goes wid rohan.
mona trying 2 make understand women. bulbul cums & saw all. mona says here she’d memories of her husband. women says that husband who left he r 4 anu. bulbul cums & tells all that they all love pradeep even if hes @ fault. and they’d memories of this hosue can b bigger but not the memories.and says that her mom lovs he r father v.much so don’t make her support go away.all women go but warned mona 2 take decision abt it.
rano-rohan in the car. rano asks him 2 stop the car sum distance away as she doesn’t want him 2 get scolded by her mom. rohan says he sready 4 it even from he rfamily.rano going & phone rings in he rpurse, she gets shocked & took out the phone & picked up. it wa srohan @ oder end. & she aske dabt phone he says its his & he gifted her as a v-day gift &a sks he r keep it. rano doesn’t want 2 but rohan says then he”ll throw it in dustbin as she has used it so can’t return. rano agrees & asks him why he gifted it. rohan says bcoz he lovs her.
bulbul wid mona @ home. mona brings glass of water 2 her & luks 2 her & tells her that 2day she was talking so maturely & wat she told all abt he rfather, she cudn’t tell.bulbul says that mona needs an excuse 2 get emotional. mona said no she truly felt it & 4 once she felt bulbul was talking abt her own love-life. bulbul said this stupidity won’t happen wid her. mona says lets see 2 whom babaji listens, 2 her or he r’Jhalli” daughter.

precap- bulbul & vihaan r there. vihaan cuming closer 2 bulbul & then removed her hair from her face. bulbul luking @ him.

Update Credit to: tiny15

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