Kya Hua Tera Vaada 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 13th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Mona self thought will she stop Anu? She fears that Anu will break her house..! She is lost in thoughts as to what to do..! The phone rings n its Jatin..! He feels that she is crying n asks the matter! She avoids..! Jatin insists! Jatin says he is coming to her.. but she tries to stop him..! Jatin refuses to take an answer!

Vihan is all decked up .. n seeing himself in the suit.. recollects how he wore it the day he saw Anika first time..! He recollects the past with college..! He is in typical nerd look n rues not seeing Anika..! She says..they will meet for sure .. as their parents are friends..! Vihaan admits that he loves her.. n stammers..! Anika says..he does not know how to propose..n teaches him to say. I LOVE U

looking the girl in the eye..! Anika kisses Vihaan on the cheek ..! Anika they are officially a couple..! She gives him a gift.. her hanky to wipe off his sweat..! He wipes off his sweat n returns her the hanky but she says.. so this is her first gift? a dirty hanky?? Anika says..she will never forget this.. n he says..he wont forget the kiss..! The duo lauf..!

Vihaan rues that time has changed ..he is wearing the suit for someone he does not even know well enough..! Rano is getting ready for reunion party and Suhasi inquires who bought her the outfit? Rano lies that she bought it herself and runs off..! Rano arrives at the College Reunion party..! Rano looks around for Bulbul ..! She plans with her friend to ensure that when Bulbul n the guy enter .. a romantic song is played .. so they can confess to each other! Vihaan comes to pick up Bulbul ..! She is in a saree..! He complements her.. ! Bulbul chides Vihaan for wearing expensive suit . .n he says..its not ..its old suit.! He says.. ‘Yadon ki kuch silvate hain is par’ .. Bulbul suggests .. ‘Waqt ki laundry me bhej do’!

Part 2

Rano is drinking punch .. n her friend asks why did they do this drama? Rano says.. Bulbul hesitates.. a lot so they need to give a push..! She says..that Bulbul is still not sure of her feelings so as a sister need to set them up! Right then Bulbul-Vihaan arrive..! Vihaan locks his arms in hers.. n Bulbul asks why did he do this? Vihaan prove they are a real couple..! Bulbul looks around for Rano.. ! Vihaan teases Bulbul saying that guess guys dont even look at her..out of fear..! Bulbul asks why? She din have pocket knife..then! Vihaan says.. not much but a lil n Bulbul hits him..! Rano goes to tell DJ to put a super romantic song..!

Song starts ! One of Vihaans old friend meets Vihaan n they chat..! The guy asks when Vihaan returned from honeymoon? He keeps mum! Another girl comes n the guy introes Vihaan to her..! Vihaan says that he n Anika din get married..! The guy is taken aback..n says..they loved each other so much! Bulbul comes n Vihaan introes her to his friend..!

Part 3

Bulbul asks Vihaan if the guy was talking of the girl who ditched him? Vihaan says yes..! He says..its so easy to say.. heartbreak.. but to bear it another thing! He shares how he had proposed Anika 6 years ago on V-day..! Bulbul feels guilty to bring Vihaan on such a day..! Vihaan says..he wont leave his work for the person who left him..!

Rano says that her idea is not working.. they need to do something..! Rano decides to go to the dance floor herself..! Song- Ishq wala love..! All couples are on the dance floor dancing! Vihaan is drinking ..n Bulbul is shocked to see Rano dancing with a guy..! She pulls Vihaan to the dance floor .. n he relents..! Vihaan n Bulbul lost in eyelocks..! Rano quietly goes on the side n watches them..! Right then Anu arrives at the venue…! Bulbul asks Vihaan if he remembered Anika? He says no. .infact.. for a moment ..he din think of her at all..! Bulbul asks then why is he so lost? Vihaan says..first time he felt..he forgot her..! Bulbul tells him that the girl.. is unlucky to leave him .. as he is a nice guy..! Rano watches them n smiles..! Vihaan asks Bulbul if they had come for work??? Bulbul says.. they came tailing her younger sis..! Vihaan looks up n sees Anu .. n Anu looks at him ..! Both are taken aback..!

Precap — Rano asks Bulbul if she made an excuse to tail Rano to come to the party with Vihaan or brought Vihaan to tail Rano? Bulbul tries to oppose but Rano says.. Vihaan is the guy she likes to talk to?? Right??

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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