Kya Hua Tera Vaada 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 12th February 2013 Written Update

MG BuVi will kill us for sure. what a chemistry btw them, i’m just loving their scenes. Its hard to do the update for their scenes

BuVi’s nokjhok was just awesome today.

Rano n Bulbul’s taang keechofying scene was so sweet.


Mona n Alok’s consoling scene n deciding not to reveal to Suhasi abt Anika. (I don’t want to stress on their scenes now


Bulbul enters her cabin n surprised to see her cabin need n clean. She asks Vihaan who did all that n he replies her assistant . Bulbul says that means him n what’s the need to all this when its not his work. She then thinks oh that’s the way of him to thank for the help she did. She says she is fine n the amt

helped in his dadi’s treatment.

Vihaan says he misses her. Bulbul puts her hand on his shoulder n says nani n dadi’s relations are something diff. n she too is verymuch attached to them. Vihaan wasn’t comfortable at all. Bulbul then realizes n removes her hand from his shoulder.

Then she sees coffee mug in his hands n says such expensive coffee . If he wastes money for that, then how will he save money. She says to submit the expenses n he will get re-imbursment for that this time. Vihaan thanks her.

Jatin enters n feels good to see both as he wanna talk something imp. He says he got new strategy for the channel n they will show only good things on their channel as rest are concentrated in showing what bad is happening all over.

Bulbul says that’s lovely idea n they will prepare some for that n get to him. She asks who idea is it. Jatin says its a very young, talented n sharp guy’s while all the time Vihaan signalling him not to reveal that it is him . Jatin says its his partner’s son’s idea. Jatin leaves.

Bulbul says see how talented is that guy is for giving such idea. And pointing to Vihaan, he is just standing there with coffee mug n doesn’ even think anything. She says how will he grow up. Vihaan replies he need not worry as she is there. Bulbul chides him in satire way while vihaan smiling to himself .

( i was drooling over all through this scene. i hope same is the condition of ur’s. )


Then bulbul storms in n says that she need food for two people next day. Rano teases her while Mona asks normal or special, bulbul replies normal. Rano teases saying she know for whom the food is n sings some song. (sorry forgot that )

Rano in room talking to Anisha n saying that she want to meet them too. Bulbul enters asking who is the guy she wanna meet. Rano says she didn’t take any guy’s name. She shows the invitation of School re-union party n Bulbul as usual say no to that. But later seeing the card she decides to follow Rano .


Mona arguing with Society members as the building will be broken down n some tower will be built there. Mona decides to meet the builder n there she comes Anu again . After arguing n baddua giving, they both disperse.


Bulbul surprised to see its already 2 P.M. n decides to have food but vihaan says no as he isn’t hungry. Bulbul says she got food for him too n now her mom won’t let her take home. Bulbul says he asks her to smile but he himself has sat dull. She asks him to smile n says there are tensions all around. But he asks her to leave him alone n leaves. Bulbul then remembers the re-union party n informs Vihaan that they have to go on assignment for her re-union party. Vihaan says he will arrange for that n asks how many camera’s are needed .

Bulbul says no cameras as they do just a kind of investigation only. Vihaan says what kind of investigation in a re-union party? Bulbul says students share abt their success n how they have got that from the school n all. vihaan says ok. She says they have to dress up well so that none will suspect them Vihaan says he is aware of that n will pick her up at the said time. Later Bulbul says to herself that she is sorry for lying to him but she must go to keep an eye on Rano n also Vihaan too feels better.

Precap: Bulbul in saree n vihaan says she is looking beautiful n Bulbul is taken aback.

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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