Kya hoga Ragini ka??? (Ragsan) Pt-1

Yesterday i hv started a story and today m writing the other???so sorry to irritate you with another funny story?

This story reprises my bestie’s story..she was with me till 12th and still a close friend now she has moved with the other she will remain my bestie..if i didn’t write her story now i can never write it bcs.. it’s a live show for me and my other 2 frnds..and it’s a surprise for her!?

Reason behind keeping the title “Kya hoga Ragini ka!” Her name is Nuha we tell this to her everytime!i hv used this line in yester now its a title of a new story?

Nuha’s character will be Ragini!

So let’s begin with the intro first

Ragini a 3rd yr Pharmacy student a talented brave and topper thing is famous in her is rothlu/rondhu/crybaby..and her family rule is a girl should marry before she reach 22..and the main thing from childhood she is afraid of teacher’s while growing her phobia got more!even a teacher talks normally she finds like they r yelling at her and a first bencher(phobia hai bt if she sits other than that place she will not understand the lesson or any classes?)..cute hai..sometimes angry bird(only for herself of friends?)

Sanskar who recently completed his Master’s in pharmacy hv joined Ragini’s college as a lecture!a sweet kind hearted guy!??

So lets begin….with the story

A girl in the phn(that’s my character?)aashi:why you need to go to second cousins marriage?sonam kajal r going to join na…

Girl:i hv to go…second cousin is also like cousin..and cousin is like a sibling

Aashi:go go u never care for us!i m meeting you all after 2 weeks!

Girl:i hv to go! Shaadi kitni acchi hoti hai!

Aashi fake anger:ok go!

Girl???: it’s ok I won’t go!and starts to cry..sorry yaar I didn’t knew you will get hurt..m really sorry for wat hpnd!i wont go????

Aashi:relax relax…i was kidding..u r interested to go na..!go

Girl??:are you sure!

Aashi:ha Ragini..u go…we vl meet next time!and wipe your tears now

And the girl is revealed to be Ragini

Rag smiles through tears


A lady and girl saw Ragini her sweet and caring nature at function and they liked her!


Next day..
Rag got ready for colg

And went to breakfast

Wr her mom janki is serving her dad shekar and her 2 is Ridham who is elder to her and rithvik younger to her..and also an elder sister Raina who is married to yash and has a toddler pari!

Rag sits on the chair…
After hvng a breakfast she goes to colg by bidding bye to her family


She goes to class..

Sonam:hmm..hii Ragoo yaar.. there’s no spcl thing

At the time a guy comes to class..
All stands and greets him..

And the guy is revealed to be Sanskar

And Rag bends her head…(being feared)

Sonam nods her head in disbelief

San:today no class bt will talk abt our is cognosy anyone’s favourite subject…
Nobody raises their hand

Rag raises her hand bending her head obviously ?

San:may i know Ragini..why is cognosy your favourite subject?
Rag stands being scared:woh…bcs…bcs…

San:m listening


Sonam was controlling her laughter

San:hmm let it be..sit down!

Rag sits…

San:like is also my fav subject..

And thenhe explains while why he likes and tell abt the subject..

Wr some girls keep admiring him

After the class

Kajal: nobody can say he is lecture bt seriously he should be in modelling…
Sonam:ya i agree


Sanskar passing by sees Ragini’s expression it made him smile and he goes


Shekar:u know na…!

Raina: Wats the problem even i hv married at your age…(some elder sister never less than a grand mother??)
Rag??: that’s why you r holding a toddler at very young age

Jan:see beta if your dadi got to know!
Shek:here it will be a volcano

Rag:then tell her to marry…


Shek:tumhareliye ek rishta aaya hai
Rag slowly:oh r coming on line..

Jan:they r very good people and they don’t hv any problem in you to study after marriage instead they only said this…

Rag???:bt i dont want to marry..

Shek:u will be 22 in few months!

With lots of efforts Ragini agrees

Ridham:do you want to see him..?

Rag gives him angry look:so everything is well prepared…

Rithvik:they will come on sunday..
Ridham:do you he is in….
Before he could complete Ragini storms out!


Rag: telks this to her friends..

Kajal:so did you see him
Rag:no..i hvnt.. Actually i paid a buildup

Sonam: r u happy

Rag:i m happy bt sometimes i feel its too early

Sonam: don’t worry..everyrhing will be alright once you meet him



Rag has got ready in a beautiful pink Salwar

The guys family reach..

Rag tries to see him…
Bt she couldn’t see the guy…shekar and ridham were stood like a wall infront of him


And Raina comes and takes Ragini with her..

Rag sees a middle-aged lady and a girl who is like her sister’s age

Lady:Ragini..beta i saw you at the function 2 days back!

Rag plasters a smile

Lady:we liked you at a very first sight beta…so here is my son…

Little blush occupies on her cheeks..
She turns to other side …

And she ooens her eyes….

That was the biggest shock of her life

And guy is revealed to be Sanskar

Rag falls unconscious due to shock and phobia????

Everyone are shocked…

Sanskar control’s his laughter…

Ridham picks her up..
And in room..jan sprinkles water…
Rag wakes up…

Here Sanskar excuses himself and goes out….he laughs remembering her expression and her sudden fall..and he knew it before itself that this thing will happen…

Ut:oh ho you were so nervous…
Suji:it happens…and Ragini now take rest we vl come next time


Jan: Wats your prblm?
Shek:beta u can telk your wish

Rag???: I don’t want to marry

Raina:wat kiddish!

Jan:this relation hv come till our foot!

Ridhan:he hv degrees and a well settled job..wat u need!

Rag:watever I don’t want to marry!and most importantly he is my teacher??

Ridham:wats the prblm…is there anywhere written a teacher and a student can’t marry dont tell this soon..take your time ok..nobody is forcing you…!ok…

Rag sniffs:ok…

Shek:do a bold decision




Rag was in conference call with her friends

Aashi:wat hpnd?

Kajan:did he said no?
Sonam:did that guy do something?

Rag:no he didn’ i fell unconscious ???
Trio:waaattt?and then burst into laughter

Aashi:hmmm.ok tell me he looks?

Rag????:he looks like cognosy sanskar sir

Kal?:then Wats your prblm? He looks like model and actor..aww he is so cute!

Sonam:haa..he is so nice!good looking

Aashi:wait!i saw him..yaar he is so cool!if he looks like him then wats your prblm?

Rag???:looks like him no..its him only

Rag:the guy is sir only

Now thats all…again trio burst into laughter…
Aashi:i told you don’t go to function…she laughs again

Rag angrily cuts the call and throws the phn

Ridhan who just now came there:you throwed the new phn wch i brought last week

Rag:ahhh…i hate you

Ridham:bt wat i did..
He picks the phone and was fine

Rag storms from there..

Rag goes to terrace

Rithvik brings the phn
Rag sees sonam has called her

Sonam:sorry tell..are you gonna come tommorrow

Rag:ha..if i not na..then i will miss the practicals..if i miss it i cant do it alone

Sonam teasing:bt tommorrow 3 classes are of Sanskar sir

Rag????:oh no i forgot

Son:so wat vl u do

Rag:i m gonna take half day leave..i will come on afternoon

Son teasing:sir’s one class need one book and 3 class means..oh my god how will you cover up


Son laughs

Rag:i hate you…and cuts the call


Next day

Rag was hvng breakfast

Raina:did you decide?
Rag crosses her eyes:why r u here?its been 4 daya go to your home
Raina???:before u always said if i go after 8 day..di sit for more 4 days wat hpnd now

Rac??: that’s Before..and its now

Raina:u will say and i will go…in your dreams


Shek: Ridham wr is the news paper

Rag????..she slowly stands and goes to kitchen

Ridhan:i will ask..(his friend is head of sharing a news papers in their area)

Ridham calls

Rag???:plz plz plz…god don’t make him to pick the call… plzz

Rid:he isn’t picking the call.. May be he is busy

Shek:ok will ask later

Rag takes a big sign of relief☺☺☺

Rag hereself:before..something hpns..i hv to bring him back..

Rag picks her bag…

Rag is waiting outside a school!

To be continued…..

So wat Ragini did? And why Ragini is waiting near the school?and how Ragini will face sanskar?

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