Kya hoga Ragini ka??? (Ragsan) Pt-4

Let’s begin…

Rag for ready in golden colour lehenga…
She is scared to hell

Rithvik comes there
Rithvik: they will reach in any time..mumma told to tell you that get read

Rag: i m ready
Rithvik:di… Don’t you want to marry him
Rag:tu nai samjhega riku… you will only understand wn your alliance is fixed eith your teacher
Rit smiles: agar aisa hua tho i m happy.. there’s only one unmarried teacher Preethi.. She’s so sweet…and caring andshe always ruffles my hair..she never gets angry

Rag was looking at him with wide eyes

Rag: itna dgyaan agar padai pe diya hota you would be first rank holder..chal jaa yahan se
Rit:gussa kyu ho rai ho..i just told wat would i do and sanskar jiju is nice.. bekaar mein tu darr rai hai

Rag: wat did you just say?
Rit:i told…Bekaar mein tu darr rai hai
Rag:usse pehle
Rit: hmm…gussa kyu ho rai ho
Rag ???:tune kuch sir ke baare mrin kaha tha
Rit:ohh…sanskar jiju is nice…i m small to everyone na..i think Sanskar jiju mujhe ghumane le jayenge woh itne acche hai…aur unki kya body hai…i would go with him for training..waiseyou can do one think u can take me as a dowry …then i can know all the secrets of maintaining body figure 6packs from jiju u know

Rag??????:jiju bane nahi abhi

Rit:bane nahi tho ban jayenge don’t worry ?

Rag:tu jaata hai ki nai…????

Rit:bhadak kyun rai ho?
He goes

Rag sits????:in this whole world did sir only had me????


Sanskar and his family hv reached…

Rag was sitting in her room and biting her nails

Raina comes there: they will come here only.. Plz gir wir mat jaana..agar gir gayi tho

Rag:samja rai ho ya dara rai ho

Raina smiles teasingly: of you fall too no prblm sanskar hai na tumhe pakad ne ke liye



Ut:bhabhi…i can call you that ryte

Rag plaster’s a smile bt mentally she was ??????

Suji:uthra…call bhaiyya…

Uth nods..

Rag???? herself:plzz bacha lena bhagwan…i think even God is laughing at me ???

Uth comes back: he is coming

Rag was feeling like????????

Uth holds Rag from behind
Read looks at her

Uth smiles teasingly: if you want i can hold you..bcs i don’t want take the chance of you fall again ?

San comes there Ridham was with him
They were stading near the door

San smiles at Ragini

Raj had expressionless face?

Her legs are shivering….

Suji: can we go…

San:no mom it’s ok…

Uth: wat it’s ok… Mom let’s go..

They goes…


They stood outside and both the families gets busy with talking

Her throat went dry…..

San: if you hv any questions or problems regarding this telation u can…

Rag was silent…

San:i think u hv bit insecurity abt me being ur lecturer

Rag herself: bit?????i hv more than an ocean

San:waise…u r in the end of 3rd…we can arrange marriage once after you complete your studies…

She didn’t say anything… She isn’t getting anything

San: if you are not interested in this Relation u can tell me.. i won’t mind it don’t worry..

Rag herself:kya karoon ha bolu ya naa bolun

San smiles:Ragini… Don’t be scared i won’t do a open book…and for your information i just completed my studies and joined as lecturer and an yr back i was also a student

At the time suji and uthra comes

Suji: so if you finished your talks?

San nods.. He looks at Ragini

They goes from there….

Jan comes to Rag: tho..?
Rag:tho kya?
Jan: are ready for the marriage…they r ready for watever you say..take a brave decision..and i think in future we wont get such ppl’s..i hope you are understanding
Rag: ok ma..i m ready.. She smiles a bit?
Jan gets happy and hugs her:u hv given a best gift for me beta and i m sure you will say that this was the best decision of your life

Rag smiles ☺


Both the families are happy abt the relation…

Ridham was talking with Sanskar

Here Rag herself: did i take the best decision??i hv left my life on you God don’t disappoint me! ??

She was praying herself

All ladies were sitting in the dining and talking and the gents were sitting in the hall ….

At the time someone peeps in the main door and it was Khush

Khush: didi called me for tuition and here is the party…kya karoon should i go back

He turns to go

Ridham:khush..wat r u doing here at this time…

Khush:Ragini didi ghar pe hai kya


Khush: she called me…

Ridham smiles: ok wait i will call her…

He goes

Khush peeps in and sees Sanskar who was talking with Rithvik

Ridham tells the arrival of khush to Ragini

Rag slowly moves to hall…

Sanskar’s gaze shift’s to Ragini…

She knew he was looking at her.. She acted as unknown

She goes out

Khush: wat didi you called me here..and you r doing party

Rag: sorry..come after half an hour ok..

She was abt to turn


Rag turns to him

Khush:is the navy blue colour shirt is my future teacher ji

Rag:how can he be your teacher ji…

Khush:the logic is..acyer your marriage..his mother becomes your mother in law his father becomes your father in law ..right

Rag thinks:right

Khush:for your family he becomes son-in-law brother-in law and etc am i right


Khush:so basically!!!??

Rag:basically wat??

Khush:u r my teacher

Rag:ha tho?

Khush:tho kya…your husband would be my teacher-in-law

Rag??:waaatttt? teacher-in-law..yeh kainsa naya relation hai

Khush??: yeh khush ka relation hai

Rag:tu kabhi nayi sudrega

Khush:didi…???call my teacher-in-law here..let me make some introduction

Rag glares him

Rithvik brings sanskar out

Khush audible to Ragini:kya timing hai??u don’t need to do anything

Ragini who was unaware of sanskar’s arrival

She turns and sees Sanskar.. before she could stop khush..

Khush has already went to Sanskar

Khush forwards his hand to sanskar:Myself Khush

San smiles and shakes his hand with him: Sanskar

Khush turns to Ragini: meri sanskari didi ke liye Sanskar..wch was only audible to Ragini

San:did you say something… my future teacher-in-law


Khush:sorry i mean…Ragini didi is my teacher…kitni acchi hai kabhi bhi gussa nai karti (he told remembering Ragini is outburst) right didi!

San looks at Rag and smiles… Rag smiles weakly

Khush: she is never scared of anyone never means never…m i right didi

San smiles
Rag fakes a smile and herself:khush ke bacche tu bohoth udd raha hai..bahar mil

Rag sweetly to khush:khush…go inside to my room…

Khush understands her tone: no i will come tomorrow

Rag: go…khush

Khush looks at sanskar:waise sir…u look so smart like me

Rag herself: ghadhe…chale jaa yahan se…

San: thankyou

Rit:jiju… Aajkal jiju bohoth gussa karne lagi hai…u only tell her to calm down

Rag ????????

Khush:no riku..she doesn’t get angry but today she got i guess so..why didi?

San:u call her sidi why me sir??you can call me Bhaiyya

Khush:i will call you jiju…is it ok…?

Rag herself:no not ok

San: yes you can

Khush: ok i will go..

San:ur didi hv called your for studies ryte.. So go inside and study

Khush looks at rag who was glaring him with a smile

Khush: ok…
He goes in

Rag was abt to go


Rag closes her eyes tightly

San:i m asking you again..are you ready for this marriage!

Rag turns to him and nods slowly bending her head

He smiles

Rag then goes in


So how’s this part??

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