Kya Hai Iss Zindagi ki Daastan-Episode3


The epi starts with sunrise.Nikki,Ashu and Nirvaan are getting ready to go for college.Nikki wear a pink colour chudidhar,Nirvaan dressed in jeans and black colour t-shirt,and ashu with red top and white legging.Ashu stands before mirror and praises herself by combing her long hair.Nikki and Nirvaan types same message to Ashu to stop praising herself and come fast as they are getting late.They reach college.They go to their class.Ashu eyes searches for someone.A girl named Anny comes there and says he is not going to come today.He is on leave.Ashu says about whom you are saying.Anny and Nikki says about whom you are thinking and teases her.Ashu blushes.Results are announced and asusual Nikki is the topper.But unusually Nirvaan also pass out in first class.They all get shocked.He thanks both Nikki and Ashu and says he will give a treat to them.

A man comes and says somebody came to meet Ashu and leaves.Ashu ask them to meet at the gate and goes to meet that person.She gets shocked by seeing him and ask him why did he came.He says to return something and says you have made me to go to jail,see what I’ll do now.He warns her that any thing can happen to her family and friends and ask her to be aware and leaves from there.Ashu gets tensed.Nikki and Nirvaan look on from distance and thinks there is something wrong and goes to her.Ashu says he is a relative and just came to talk and diverts the matter.They all have a nice time.

Someone is shown talking over phone.He asks to find them immediately and also says nothing should happen to them.A woman of approx. 65years of age comes there with aarti plate and call him”Nihal come for breakfast.”His face is shown.He would be approx45years old.He says yes and goes with her.While going he goes to a pic hanged to wall and says don’t know where you are.Come fast and gets teary eyed.His maa says beta son’t worry we’ll find them soon.Hope for the best.

PRECAP:A boy is shown excercising.

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Credit to: sree

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