Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Prema pretends to be upset with Kanhaiya

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 9th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap seeing Kusum sleeping and says her snore sound seems to be ghazal today. He wakes her up. Kusum says she will make tea for her. Pratap talks romantically with her and says he brought tea for her. Kunti says it is a wonder. Kusum and Pratap say it is love. Kusum asks Pratap to tell what happened last night. Kunti says your romance is still going. Pratap says she slept while seeing savdhaan india and tells her story. Kunti goes and says even Salim and Anarkali’s love hadn’t increased like this after an argument. Prathana asks if Prema is going to get upset with Kanhaiya. Panjiri tells that without a whistle, even dal is not cooked. Pratibha says she said. Prema says Kusum and Pratap’s love story is blossoming, She says argument is necessary. Pratibha asks

how you will fight without any reason. Prema asks them to support her and not to tell Kunti. Kanhaiya praises kachori. Panjiri says it is because of Didi’s blessings. Pari jokes. Kanhaiya asks Prema to give chutney. Prema asks others to give chutney and says she don’t want to talk to him.

Kanhaiya asks why she is feeling bad. Pari says she don’t know. Prema talks to chutney in French and says she is upset with him. Pari says she is upset with him. Prema says she is very upset with him and will not tell him the reason. Pari says there is no reason. Pratibha gives reasoning. Prema says she is upset with him and it is not like taking selfie. Pari says it is important.

Kanhaiya gets up and apologizes to Prema. He gets a call and tells her that he will talk to her after coming back. Kanhaiya asks Pratap to come. Kusum stitches his shirt button romantically. Panjiri comes and says she packed his tiffin. Prathana asks him to wear sun glasses. Kanhaiya asks Prema if she wants to say him bye. She refuses. Kanhaiya calls Prema, but she disconnects the call and smiles. Pratibha and Panjiri are in the kitchen. Kunti comes there and asks why Prema is upset with Kanhaiya. Pratibha and Panjiri say that they don’t know. She says it happens between husband and wife and says Kusum and Pratap is happy now. Kunti says sometimes arguments backfires.

Pratap talks to Kusum romantically. Khatru teases Pratap and tells that kanhaiya is in tension and says Prema is upset. Pratap asks him to cheer her up like he did. Kanhaiya says he will not do such things. Pratap asks him to take her to have chaat. Khatru asks him not to fall in women’s trap. Pratap asks him to spend some money. Khatru says no. Kanhaiya says he will do what to think.

Kunti tells Panjiri and Pratibha that once she got upset with Kanhaiya’s father and he shouted at her in public view. Panjiri asks prema to apologize to Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya comes out and calls aloud Prema.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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