Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti decides to worship a tomato

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kunti inviting the thugs to her house thinking them as Saints and asks them to keep the tomato in her house and do puja. Panjiri asks Kunti how can we invite them home. Kunti asks if she can call someone from Kailash then and says your didi asked me to do seva of Rishi muni. Panjiri asks them to come. They say we want this only.

Kanhaiya rings the bell continuously and gives to Prema. Prema says she is tired and will faint. Pratibha asks her to handle herself and ring the bell continuously. Pari comes there and says she came with Rishi and Muni. Pratibha says they are not the ones which we want to do Seva. Rishi and Muni tell that they are not that Rishi Muni/Saint and ask Kanhaiya to save him. Pratibha tells Pari that Kunti will bring Saints. Kanhaiya apologizes

to them and tells that Pari is very innocent. Pari says Panjiri is bholi.

Kunti comes there and says she came with Rishi and Muni (who were actually thugs). They get happy. The thugs sit on the sofa. Kunti introduces them to her family. They ask where is her other sons. Kunti tells that she has one son and his five wives. They get surprised and tell that they came to give them wealth. Kunti tells that God has arrived in their house because of miraculous Saints. Pratibha asks where? They tell that the God is here and shows the tomato. Bahus ask in this tomato. Thug asks them to see God’s face and peacock feather on the head, and asks can you see God. Prarthana says God is in everywhere, and it is not right to tell that God is inside it. Kunti scolds Prarthana and says it is Pratibha’s words. Pratibha says I didn’t tell her anything. Panjiri says even I don’t think so. Kunti says Kanhaiya and others are going out barefoot because of you.

Prarthana says she still think it is wrong to regard vegetable as God. Kunti says you are wrong. The thugs get happy. Kanhaiya says I don’t agree. The thugs ask shall we go and tells that mahurat will start to get double wealth. Kunti gets greedy and asks bahus to agree. Pratibha asks her to think. Kunti asks her not to think and asks thugs to place tomato in her house. Pratap comes in disguise of a saint. They ask who are you. He says Pratap, and then says God’s Pratap. Kanhaiya says you came late as they already called Saints home. Pratap says it is never too late. Kunti asks them to come. The thugs tell each other that they have to make him else, he will be a threat to us. They ask Pratap to go. Prarthana tells that they shall not let him go. The thugs tell that others shall also get good deeds in this Adhik Maas and asks Pratap to go to others house. Kunti asks him to go to Sarla’s house. Pratap is thrown out by thugs. Kunti asks thugs to place the tomato in her in-house temple.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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