Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 7th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Bahus’ do Prank on Kunti

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 7th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari telling Kunti that Dada ji and Dadi’s souls are gone from Prarthana and Pratibha’s body. Kunti says you scared me. She thinks to check till evening and goes to check the room. She finds the door locked and Panjiri sitting in kitchen. She asks Panjiri what she is doing sitting here. Panjiri acts as Dada ji and asks her to give him food else he will take sanyas. Kunti says Babu ji..Panjiri says Dilip Kumar. Kunti runs and hugs Kanhaiya. Panjiri says Kunti does her son’s work only and asks why did you lose Yasodhara’s necklace. She asks her to make bitter gourd. Kunti is shocked. Pratap says Dada ji is entering everyone and says he will get inside Kunti also. Kunti says I can’t hear now because of your Dada and Dadi. She says she will make food.


says Panjiri will make. Pratap says Dada ji is in her. Kunti says the puja has back fired. She calls Sarla and asks where is she? Sarla asks did you get the necklace. Kunti says no. Panjiri calls Kunti and asks her to give food. Kunti gives her food. Panjiri asks what is watchman doing here and asks Pratap to go out. She asks if neighbors bahu will have food here. Kunti asks her to bitter gourd. Panjiri eats it and says it is tasty. She says your saas never let me have it. Pari says Dadi might not know how to cook it. Panjiri says she gets gas problem and that’s why yashodhara stops him. She says let me eat before your saas come. Pari acts like Yashodhara. Panjiri as Dada ji gets shocked. Pari scolds Kunti for making the dish. Kunti says sasumaa entered her and is shocked. Pari asks her to take kerala inside. Panjiri tells her that he will have it. Pari asks Kunti to take the dish. Kunti asks God to take him.

She comes to room and asks Kanhaiya to save her. She tells that she did a big mistake by calling her sasur and saas. She holds her ears and says I will not take help of any baba and asks Kanhaiya to do something. Pratap says you have to go. Kanhaiya asks him not to scare Maiyya and tells that he will do Dada and Dadi’s work. Kunti applies hair oil on Kusum’s hairs. Panjiri comes there and asks for milk else he will take sanyas. Kunti gets tensed seeing Pari and Pratibha as Dadi and Prarthana and Panjiri as Dada. She shouts Lalla and and asks him to hide her somewhere. Kanhaiya asks him to show where are they? Bahus act as Dada and Dadi. Kunti apologizes for calling them. Kanhaiya stands behind them and says Dada ji and Dadi ji haven’t come. Bahus tells that Dada and Dada haven’t come in us. Pratibha says we were acting. Kunti says drama.

Kunti tells Shiv ji that she is not doing maha shivratri puja. Servant informs bahus that pooja is at home. Prarthana is about to faint hearing this.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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