Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Pari’s muh dikhayi ceremony!

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 6th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratibha asks Pari to hide the ear phone behind her hairs and says we will be in contact with you, and will answer you. Prema says viola. Pari says she is not hungry. Pari says she is ready with the food. Prathana says if anyone ask questions related to bhajan etc, she will answer. Pari asks what she shall do. Pratibha asks her to have patience and says we will also support you. Pratap tells Kanhaiya what he is going to do. Kanhaiya says they shall tell her everything. Pratap asks if she gets shock then. Kunti wakes up and asks Kanhaiya what happened and gives her promise. Kanhaiya tells her that she has not one, but 5 bahus. He says you asked Shiv ji for the boon of panch guni bahu and you have 5 bahus. Kunti gives a shock look and says my loving Pari is equivalent

to 5 bahus. Kanhaiya and Pratap get tensed again. Kunti comes to Kitchen and sees Panjiri. She calls Kanhaiya. Panjiri also calls him. Kanhaiya comes there and says she is Bansidhar’s bahu. He cooks up fake story. Panjiri laughs. Kunti asks why she is laughing. Panjiri acts to cry. Kanhaiya says Pari asked them to take food from their house. Kunti asks her to take whatever she wants and asks her not to take much. She asks her to go and asks to call next time.

Pari feels bad about Panjiri. Pratibha comes and asks what happened? Pari says Panjiri is caught again. Pratibha says Panjiri should have been careful and says she was never caught. Kunti comes there and catches her. Kanhaiya tells her that she is Pari’s student. Kunti says today is muh dikhayi and asks her to go. Kanhaiya says today is her test. Kunti says my bahu don’t have time now and makes her leave. Panjiri is standing out and says you will feel sad at first and then will get habituated.

Kunti asks Pari why she called them today. Pari says next time, she will not call them. Prema and prathana go to kitchen. Kanhaiya see them and sign them to go. They eat something in the kitchen and are going back. Kanhaiya signs them. Kunti sees them and asks who are they? Prema and Prathana are caught. Kanhaiya says they are from a charitable organization to get Pari’s extra chappals. Kunti throws them out too. Pari feels bad and closes the door. Pratibha says how we will help Pari now.

Kanhaiya reads the chit and scolds Pratap. Pratap says he has done so many roles because of Kunti’s memory loss. Kanhaiya says his four wives are sitting at Sarla’s house. He asks God to do something. He picks oil bottle and spills some of the oil mistakenly. Pari sits for muh dikhayi rasam. Sarla compliments on her beauty. Prema and other says wah wah. Kunti asks where are other neighbors. Sarla says they are busy. Pratap says who has waste time for drama. Kunti asks what?

Kunti prays to God and says you have fulfilled my dream by giving me Panch guni bahu and asks him to handle as she is feeling her dream is going to end. Just then she steps on the oil and falls down on the floor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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