Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Panjiri takes Padma home

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 6th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kunti asking a lady to clean the floor nicely and says if anyone steps in the house with black feet then it will be inauspicious. Lady asks for 5 sarees. Kunti scolds her and says I will give you shagun as 6th bahu. Prarthana and Pratibha bring Padma there. Padma says the house seems to be familiar. Panjiri says houses are similar due to nagar nigam yojna’s mistakes. Padma says your house is big. Panjiri says Didi is saying family emembers heart is also big. They ask her to get inside the house. Padma enters the house and leaves black impression on the floor. Kunti is shocked and asks who is she? Padma turns to her. Panjiri says Maa ji. Kunti says I told that nobody will come with black color feet. Padma apologizes.

Kunti asks who is she? Panjiri says she is

Padma. Pratibha says you are the one who met me in the morning. Padma says yes. Panjiri says we met her in temple. Kunti asks if she is your sister. Panjiri says Didi is only one, and tells that she is searching her husband. Pari says sadma behen. Pratibha says padma..Pari says prema is taking in Japanese. Prema says it is French. Kunti says she shall go to Police station. Panjiri says Padma is about to faint and that’s why didi asked her to come home. Kunti says ok and asks Panjiri to make her drink breakfast. All bahus ask Padma to sit on sofa. Kunti gives her water and says your husband must be drunk and will come. Panjiri says her husband is missing since 6 years. Padma is about to see Kanhaiya’s pic, but Pari comes inbetween her and pic. Padma says she saw her husband today in this locality. Panjiri says she told this. Padma says then he was lost.

Pari says you will get him. Kanhaiya comes and says I will go to shop. Padma hears him, but can’t see him as bahus are standing infront of her. Kanhaiya goes. Padma asks who was he? Bahus say he is our husband. Padma says husband of 5. Kunti says it is a big story. Kanhaiya comes out of house and sees Khatru distributing sweets. Khatru gives resignation letter and says I will not sell sarees. He says he got job in bank as a manager. Kanhaiya and Pratap are surprised. Khatru says he got job in IGIGI bank. Pratap says I got job in that bank as manager. He says I got laptop. Pratap says even I got it. Kanhaiya says lets open shop. Khatru says I am bank manager.

Kunti says your husband left you on holi. Padma says I lost 56 chappals in his search. Panjiri says your husband has broken your trust. Prema says your husband’s heart is stone. Kunti says your husband is stupid to leave such a lovely wife. Pratibha says if he comes infront of me then I will ask many questions. Padma says he might be helpless else wouldn’t have done this. Kunti says if Shiv ji wants then you will get your husband.

Kunti and others ask Padma to give her husband’s pic so that they can search him. Padma takes photo out of her bag.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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