Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: The thugs trap Kunti

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 6th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap starts beating himself. Prarthana asks him not to beat himself. Kunti asks Panjiri what Prarthana is telling him. Pari says Prarthana is asking him to hit hard. Panjiri says no and asks him to stop. Pratap says this hunter will stop when I die. Kunti forgives him. Pratap asks him to bless her. Kunti sees Pratap wearing thick jacket and says you are acting to beat yourself. Kusum says this is an act. Pratap apologizes to Kunti. Kunti asks Pratap not to enter the house and never come back again. Kusum asks if you will not let him come inside? Kunti tells that she will teach him a lesson and then let him come. Prarthana says you are proved guilty to show anger in Adhik Maas. Panjiri translates. Prarthana says we have to take care of a sage in our house else they will

have to face a big trouble. Pratap hears them. The thugs hear them who are indisguise of a safe. Kanhaiya returns to shop and asks why did you keep the burning coal on the stairs. Khatru asks him to walk on it and tells that you will see my salary. Kanhaiya asks him to remove it and asks how will customer come inside if burning coal is here. Khatru asks him to come inside walking it, and says then he will moved it. Kanhaiya scolds him and asks him to move it fast.

Prarthana rings the bell in the temple and says we have to ring it continuously till Maa ji brings Rishi muni home. Panjiri says I will ring the bell else Didi will get tired. Kunti asks Panjiri to come and says they have to go and buy vegetable. Panjiri says ok and asks Pari to ring the bell till Saint comes. Pari says ok. She rings the bell and then asks Pratibha to ring the bell. Pratibha rings the bell. Kunti and Panjiri buy vegetable bare feet and get vegetable leaves tied to their feet. The thugs see Kunti and Panjiri and say you are going to meet God soon. Kunti asks why? Did he tell you? Kunti says now I have to listens God scolding. Kunti says I used to talk to God and I told my problems to him. Panjiri says Bhole meets Maa ji and got us married to Kanhaiya. The thugs ask really? They say God don’t meet anyone. Kunti says he meets Kanhaiya and me.

Pari searches and calls Rishi Muni. Pari hears two men talking and taking their names as Rishi and Muni. Pari asks them to come home else how Mummy ji will do her penance. Muni says we are not that Rishi muni. Rishi says we have to work now. Pari says until you come with me, I will stand here with one foot and sing bhajan. She says Rishi Muni have to come with me. Kanhaiya says Bhole meets me and swears. The thugs fool Kunti and tell that God can come in vegetable. They ask her to look in the sky and put a tomato in her bag. Panjiri says it might rain now. The thug tells that God is in your bag. Panjiri says we have just tomatoes and take out a tomato which was kept by the thug. Thug tells her that it is peacock feather God. Kunti says we couldn’t see. The thugs trap Kunti and ask her to do puja in her house. Kunti asks them to come to her house and do puja.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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