Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 6th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti tries to get rid of Dada and Dadi’s soul

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 6th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kunti asking Kusum to give her matki pieces. Kunti. Kusum brings it and says we can go after 10 am. Kunti says Sarla told that we need to bury it before 5 am else saas and sasur will not go. Pratibha comes there calling Kunti and says she is awake since 30 mins and needs tea scolding her. Prarthana says did you forget you made her sleep outside in the lawn. Prarthana asks Pratibha to make tea, but she refuses. Kunti manages to go out. Kusum sleeps again. Pratap comes and says he has become old watchman in the play. Kusum taunts him. Kunti returns home after burying matka pieces and asks Kusum where is Dadi and Dada. Pratap says they left this world long ago and your time came. Kunti asks where is Pratibha and Prarthana and asks did you see them, and hopes Saas and

Sasur must be out from them now. Prarthana comes like Dada ji and then asks why Kunti has hidden her face.

Kunti dances and hugs Prarthana and says she is loving this pure hindi. She asks her to go and take care of Panjiri. Pratap asks Kunti to give her 500 to be given to Jagat Halwa. Kunti calls Kanhaiya and tells that Prarthana is fine now. Kanhaiya asks what about Pratibha. Kunti says she is not here. Pratibha acts normal and tells Kunti that Dada ji’s soul left from Prarthana’s body. Pratibha asks if everything fine. Kunti tells her that Dadi ji’s soul came also in you. Pratibha gets tensed and upset. Pratap says you have troubled Kunti a lot and thrown her out of house. Kunti says then she would have to go Haridhwar. Pratibha apologizes to her and says you are more than a mother to me. Pratap says soul can return. Pratibha walks like Dadi. Kunti says sasumaa. Pratibha says she is fine and having back pain.

Kunti locks Prarthana and Pratibha and tells that she will open the door tomorrow. They knock on the door asking her to open the door. Panjiri asks her to lock her, but open the door. Kanhaiya comes and asks why did you lock them. Kunti says she did this for a day, to make sure that souls are gone from them. Kunti asks Panjiri to give her food from window. Pratap jokes.

Kunti feels bad and says don’t know where did my necklace go. Prema asks her not to cry. Kunti says I am not crying. Panjiri is worried and looks at the window. Kunti says pitr aamantram got wasted and you bahus got troubled. Prema gives her water. Kunti feels blessed to have bahus like her and asks them to give more water. Panjiri says she drinks Didi’s left over water and will bring fresh water for her. Kunti asks Pari to go. Pari acts like Dada ji to Kunti’s horror.

Prarthana and Pariact like dada ji and Pratibha and Panjiri act like Dadi. Kunti thinks two saasu maa and sasur ji and thinks what is happening.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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