Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Pratap convinces Pari and Prema not to keep fast

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Panjiri giving tiffin to Kanhaiya and says I made it and packed by Didi. Prema gives Gulkhand. Pari gives icecream and asks him to eat it in Hastinapur and send her pic and tag her also. Pratibha brings charger etc. Panjiri tells that Didi has kept fast from today and don’t drink water. Prathana asks him to come fast tomorrow. Prema says she will have coffee with his hand. Pari says she has no objection to keep fast. Pratibha says even she will keep fast else Kunti will get upset. Pratap tells Kunti that Kanhaiya’s five fives and bahus are fixed for 7 births. Kusum asks Kunti to tell everyone about Shiv ji’s words. Pratap asks Kunti to asks Kanhaiya. He says if Shiv ji cleared where will Kanhaiya be born. Kunti asks him to solve the problem. Pratap asks her to

tell bahus not to keep bahus. Kunti wonders what to do, and thinks they all love Kanhaiya. Kusum asks her to choose by keeping chit. Kunti says whoever steps out of house will keep fast for my Kanhaiya.

They sit in the hall and waits for bahus to go out. Pratap asks Kunti to call them. Kusum asks him to keep quiet. Pratap argues with her. Pari comes out. Kusum says bhaiyya will get her in 7 births. Pari says she is going to buy lipstick for karwachauth and says she forgot her phone and goes to room to get it. Pratibha and Prema tell Kunti that they are going out to do Karvachauth fast. They say no. Kusum says it is raining inside and asks her to bring umbrella. Pratibha brings umbrella and gives to other bahus. She says we will go together. Kunti says no. Pratap says sasumaa got gas and can have a heart attack. They ask her to go one by one. Pratap says if anything happens to her then who will sit with her dead body. Kunti says only one bahu shall go and bring the things. Panjiri says even I will go with Didi. Kunti says who will make tea for me. Panjiri stops. Prathana goes. Kunti says finally Prathana will keep fast. She thinks she is going to stop the other 4 as she don’t want Kanhaiya to have 5 wives in next birth and asks God to help her. Pratap starts his acting. Kunti asks him to stop drama and tell some idea. Pratap asks for 100 Rs to get money. He asks them not to take tension and says Kanhaiya will handle all.

Pratap comes to Kanhaiya and asks if he has made all preparations to go to Hastinapur. Kanhaiya says Hastinapur will come here. Pratap tells that Pari and Prema are doing strict tapasya and have kept some fast, and will keep fast for a month. Pratap says Prema can’t stay without black coffee and Pari can’t stay without salads, but still they want to keep fast. Kanhaiya says I will ask them not to keep fast. Pratap says I will tell them, if they don’t listen then I will tell you. Pratap comes to Pari and asks where is Prema. Prema comes. He asks if they are keeping karvachauth fast. Prema says yes. Pratap says how you will keep fast. Pari says we will have small meals. Pratap says Kanhaiya is worried thinking how you will be hungry. Prema says we can manage to be hungry. Pratap says Kanhaiya don’t want you to keep fast. Pari says we can manage to be hungry. Kanhaiya comes and says jija is right, don’t keep the fast. Prema says sasumaa will feel bad. Kanhaiya says he will talk to her. Pratap says I will handle. He asks pari and Prema not to keep fast. Pari says if Kanhaiya ji don’t want then its ok. Pratap signs Kusum and Kunti.

Kunti thinks 4 bahus are not keeping fast. Panjiri, Pari, Prema and Pratibha says that even they are fasting along with Prathana.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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